Our Kid Reporter Jaden Lands His Biggest Interview Yet: Brad Pitt!

Our Kid Reporter Jaden Lands His Biggest Interview Yet: Brad Pitt!

You’re so used to walking
out and greeting everyone. There was no one over
there and yet you waved to people over there. I wave everywhere. You just walked out waving
in different directions because you’re a big
star now, you’re famous. What do the people
at school think? I mean, after I got back
from school, my friends and the local TV reporters
were like, “Did she give you a million dollars?” I was like, “No, I didn’t
get a million dollars. But I got something better, I
got the chance to meet you.” Am I expected to give
people a million dollars? Why is– I don’t know, I don’t know
where they got that from either. I don’t either. I don’t know why I’m
supposed to give everybody a million dollars. All right, so there was a big
star here when you were here, and then he requested to
be interviewed by you. And were you surprised? I was very surprised. I was star struck. After the interview,
that actor, which I’m not going to reveal
yet, he was just so casual about being him. And I was just like, “Why
is he so casual about it?” So it was very exciting. Yeah, he’s casual
about being him. He’s used to being him. He’s him every day. So let’s take a look at him. Wow, two cameras. Have you ever done an
interview with two cameras? Not two camera interview just
yet, so this is my first. All right. This is going to be
extremely professional. Oh, thank you. Thank you. Look at that. Here we go. This is ultra professional. Oh, yes. All right. I think I usually
do a countdown. OK. 3, 2, 1. I’m here with Hollywood
actor, Brad Pitt. Brad, thank you for joining us. Thank you, Jaden. So Brad– Nice to be here. –for the people that are
watching Ellen’s show, what was it like
sitting in her audience? It was good fun, it
was actually good fun. Everyone’s dancing,
everyone’s having a laugh, and she brings such
great energy to the show. It’s really fun and easy. So what does– your new
movie is called Ad Astra. What does that mean? Ad Astra is the motto for NASA. Ad astra means, to the stars. So the full motto is, through
hardship, to the stars. The movie is about space. Have you had the chance
to travel to the moon, would you do it? I think I would. What about you? I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m going to have to be in
talks with NASA about that. I wouldn’t do it. I mean, I want to see
what the viewers think. Ah, I see. So if they want me to go
to space, I’ll go to space. I want to know, I want
to know what my odds are, I want to know safety issues,
I want to know comfort, discomfort because I imagine
the first few flights are not going to be too luxurious. Exactly. You have to develop
that stuff over time. Right, right. What was it like wearing
that spacesuit in the movie? How’d you feel about that? Have you ever put
on a snowmobile suit or like snowboarding suit? Well, I live in Ohio so
trust me, my Ohioans, fellow Ohioans can
attest to this, I will be wearing snow pants,
snow boots, the thickest jacket you’ll ever see in your life,
and that’s pretty much it for me. OK. It’s like that, only put a
Glad garbage bag on your body first before you
get in the suit, and then go into the
sweltering heat of today. Oh wow. I’m 11. When you were my
age, what did you want to be when you grew up? What you wanted to
be when you grew up? That’s a really good question. You know, I wanted
to build homes. So I was thinking
about building. And what kind of made
you like building? What were some of the things
about that that you liked? You know, I don’t know. It was one of those
natural things I just– I liked how I was
really affected by a room and a
building, and how it could affect your feelings,
and the way different people lived, and just the
idea of construction. It was all fascinating to me. So I’m from Toledo,
Ohio, proud Toledoian. Have you ever been there? I have never been
to Toledo, Ohio. I am from Springfield, Missouri
by way of Shawnee, Oklahoma. And I am also proud of both. So I’m just going to do
a quick recommendation if you do ever visit Toledo. OK, where do I go? So you need to go to a
Walleye game, go fish. You need to go to a
Mud Hens baseball game. Let me tell you, we love
our Hens, our hometown Hens. And you got to visit Promenade
Park, great place by the way. What’s going on
in Promenade park? Oh, yeah. We have summer concert series
and I’m going to plug that. The summer concert series, we’ve
had people like Diana Ross, famous country singers,
you’re going to love it there. That sounds amazing. Oh, yeah. There’s variety. And number two, Toledo
is very diverse, you’re going to love it there. There’s a diverse
group of people, and all the people there
are just great people and really, they’re
just all awesome people. I just got to shout out Toledo. And if you could interview
one person, who would it be? I’m going to start with
you, and one question. Serious question. You ready? How you feeling about
the Browns this year? Honestly, I don’t know
anything about sports. Like my brother always tries
to tell me about sports, this is where that knowledge
would actually be– But you just told
me the Mud Hens. Well honestly, I
don’t really know how they’ve been doing this season. I know they’ve been doing,
you know, they’re doing great. So you know, I was gonna say
they’re doing pretty good. Well, I think you guys
are in good shape. I think the Cleveland
Browns are going to be a formidable team this
year with Baker Mayfield. All right then, Brad. So check in. Brad, thank you so
much for joining us. This has been an
incredible interview. But for now, reporting in
Los Angeles, Jaden Jefferson, Jaden reports eyewitness news. Jaden, thanks so much. That was cool. You’re really good at this. Thank you, I love it. That was wonderful. All right. I think you did very well. That just was on the
spur of the moment, you didn’t know he wanted
to interview with you and so you went back there. So we thought you
did such a good job, are you ready for
your next assignment? Very. OK, so tomorrow on
the show, we have someone that we want
you to interview so you have a press
pass to come back here and you’re going to
interview Oprah Winfrey. Oh my gosh. You’re joking, right? Nope. Lady O? Lady O. Lady O. Yeah. All right. Unbelievable. Yeah, Lady O. Now, I like that
you called her Lady O. Now, she’s here tomorrow and
what’s your first question you would ask Lady O? I have preparations tonight. OK, all right. Think about it and you’ll ask
her tomorrow when you’re here. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or saying
embarrassing things like ball peen hammer, and also
some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. God [BLEEP].

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  1. The kid is interviewing President Trump.

    The kid: "Mr. President, what do you say about the impeachment"?

    Trump: " Forget about it. That is just a fake news."

    The kid: " Mr. President, it is not a. fake news. Nancy Pelosi, herself confirmed the impeachment."

    Trump: " she is not the real one. She is the fake Nancy Pelosi too. The real Nancy Pelosi is in a nursing home, and caregivers are changing her diaper.

    The kid: " Mr. President, what about you? Do you wear a diaper?"

    Trump: " No! No! No! Neverever. I just wear a brief. That is all.

    The kid: " I will check the conferences in my dictionary. Thank you.?

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  5. I was wondering where Jayden has been…… He's been on Ellen….. Killer Reporter….. He's one of the best in the business…..

  6. I felt he was rushing the interview, and spoke too much, an interview is about the person being interviewed, I felt like Brad Pitt was interviewing the kid instead lol.

  7. He did good, just needs to slow down a tad bit and talk more about what he's asking then move on to the next question

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    Side note: Brad is sooo hot my goodness

  10. He did a great job, but he tried to be too much like the fake Hollywood reporters. I would like to see his real personality. This was the most relaxed I have ever seen Brad Pitt in a interview. You can tell he really loves kids.

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