Opinions Disguised as News: HonestReporting’s 8 Categories of Media Bias, Video#3 of 8

Opinions Disguised as News: HonestReporting’s 8 Categories of Media Bias, Video#3 of 8

reporters are entitled to their opinions veteran journalists have insights that they should share with the public in an op-ed piece or an article clearly labeled analysis when a reporter uses his or her subjective opinion to frame a news story we call that opinions disguised as news that’s one of honest reporting’s eight categories of media bias many foreign reporters come to Israel with a very set view of the way things should be if not the way things are the responsibility of the reporter becomes very very important to create that Chinese wall between opinion and news reporting and the it’s a very difficult challenge for foreign news outlets to main to maintain objectivity or at least fairness when reporting the Israel story and in most cases in my experience reporting bleeds into personal opinion in almost in almost every single case because even in the reporting you choose who you who your sources are you choose how you present how you present issues whether it’s Jerusalem and whether you call it the illegally occupied West Bank which by the way is completely incorrect in terms of Israel’s rights in the conflict but if one news outlet does it and it’s frequently it’s frequently copied by other news outlets and a lot of times that reflects the very opinion of the writer that is writing writing the story well I always tell my report is at the jerusalem post that i don’t want to hear the subjective opinions either in their stories or in person or on social media I think there’s no place for reporters opinions in the story many foreign reporters come to Israel with an inbuilt bias already about how they’re going to cover the story I think in general the word media is anti-israel and journalists tend to be anti-israel too they’ve kind of bought hook line and sinker the Palestinian narrative if you like more sympathetically they take the side of the underdog and this is a problem for us which we need to count in a journalist’s are not supposed to put their opinion into their stories we are told that objectivity is possible and you have to do everything possible to maintain that objectivity sometimes it’s not easy but the whole goal of the Foreign Press the reason why they said people here for for a couple years or a couple months rather than relying on israel-based reporters is because they’re supposed to come here with fresh eyes and not have opinions and it’s supposed to make the journalism or objective that that’s the whole point I remember the editor of The Christian Science Monitor came to Northwestern to meet with the students who are interested in working abroad and he explained this whole thing about why they use reporters that are sent for 23 years and that’s it and I remember thinking that that’s just not going to work you know people are going to have opinions whether they live there or whether they don’t I would rather rely on people who do live there and understand the depth of a conflict I know the language rather than somebody who just gets there and takes time to get his feet wet I think there is no such thing as a neutral or unbiased person all people have opinions even people who pay no attention to politics people have opinions about animals about food about everything now reporters are no different they’re human beings they also vote the issue is whether they can be as neutral as possible on a given story and that often has to do with stories assigned to reporters by editors and the editors themselves choose stories also based on some kind of bias but let’s assume the reporter came to me and said I have this story and I want to call it why Israel doesn’t care about peace I’d say great we’re putting it in the opinion section it is common among reporters who think it’s their job to be activists and it is uncommon among reporters who attempt not to do that so for example I have an opinion but let’s say about a candidate a political candidate I’m going to support or not support and I’m supposed to write a story about the candidates I would do it by giving equal time to each candidate trying the best I could to present the positions of each but if I were writing an opinion piece I’d say here’s who month and supporting and why what I would do and I have done this in the past I remember a case in particular a reporter who had very different views from mine and he was writing a feature story and i received the story the story i allowed but i received the story and I saw that much of the text was the reporters voice and not the interviewees voices and I called him and I said we’re not interested in what you have to say you are the mission person in the background here this is not an opinion piece reporters are certainly entitled to any opinion they wish but when they’re presenting hard news they’re not free to include their subjective opinion in an objective package of information that they’re communicating to the end news consumer opinion disguises news is a particularly troublesome form of bias because we as the news consumers may not often be able to distinguish what the journalists felt they saw and what actually happened on that day all the more important for those that really care about Middle East coverage and accuracy and reporting is to recognize the many ways in which buys can occur that’s why we’ve created red lines honest reporting’s guide to media bias read it today get empowered and get involved you

9 thoughts on “Opinions Disguised as News: HonestReporting’s 8 Categories of Media Bias, Video#3 of 8

  1. I disagree. Israel have become the underdog through destructive journalism. The world seems to stand behind the lies of Islam so the killers are the heroes?? In this case no journalists support Israel but they fall over themselves to convict the victims.

  2. Journalism seems to have become a "gotcha" profession. At the start of the USA it was a well respected profession and we relied on journalists to give us a clear picture of events. Now we cannot believe what is written because so much "news" is self-serving . It is time to go back to the days of professional pride not hacks.

  3. Ruthie Blum nailed it. True objectivity is a myth. And even the least biased reporter must rely on the facts on hand. Where the real bigotry comes from is when a journalist disregards the facts from one side, or doesn't exercise due diligence to get both points of view. It's rampant in all news and especially bad with regard to Israel. And having said that, I will also state that Honest Reporting is (by those standards) not a news site – it's an advocacy publication… nothing wrong with that, as long as it's understood by the reader.

  4. All one has to do is look at a map of the middle East! The size of Israel, compared to all of its neighbors, is miniscule! When Israel first became a nation, all of the Palestinians were invited to be a part of it. They chose to fight, and "drive Israel into the sea". Looking at the Iraeli life style, and that of their hostile neighbors, don't you wonder why those neighbors don't want a better lives for themselves and their children. The media bias in this country is inexcusable. Part, I guess, of the years of anti-semitism through the ages, without let-up. "God's Chosen"!–Chosen for what?

  5. A deceiving spirit is at work on almost every journalists and/or reporters of Israel. The Holy Spirit, Reuach Ha Kodesh, is the source of understanding and wisdom and w/o it, it will be very difficult to understand the current situation and the history of Israel. Bias against Israel is nothing new, it happened thousands of years ago, through out the history and it is happening today and it will happened in the future. Someday, a veil will be lift from everyone's eye and see the truth. And that "someday" is approaching quickly, it is even at the door.

  6. Do these "reporters" who spew their versions of the reality before them watch and reflect on videos such as this one?
    If not, then this message is just for us who already are scandalized by Middle East "reporting."

  7. Most western journalists today have a sheep's mentality. They have forgoten how to think. They know not the art of analysis, or rather, most seem to be driven by their own hatred and disdain for the Jews and Israel. So sad. Where are the real muckrakers of yesteryear? Where are the real news reporters? The ones who actually reported the news as opposed to their own imbecile opinions…

  8. I first learned about this problem when my younger cousin was at Kibbutz Gusher HaZev during in the 1970's the reporters that came to report on one of the wars saw their stories in the American paper changed to fit American biases.

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