Obama Grilled About Kill List By Local Reporter

in cincinnati at this issue probably xie
xy reporter pence one and he got a chance that sit-down or stand-up
actually with president obama asking some questions now of the president’s
been doing a lot of local press abut oftentimes honestly haven’t limited
period of time in on it was a becoming softballs and he goes through a mall but not with ben slot he decided on asking about the killers terrific what’s what so-called presidential solicits dot blot
the tensions that’s listed folks who’ve been targeted for assassination and on
that list have been u_s_ citizens with no word trying uh… how do you as president or the
present that matter regardless of party of person you’d like that howard to assassinate
u_s_ cities for first of all your basing this on reports the news that uh… have never been
confirmed by me uh… and i don’t talk about our
national security uh… decisions in that way what sir the president will confer on that list
but evil denied the list now this guy’s word of a local fox
station so you might say he’s conservative i have a sleek have no idea what show
you know the clip i don’t know visa progress and i don’t know these are
concerned and i don’t care that is a great question that is
definitely the question you should be asking the president is the most interesting question because
he’s asking for or he’s not asking for he’s taken the right to execute u_s_
citizens abroad without a trial reference to the judiciary not asking
anybody in the judicial branch his main internal decision of the white house i
think that is in the boston and misplaced power so surrogate we’ve got a
reporter asking about that now he follows up on it as well more broadly though uh… or goal has been to focus on
al-qaeda to focus narrowly on those who would
pose an imminent threat to the united states of america that’s why it’s not just been one but year uh… apparently fit uh… has been taken off the field that’s part of what has allowed us to now begins transition
out of afghanistan begin to bring our troops home again what the president said here
missus at least one important point the president’s workshop ida has gone
far from the borders of afghanistan conditions like yet it wasn’t given
where president obama ordered the death of or how lucky website to the president watches as u_s_ citizens and yet was never reported trial it back to what you are simply decided
that i will mark you could be killed in addition to killing him the president
also ordered the drone strike that killed outlaw kings sixteen-year-old son
outdoor robot hold on sixteen year old also u_s_ citizens ornate denver
colorado so for the president to make the
argument citizens without due process heat means the into the afghanistan war simply the subjects good on you been swamped that’s assumed
journalism right there ek again it doesn’t matter which side
you aren’t politically it is a matter of uh… constitutional importance and it
should be don’t all americans now the president’s answers there were
disingenuous and a couple weeks he’s at all a ride on talk about a
public i’d ever confirm the killers i’ll come on man your administration clearly leak in europe basically bragging about
it in the press behind-the-scenes and for you to say that you know it’s what
it feels but we know they’re dead if i guess three u_s_ citizens who’ve
been executed at least birthday at a state of the did on world what the
on purpose although ramallah block it as a
sixteen-year-old kid who they were just showing their was by accident when they
were targeting someone else by the way they didn’t get the person they were
targeting that sixteen-year-old american citizen is dead anyway no due process i need you to understand that’s where
the a democrat a republican whoever the next president is whether
they’re democrat a republican or something else can use this power if we don’t stop it execute any u_s_ citizen without a trial without any new prizes
you think that’s crazy that can happen but it already has happened and utility is all well they they’re
just ab zero over there in afghanistan or yemen apparel even the president has
trouble distinguishing given that he’s claiming that this is
something to what was going on in afghanistan strikes in somalia dyno but there is a
broad war on terror but you can’t say i’m whining on that dennis and war
because i kill some u_s_ citizens in yemen that doesn’t make any sense you think there won’t be mission creep
even if you’re not worried all its ok i’m not muslim i’m not arab but once you set down the role but u_s_
citizens can beat bill you think there is a guy come upon with
alot well again he wasn’t quieted terrorist book like uh… notes and but he was a drug
terrace and then you can see the mission creep
coming no no no it’s a matter of principle or
rule of law these strikes against u_s_ citizens that
take away our concert arise that take away our lives without even go in the judiciary at all
art totally unacceptable that is totally unconstitutional and i love the local reporter leg bands
one has about it the president and all politicians should
always be aggressively questioned on the real issues like that

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