Pablo Escobar’s Bombed Mansion & ‘Narcotourism’ – The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan – BBC

Heisel was taking me to see
the bombed out ruins of one of Escobar’s many holiday
homes on the outskirts of Medellin. That is the Hacienda La Manuela. Oh, my God. All the legacy…Yeah. just stones and dust. It’s a ghost house, I’m telling you.
That is mad. Yeah.
I didn’t expect it to be so emotive. You know, like…
I don’t know, it just looks… It’s creepy. Like, eerie. It’s an uneasy feeling, seeing that,
isn’t it?It’s weird. Originally built for Escobar’s wife, La Manuela was bombed and destroyed
by an anti-Escobar group called Los Pepes in 1993. She’s going to be in charge.
Let’s go. Sure.
Yolanda worked here
as a housekeeper at the time, and her family were given
the property after his downfall. Do you feel… You know, we hear
a lot of negatives about Pablo. Do you feel that there are any positive effects
that he had on Colombia? SPEAKS SPANISH Were any of your family and friends
affected by everything that went on around Pablo Escobar and the sort of general fear
in the country? And do you feel that Colombia now
has left this part of its history behind and is completely
onto a positive path now? I mean, this is proper mad,
cos, like… You sort of… I mean, this would
have been his main bedroom. It’s a weird feeling because this is paid for
through drug money, essentially. You can’t help,
as you’re walking around, the fact that you’re
walking around bombed ruins, that brings into sort of sharp focus
the fact that this was funded… ..through some pretty horrible
stuff. But… ..on the flip-side of the coin, I mean, it is an amazing house. Like, there’s a pool over there. I mean, it’s like
a supervillain’s pad. You can’t get away from that,
and that makes you feel… I don’t know, does it make you
feel guilty? A little bit, I guess. You know, you’re sort of…
I’m glamorising it in my head, never mind it being glamorised
for me. I’m glamorising it in my head. Walking around, though,
you cannot avoid thinking about it, thinking about the reality of it. La Manuela is open to the public and tourists are able to wander
the ruins, hear about Pablo’s legacy
and afterwards… Ah!Shit! paintball in the grounds. You son of a bitch. Oh, shit! Good shot, good shot. Ah! Do you think… ..doing paintball warfare
on Pablo’s holiday home might be accused of
glamorising violence a bit? Well, actually, this is something
that people play normally, so…
Jesus! Shit! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go, go, go!Wait! Oh, my God. You’re so fast. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Don’t shoot! So do you think this sort of thing, does this make you feel like
narco-tourism is a positive thing? Well, I’m not a fan but I understand
that the legend of Escobar
has brought a lot of people
to our country.
Oh, he’s right here. Would you say that you’re in favour
of all narco-tourism, then, because it brings positive things
to the country? I’m not saying that I love it,
Oh, shit!Are you OK? can’t say that I love it,
but I just am pretty aware…
Oh, my God. BLEEP Shit!Oh! Oh, my God.
Down, down, down, down.
Oh, my God! No, no! Oh. How’s this prick getting me? Sorry, yes, I’m listening to you,
carry on. cannot just be negative
and just complain about everything.
The good part is the people who are
getting interested in Colombia
and discovering things
that they had never imagined,
so, I don’t want to say
it’s a bad thing.
Ah! Ah, youBLEEP! HEISEL LAUGHS Ow! Ow! He just shot my face.Oh, fuck! ROMESH SCREAMS Oh, my God. Ow! Come on, you sons of bitches!

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