Nunes goes viral for SHAMEFUL stunt while being questioned by reporter

Nunes goes viral for SHAMEFUL stunt while being questioned by reporter

Excuse me, hate to interrupt. Hey Congressman Nunes, I just wanted to ask
you very quickly, what were your calls with Lev Parnas about? Were you asking baout the effort to investigate
Hunter Biden? Congressman Nunes? Tried to ask him if he would talk about his
calls to Lev Parnas, if he was part of the effort to investigate Hunter Biden. Hi Congressman Nunes, I just want to ask you
about your— I’m a reporter from The Intercept. I wanted to ask you about your calls to Lev
Parnas? What was the content of those calls? Were you part of this effort to pressure the
Ukrainian government to investigate Hunter Biden? Thank you, Congressman. You gotta go outside. Because nothing screams I’m innocent like
desperately taking out your phone and filming a reporter doing his job before turning around
a booking it outta there. Yup, my hands also tremble relentlessly when
I have nothing to worry about. This is Lee Fang, a reporter with The Intercept,
attempting to ask Devin Nunes a question during an NRCC fundraiser. And the question was simple: were you part
of the effort to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden? And the answer should be just as simple. If you aren’t implicated in the scandal
that’s leading to the impeachment of the president of the United States – a scandal
that he, as the ranking member of the House Intel Committee, he was supposed to be INVESTIGATING,
mind you – then he would just say “no.” It’s as easy as that. If a reporter asked me if I committed any
crimes today, and I didn’t, chances are I’ll say so before I sprint off in the opposite
direction. And yet that Nunes couldn’t say no speaks
volumes in and of itself. But of course, Nunes took his bad faith showmanship
to yet another level. He took to Twitter and wrote, “This guy
stalked me in hotel lobby after my appearance on Fox & Friends Saturday AM maybe he was
in Vienna with CNN.” Because a reporter doing his job and calmly
asking a congressman to comment is clearly… stalking. Even Lee, the reporter, took to Twitter himself
to debunk Nunes’ claim, writing, “This was an event with many, many members of the
House Republican caucus. Several lawmakers spoke to us as they arrived
or left the hotel for the NRCC fundraiser upstairs. No one was ‘stalked.’” And he went on, writing, “Shortly after
this brief interaction with Nunes, he had a Capitol Police officer stationed at the
event ask hotel staff for us to leave the hotel, which we obliged without hesitation. The man with the beard seen next to Nunes
then left the hotel and followed us around the block.” And that’s the Devin Nunes we all know,
because who would this congressman be if not on a constant mission to intimidate his detractors. That’s why he’s leveling lawsuits against
CNN, against The Daily Beast—the guy’s even suing a FICTIONAL COW ON TWITTER, claiming
that the parody account, among others, had defamed him. Again. It’s a fake Twitter cow. And yet it’s possible that trying to silence
his detractors is the only defense he’s got, given the fact that the attorney for
Les Parnas, Giuliani’s associate who had been helping him dig up dirt on the Bidens
in Ukraine, said that his client was willing to testify to Congress that Nunes’ office
called off a trip to Ukraine this year when they realized they’d be required to notify
Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. He was also reportedly willing to testify
that the purpose of the trip was to interview 2 Ukrainian prosecutors who claim to have
evidence that could help Trump’s re-election campaign. And if this whole scheme seems eerily familiar
to the very issue that Nunes, as the ranking member of the House Intel Committee, was investigating,
that’s because it is. In other words, if what Parnas’s lawyer
is saying is true, that Nunes HIMSELF was involved in the efforts to dig up dirt on
the Bidens, then he’s implicated himself in the very investigation that he was overseeing
for the Republicans. And that is not exactly a good look. It might, however, explain the running in
the opposite direction, misleading posts about him being stalked, the desperate lawsuits
of anyone and ANYTHING, and, well, the literal trembling. Of course, one way around all of the hearsay
would be for Nunes himself to testify, under oath and penalty of perjury. If he’s truly the victim that he claims
he is, then he’d have no problem opening himself up to the scrutiny. Although it looks like scrutiny is the very
last thing that Devin Nunes is seeking here.

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  1. Nunes You are A Great heaping helping MOO OF A 🐄WARD. RUN DODO Nun your Diaper Needs To be Changed. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  2. Stop misinformation.

    Educate masses. Lie detectors don't work either.

  3. Nunes is a prick ! You can tell them type of guys in they're suit and ties from a mile away! 🖕 Him and the President he is defending …. SMFH 🤦🏻‍♂️ Republicans look like deer caught in the headlights of Ford Pick Up Truck BTW someone tell Nunes it's called freedom of speech 🐴 ass

  4. Nunes is another criminal coming to the surface from the sewers of the Republican Party. I don't recognise a party I once voted for, I will never see them in the same light they once where. My whole family have turned their backs on them since they coward and lied behind Trump Presidency just to please him. They have sold any integrity they ever had, and when I see the likes of Gaetz in the party, that sums up what they have become. My family will be voting Democrates in 2020.

  5. Your precious impeachment is going to get to the Senate and they’re going to throw it out Trump will be reelected for four more years the demon rats are going to lose the house they’re not going to get the Senate they’re going to sit back and complain wow this country goes on to be even better

  6. Off topic a bit….but has anyone actually taken a look at these Trump vs Democrats polls?????
    The way they are Worded is Utterly Hilarious!!!!!

  7. Would love to see the lot of them black bagged and dragged in on a chain gang to testify when they aren't protected by a 400lb ex biker who gets paid to follow journalists around like its Soviet Russia. Fatass looks like he's been eating on the governments dime for years, remember that pig he'll end up killing someone sitting on their chest and the GOP will say they never seen him before.

  8. Media, just do you job. As in question Democrats on their thinly veiled impeachment process. Go ask about Hunter, Creepy Uncle Joe and the Ukraine 🇺🇦 brisma gas co. So STFU about devin Nunes. 🙀

  9. Was it the Dems that told trump to strong arm the Ukrainians to make up fake dirt on the Biden’s.
    Did the Dems defy every subpoena that the impeachment inquiry issued to the White House.
    Was it the Dems that asked zelensky to do them a favor “though”
    Was it the Dems that issued a smear campaign to discredit one of our top ambassadors to the ukraine.
    Was it the Dems that fired ambassador Maria Yovanovitch .
    Was it the Dems that asked Russia to hack the DNC server.
    If not then who? Donald J Trump.
    This impeachment happened because of Donald Trumps actions and no one else’s . He alone is responsible for trying to cheat the 2020 elections and to void out the voting process for Americans to choose our own elected officials. Especially the POTUS.
    All I’m hearing from my x party is conspiracy theories that’s was created by Putin himself in 2017.
    Are we now saying that Americans alone can no longer choose who they want as President. Are we now saying that democracy is over for America. Kevin MCCARTHY is correct about one thing. The People will judge both parties. One party trying to save our Republic and the other trying to create an Authoritarian government.
    What’s in your wallet?

  10. Childish idiot! He’s got cover from his daddy Trump. He and Gaetz wish they could be adopted. Maybe they will be. The “congressman” owes the American people an answer. It should be under oath!

  11. Wow Nunes, so you work for the American people and are accountable to them. Then when a citizen to whom you are accountable asks you a legitimate question that relates to your possible corruption you just ignore them?! Explain to us, again, why the impeachment inquiry was such a baseless witch-hunt. Can't? That's what we thought

  12. Trump… Nunes… Moscow-Mitch….
    At the end of the day each nation is running with just the "decision-makers" it has chosen and which it deserves !!!
    This "figures" definetly didnt come out of nowhere !!
    Every lazyness or/and disgusting habits, have to have very bad consequences !
    Otherwise it wouldnt be fair at all 😂😂😂 !!!
    Enjoy your set of consequences and STOP whining United States of Injustice… !!! 😎😂😂

  13. He's trying to use Russian intimidation tactics like I'm going to turn this picture over to my ex KGB handlers who are going to handle you mr. Reporter man

  14. Comrade Nunes joining all the other comrades in Congress. Where's Joseph McCarthy when you need him? He lived in the wrong era…

  15. He doesn't look guilty at all, does he?? Enjoy whatever little power your master trump has bestowed upon you, it's almost over and your trials will soon begin. Then it's jail time. Sleep well Devin.

  16. You know what? I actually LIKE Lindsey Graham! Party differences aside, he's a decent guy with a.sense of humor. He's let party loyalties compromise him to an extent that I can't condone,.and that's sad.

    Devin Nunes, on the other, hand, is a piece of shit, and I think his.continuing self debasement is hilarious. When he's not dodging questions, he's spreading conspiracies. Compared to.Devin Nunes, Rosemary Woods was a noble and dignified historical figure.

  17. This is not innocent behavior! These greedy bastards call themselves patriots but all they are is grifters without shame.

  18. Nunes is a Stephen Miller type of pussy assed kiss ass! This is a guy who is terrified of going to jail and its obvious. He has no business being on any investigative type panel and the fact that he had a reporter kicked out and followed says alot!

  19. He's always ready to talk shit but now he's quiet, Come on Nunes give us one of those "The Deomocrats …" lines, You love those, That was the best time to say "The Democrats are spreading a complete lie about me speaking to lev parnas, total sham, NEVER spoke to him before" But he CAN'T, Mr. Said "They got caught" 30 times in the hearings GOT CAUGHT.

  20. I hope our country is strong enough to survive this nightmare. I wish I could laugh. I have a strong feeling none of these criminals will be punished and the thug-in-chief will continue to destroy our country.

  21. I've got a silly question. Does Nunes actually own a cow, or does it only exist on twitter ? *Note: I did not ask if he had a cow.

  22. I'm so glad that reporters are trying to ask these questions because everyone wants them answered. It was bad enough that Nunes was trying to sue his mom and a cow on Twitter, but being involved with a indicted man during this Ukraine investigation needs explaining because he's losing the public trust.

  23. Nunes is the GOP's patsy, canon fodder! #NunesGOPPatsy Devin Nunes was put into the position of Chief GOP Representative Trump defender as the lightning rod (kind of a "sure glad it's him not me" volunteer) because he was too stupid to know and too full-of-himself to realize the setup. Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter while all the others clap "good job Devin" as they back away from the lightning strikes. All GOP are seeking insurance for being thrown under the bus! #GOPTrumpLemmings

  24. Oh man all you tards crack me up…especially the clown talking is this video. Not commenting or walking away is not an admission of guilt. Deal with it numbnuts. An American politician lost an election to a businessman with no political experience. Now all the crybaby democrats are all pissed off because he’s going to win again and he’s not going to be impeached because the 2 articles of impeachment that he was “charged” with are not high crime offenses or misdemeanors. So once this gets to the Senate the Senate will motion to dismiss. And they will win the vote because all they need is a majority vote and then this will all go away. Then 2020 comes around and he wins again because sleepy joe won’t beat him, he’s too busy calling people fat and trying to keep his teeth from flying out of his mouth. Bloomberg won’t win because he’s a racist bastard that already violated the constitution when he implemented stop and frisk. So who else is there? No one. Democrats are switching over to Republican. Democratic Congressmen have already voted against impeachment. So it’s only a matter of time before the Republican Party controls everything and then the Democrats will spend his entire next term trying to impeach him again. And you, guy in the video. Shave that terrible preschool beard. You look like a tool box.

  25. This guy stalked me?!?? translation this reporter was doing his job and I felt very intimidated because I’m guilty

  26. Dude can talk a big game in front of the cameras but can't handle being under scrutiny…or being asked a simple question. What a little bitch.

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