OVEN RADIO(오븐라디오) Ep.1: 2PM(투피엠) _ My House(우리집) [ENG/JPN/CHN SUB]

It’s 2PM on 2PM’s Oven Radio For five days starting today, at 2PM For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes, we’ll be with you This is 2PM! Come on, come on Alright, let’s start with nameshots to introduce ourselves The nameshot theme is [No. 5] The idea is to pose for the theme Wooyoung
Nichkhun Jun. K Junho
Chansung Next, Taecyeon Alright, 1, 2, 3 Taecyeon Let’s begin the first corner we prepared We’ll be going over 2PM’s new album from beginning to the end No. 5 Up-Close No. 5 Up-Close
Take an up-close look at 2PM’s new album! Of course, the first thing you see is the album title and the cover photo – Yeah
– And it’s called No. 5 by 2PM Something that comes out once every five years, maybe – That’s correct
– Is that what you think? – Of course
– It took some time to pick the title But what took longers is picking the tracklist Yes, that is true We’ll play a “Speedy Q&A” game to see what kind of songs are on the tracklist The member randomly selected has to answer as quickly as possible Let’s start! Hey, Wooyoung What’s the title and track number of this guy’s song? Junho’s song is called “Nobody Else” Track number? I believe it’s the second track Please sing a bit of your part Eh, everytime – Alright, very nice!
– Everytime Next, Taecyeon What are the titles of tracks 6, 10, and 11? I’ll Go Crazy, Magic, and Jump How do you know all that? – They’re all by me
– His songs What were you thinking about when you worked on those tracks? Well, “Jump” is a song that will make the audience jump at concerts I thought about that while working on that song – Very good
– For Nichkhun There’s a song about the sadness of longing for an ex It’s by Chansung, what’s the title of the song? Why did you pick me to answer this… Because you… – Oh, Nichkhun
– That was mean No. 5 Up-Close! Let’s look at the last part The last part of any album is the “Thanks to” section Of course, we can never thank all the people we mean to So we’ll have a chance to thank them right now Thanks To. Writing Contest
Write and read thank you notes to random background music Are we ready? Yes! Let’s start with Taecyeon – What kind of music do I get?
– Music cue! (Awkward) What did Taecyeon write…? Okay, so… If you’re listening to our album, you’re a champion! – Please read it with me
– Alright, start over If you’re listening to our album
You’re a champion! If you’re supporting 2PM
You’re a champion! You’re a champion!
Champion… – What’s that “Come on”?
– Come on! Come on! He wrote it to show off he’s from the states Yeah, just leave Please get the next song ready And… cue! There are so many people who worked for this album… Especially… How sad! Pulling all-nighters to write good songs for us… I’d like to thank Jun. K… This is so moving, I’m going to cry And HOTTEST, I love you all… Heart Perfect music for me How moving Very moving Nichkhun I’ve never done this before So I wrote mine in English Music cue! Nichkhun doesn’t get background music No music? Oh, “no music” is your music – Do you want us to clap?
– Make it super cool Take one, take two Take three and 1, 2, 3, 4 I can’t wait for my song I look forward to Wooyoung’s song as well Music cue! (No way…) I really… Thank you so much Thank you so much Really… Who’s 2PM?
Feat. JYP What’s the album title? No. 5 What’s the title song? My House What am I gonna do with you? Why do I like the song so much? From the title to the rest
I can’t keep my ears off Who’s 2PM? How do they make songs like this? God, boys! What an exciting commercial that was… Now for the next corner we prepared, Jun. K Yes, it’s the real live road show!
We do whatever you ask! 5 Minute Mission! To pick the member who’ll carry out the mission… we’ll play this game, 1! 2 (Go or no?) 3 4! Nichkhun vs. Taecyeon Taecyeon and Nichkhun! It’s best to stay still – Alright then, now…
– Just stay still You two have to play rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors! Taecyeon lost! He’s going to complete the mission And the mission he has to complete tomorrow… Will be revealed tomorrow! We really raced through the 5 minutes I hope everyone had fun! Yeah! It was fun! Please look forward to tomorrow’s super fun jammed Oven Radio See you tomorrow Bye! This is fun! Taecyeon’s Real Mission Show! Go crazy! As long as it’s not me!

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