Pete Buttigieg raises $24.8 million in second quarter of 2019

Pete Buttigieg raises $24.8 million in second quarter of 2019


100 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg raises $24.8 million in second quarter of 2019

  1. “Sanders campaign prints money” really????

    Why not mention where the donations are coming from? Oh yeah that’s right

  2. we want bernie,,,why cant cnn have honest polls .i havent heard of one person siding with biden of kamala and please cover tulsie bernie etc,,,that is exactly what we want ,,be true

  3. Breaking just moments ago…the Rancid Rodent, Petey Buttaf*** has just about dropped out of the running for the Demoncrap candidacy for President..but the phony news aka Pravda won't tell you that!

  4. Our 21st century Civil War: The Northern Trumpers are against wage slavery. The South of the border (Buttman crowd) is for permanent wage slavery for everyone not an EMPIRE employee.

  5. FYI Mayor Pete is a centrist> we need a hard push left from the only one who has never taken Wall Street bribes. Bernie 2020

  6. BUTT-PLUG can buy a shit-load of K-Y ass-lube and shitty cock cleaner with 24 million!! You think BUTT-PLUG swallows bloody, shitty cum loads??

  7. Hey CNN , and other corporate funded media channels .

    Give us more Bernie coverage and less smears , also how about you atleast mention once that we're pushing to war with Iran with completely false pretenses and no evidence. Of course you won't though ! Your pure ads will be removed or in reality your boss and senior editors who actually wrote your reports will fire you , for gods sake have you no shame .

  8. Hey CNN , and other corporate funded media channels .

    Give us more Bernie coverage and less smears , also how about you atleast mention once that we're pushing to war with Iran with completely false pretenses and no evidence. Of course you won't though ! Your pure ads will be removed or in reality your boss and senior editors who actually wrote your reports will fire you , for gods sake have you no shame .

  9. Isn't he gay/homo?
    How would he be received by international countries where gays are illegal? How could he negotiate with our enemies like Russia, Iran, North Korea?

  10. this guy is a typical left winger , so theoretical and "smart" but can't run a small city and actually solve any problems….. LOL total fag liberal. LOL MAGA!

  11. LOL

    (Bloomberg) — President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee raised $105 million during the second quarter of the year and had $100 million cash on hand, Trump’s campaign manager said Tuesday, an ominous sign for Democrats in a crowded field of contenders seeking to challenge him in the general election.

  12. I guess they would have to call his husand, First Husband, if Mayor Pete wins the presidency. Imagine the state dinner introductions to other Heads of State lol.

  13. Blah blah blah, Man of Disgusting sinful behavior!!!! Good luck with losing… just pissed off people when there money is gone to waist…. I’ll return to say I told you so!!!!

  14. All money donated to ANY candidate in this election is wasted. Trump has already won, unless he steps down or passes away before the election.

  15. 🎶CNN SUCKS🎶CNN SUCKS🎶CNN SUCKS🎶CNN SUCKS🎶 But Booker, Buttigieg and Eric SWALLOW WELL…. 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Bernie came across like a grumpy grandpa who tells the same story over and over again every Thanksgiving. It was interesting the first time. Bernie feels so 2015.

  17. White male. That's toxic and supports the western patriarchal dominance strangling the WORLD. Also..racism.

  18. lol could you imagine Peter puffer being the potus? He wouldn’t be able to visit Middle East no respect from Japan or China. Islamic Muslims will throw him off of a building… Iran will definitely become a nuclear state. waste of money and time

    Black Racist Gay Lives Matter to the Obuma’s & Whoopi weaveberg

    CNN is making America racist & homophobic again

    CNN is the enemy of people

  19. Yet he is polling at 4%. Actually lost one point after the debates. He cannot defeat Trump. Sad as it is, blacks will not vote for him. Neither will the moderate Democrats, heartland working class non-minorities, and disillusioned Republicans.

  20. Well, this guy is a hypocrite he running for president but he doesn't give a shit about the people of his own city. If we're going to judge this asshole success based that he raised $25 million. Objectivity, then President Trump it's a superstar he raised $105, 000,000 million dollars in one month.

  21. HAHAHHAHAH,Trump has brought in a little over 100 million in the second quarter blowing all the democrat inbreds out of the water,,

  22. I wonder how much of it he will have to give back after the headlines dies down and it's found that he got some lobbyist money… AGAIN.

  23. 294 thousand people and 24 million. Isn’t it legal to give more than a thousand per person. Want to become reports INVESTIGATE.

  24. 50 high dollar fundraisers where ticket prices were the maximum $2800 dollar donation. Corporate bought Pete, South Bend is on fire and CNN couldn't bother to report that he got those numbers from about 250k individuals donations. Sanders had 1,000,000 individual donations. Great reporting CNN.

  25. What I want to know is: WHAT "people" aka corporations are backing Buttigieg? And does he have ANY policies that he is committed to?

  26. Wow he raised a ton of money… from corporate donors who will continue to Fuck us all in the ass.

  27. #ACrisisOfFactAndTruthInRaisingMoney
    What is the name of the "bestseller" that made Bernie "millions"? Answer: Nobody knows … Turbhikov and Surkhov (Russian misinformation specialists used by Steele, Fusion GPS and the DNC) at work?

  28. #ACrisisOfFactAndTruth
    Every time  Mr. Butt speaks, his campaign faces an insurmountable hurdle  … asking the world (and the snickering men in his audience and entourage) to suspend the reality that a man cannot be a woman … or a "wife"! He … and his Democrat pretenders … are exhibiting a denial so intense that self-examination is entirely precluded! It's like the Empress' new clothes … everyone sees the problem, but no one wants to admit it!

  29. Nice to see corporate SCUMOCRATICS raising money from corporations and not the workers . Fuck the corporate SCUMOCRATICS and CNN propaganda

  30. Ahhh…I see he is taking Amazon's money just to criticize them for not paying taxes. Fun fact All the money they give him they can deduct on their taxes.

  31. where does all that money even go?!!! wth people
    think about it! absolutely disgusting
    our planet our country is rediculous
    yet people starve and turtles choke on straws 🤦🏼‍♀️

  32. Pete budymoney= Wall street and oil companies. Just your average 1%.
    Bernie Sanders = Average Americans giving around $18.
    I guess we know who will be our President.

  33. If you really want to talk abt fund raising please tell the average donation amount. That will show where does he/ she got the money from.

  34. Well trump raised 105 million in the second quarter so yea we know it’s gonna be a landslide victory 😉

  35. It all came from rich donors, he’s been bought and paid for and now he’s running for the rich’s interests, which is not yours. — Bernie Sanders raised 18 million in quarter two and every dollar came from people just like you, someone who is struggling just trying to get by.

  36. Haha is that supposed to be impressive? He’s getting all of the money from extremely rich people and corporate pacs. It would be impressive however if it were all in small dollar donations from american citizens but that’s not the case

  37. Yeah, don't underestimate rich people trying to send one of their own to upset Progress. Why are we so surprised to see Mayor Pete is in someone's back pocket. They all are enslaved to the 1% / Big Business with the only exception truly being Sen. Bernie Sanders. He is what we want not these cheap imitations. Who wants a President that is a sell-out? That is what we have with Trump.

  38. He is getting my money every month. I skip a dinner out and the money I save goes to Pete. Please join me.

  39. CNN, your likes to dislikes is concerning. My people will not let this country fall without Civil War.

  40. Buttigieg has one third of the amount of people donating than Bernie but raised more money.. this tells you all you need to know about Buttigieg and who you can trust. But you wont hear this on cnn!

  41. Pete gets his money from wealthy donors and bundles like the parent company of CNN. CNN never disclosed its conflict of interest. Gross stuff.

  42. Dear @Cnn WHO are the huge fundraising sources in this and other campaigns? As long as corporate America buys presidents (oil, pharma, super pacs), presidents will pander to corporate America rather than for the good of the average American. It's the very simple premise of not biting the hand the feeds you. This is the single biggest issue in American government so let's keep our eye on the ball.

  43. Here is Why Pete Buttigieg ( a.k.a. ' Fruit' , 'Fairy', 'Twink' ) will NEVER, EVER become president, no matter how much money he raises, no matter how many 'Pride' parades, no matter how many laws force people to tolerate these abnormal mentally disturbed sex freaks and no matter how many irrational liberals kiss his ass. GUARANTEED
    This man/woman or whatever is all show and hasn't got a clue as to what he would do if he became the POTUS. He uses his "vast experience" in the military as his crowning achievement, pointing to his tour in Afghanistan, when He spent his tour as the equivalence as a jeep driver and a low level clerk for an officer in an area where there was no enemy activity, NO COMBAT EXPERIENCE, NEVER RISKED HIS LIFE FOR HIS COUNTRY. His was a 6 month tour and he was in, all practicality, no danger whatsoever. He will NEVER be respected among the black African-American communities because the traditional 'Black Man' role model, they are traditionally very proud of manhood leader and their families require a very strong man in the house as a role model. They have always look down upon Gays as not fitting that strong role model image or as weak and not manly or tough enough.
    Gay President Buttigieg ( a.k.a. Fruit, Neuman, Feathers, Fruit-Fly, Donald Duck, Tinkerbelle, Faggot ) and his first mate, or lady or whatever. That will NOT help us to gain back respect from the world. As soon as he/she is president he/she will appoint many Transvestites as his close advisors and put more gays and lesbians in the military. The Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon will run for cover and the special forces will quit or retire early.
    Gay Pete (a.k.a. ' Butterfly ' ) will not be able to negotiate anything in Foreign Policy with the Russians, Eastern Europe, North Korea, China, The Middle East ( Muslims ), most of Africa and Asia and even many South American and Central America countries where they don't respect homosexuals and Gays. There are way too many countries and religions that do NOT tolerate Homosexuals so what was this Mayor Pete thinking when he decided to run ? !!! he must have been in a fantasy wishful thinking mode and smoking weed ! ! WAKE UP ! Pete, the world  outside the USA is very different and INTOLERANT
    As first reported by Fox News, Pete Buttigieg’s brother-in-law is accusing his 2020 campaign of misrepresenting his family’s past for political gain.
    He’s even claiming "misrepresentation" has led to death threats.
    Buttigieg husband’s brother recently spoke to The Washington Examiner and revealed some lies coming from the Mayor’s campaign and their back story.
    "A mayor from a small city and his husband, a child who grew up with nothing and his parents kicked him out … it makes a perfect political story for the campaign…To me that’s very sad. If that’s all you have to stand on, you’re not fit to be president of the United States," stated Glezman.
    Pete Buttigieg ( a.k.a. 'Fruit' ), mayor of South Bend, Indiana, with a population of 101,000 is conveniently mute about his lack of accomplishment there. (For example, the crime rate there is 120% higher than the national average, the homeless rate is even worst.) He is simply running on his widely unpopular sexual preference, which most people find it disgusting and have little interest in, or would choose not to know anything about due to its unhealthy and filthy nature. He will be one of the first to fall off the list of potential candidates running in the democratic primary, GUARANTEED
    Now that he's come out, he/she can go home. People who don't understand their gender shouldn't be governing the rest of us. They can live with each other just not around me. Enjoy your life. Come to think of it, he does look like Neuman the ugly cartoon character. He was Sixteen years old and well into puberty and he didn't know he was gay !. No doubt in anyone's mind and support for the conclusion to those who say you aren't born that way, you chose to be that way. The identity politics of shaming people for disliking aberrant behavior. So predictable.
    The LGBTQ people ( only 4% of the population ) tends to portray its group as victims. They choose that type of filthy lifestyle. When people don’t agree with their lifestyle (lgbtq), they are labeled as bigots. Pete said "creating a crisis of belonging for people of color, immigrants, gay people and others.
    Cupcake Dude !, You got it exactly backwards. The identity mindset and politics of the liberal socialists left or social justice warriors, obsessed with promoting people of color, immigrants, Muslims, Felons, Illegal Aliens, homeless, deadbeats, ex-criminals and gay people beyond any rational and patriotic boundary to the point of detriment to everybody else and even those groups themselves (see pathological altruism), created the crises of belonging for the rest of us. It’s one of the key and main reasons why Donald Trump was elected. Hillary on the other hand had everything for people of color, immigrants and gays. She had nothing but contempt for flyover working class America.
    Basically all this guy has to run on is that he’s gay and somehow ( in true democrat form) he has twisted some text in the Bible to justify his practice of man on man filthy unsafe love. Marriage is still just between a Man and a Woman. Most people don't give a da__, what the man-made liberal minded crooked courts determined!
    Pete the cupcake has chosen to run on his sexual preference and if elected he would see his election as a mandated to serve based on his sexual preference, which would mean he represents only a small part of American society. Embracing perversion is not heroic it’s hedonistic.

    When is the world going to stop justifying all this sex changing mentally unstable celebrities and their filthy lifestyles and look at the real psychological reasons why these people chose to do this. The fact is most people that have sex identity problems need serious long term psychotherapy.
    In the USA 1.7 percent of the adult population identifies as gay or lesbian. Another 1.8 percent of the US adult population identifies as bisexual. That leaves 97 percent of the USA's adult population identifies as straight, without an identity problem and able to reproduce like normal people.

    The gay community demands to be treated as equal but doesn't support any other orientation and wants special privileges and respect from 97% of the population. We set aside an entire month to celebrate a union of two people who can not create a next generation and represent less than 5% of the US population. But a parade for "straight" people is a problem for them? Their DOUBLE STANDARDS is without merit. Respect is something you earn, but they haven't earn it yet from the 97%, or the rest of us
    How can The City of Boston can deny the application, based on what justification?. If they do – We would expect the ACLU and other civil rights groups to have a hissy fit. This is NOT hate for "Pride" it is about equal rights and celebrating your sexual orientation – we all have a right to peaceful assembly – right? That's what protects ALL of us.

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Depression is a very serious disorders that should be taken far more seriously within the transgender community. By their own report, 80% of transgender attempt suicide some time in their life. To me, that sounds deadly serious and is enough proof beyond any doubt that these people need psychiatric treatment at an early age .
    When the world stops idolizing and promoting this type of  EXTREME MENTAL DISORDER , and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, then and only then will they will seek a good psychiatrist . There should be a military draft for all this people and they should put them in the front line in a real intense bloody battle against the enemy and show a video of their behavior, then and only then is the world is going to realized how useless they are for the rest of us normal citizens and for society in general. Is bad enough that two people of the same sex cannot reproduce children and therefore should never be given a marriage license but due to political corruption and decadence of our society and due to the ignorance of the electorate voters, this new trend has grown to the detriment of moral values, common sense and rational thinking.
    One day in the future it will be exposed and confirm that this trans-sexual movement and same sex marriage was a horrible moment in world history and human reproductive progress due to the newly discovered reality by medical science and rational politicians that they have a serious mental disorder. Future society and future generations will agreed that these people are a very bad ideal human model and should not be tolerated or justify and in fact it is detrimental to an ideal healthy reproductive society. The treatment will change to therapy and possibly a new drug. That time will come because the rational majority, the ones not under media hype and pc control see thru the bullsheet and the false justification and irrational thinking.
    Homosexual relationships are not marriage and will never be consider by normal people as a healthy human model relationship. That is, they simply do not fit the minimum necessary condition for a marriage to exist–namely, the union of a reproductive man and a woman that can form a family by their biological fertility.
    The second is that homosexual relationships are proven harmful. Not only do they NOT provide the same benefits to a healthy society as heterosexual marriages, but their consequences are far more negative than positive. Either argument, standing alone, is sufficient to reject the claim that same-sex unions should be granted the legal status of marriage.

  44. I have no idea who they are. Is dashing the infants of your enrmies upon the stones ok? I don't believe you would or are even capable if stoning anyone to death. I fact I think everything you've written here is just to get a rise out of someone.

  45. Many Pete's sympathisers hate corporations. Why not to get rid of them completely at least in two states, say, NY and CA, for all other states to see what a bliss will follow. But I suspect that progressive politicians will not embrace such idea: who there will be to blame for the problems then? Without such punchbag they will be politically bankrupt because campaigning against corporations is the only substance in these airbags.

  46. Yet we aren't going to talk about DNC changing debate qualifications to inequality yang right……….

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