Petra, Jordan | Civilisations – BBC Two

Petra, Jordan | Civilisations – BBC Two

There may be enemies at the gates there may be enemies within the walls and Sometimes the very landscape and climate in which a culture grows must be conquered It may be too rocky too arid But here canyons and gullies became the streets and thoroughfares for one of the most spectacular civilizations in all of human history This is Petra where the sheer Improbability of its location was also the secret of its spectacular flourishing The reason why this tomb Endured and survived armies and earthquakes is that the Nabataeans who built it cut it into the sandstone surface of the mountain rather than build some freestanding marble monument the mountains shook with earthquakes, but these buildings stood intact The Nabataeans Engineered systems to trap the rains which came in winter and their desert Hydraulics made this place not so much rose red as bright green a garden city of fountains swimming pools groves and orchards And the water which made all that possible also made it possible to feed a city of 30,000 people many of whom were immigrants from all over the region there were Egyptians and Syrians and Judeans and Greeks and Romans and they were all Coming to Petra to enjoy what the Persians called a parrot daisa a pleasure resource a little bit of? Heaven on earth And they all brought a flourish of their own cultural styles with them Most of the art discovered here has been taken to museums, but what survives tells the story of a cosmopolitan playground There are curious abstract representations of a Nabataean goddess Carved heads from the wine-soaked Hellenistic count of Dionysus Recent excavations have brought to light ritzy villas carved into the living rock Inside them here’s to happiness murals from that same Dionysian cult cherubs vine leaves the inevitable bunches of grapes and From the later years of Petra’s life Byzantine mosaics found beneath the sand and rubble of a ruined church Petra had its day or rather at centuries, and then it ended Not because of conquest, but because new trade routes simply made Petra commercially irrelevant And without that commercial lifeblood there was no longer any reason to struggle against the desert The people left the systems for capturing water fell into disrepair and the desert reclaimed the city

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  1. Not first, but more importantly: thank you for the upload. I'd heard of Petra, but never knew why it was abandoned before. I thought it was just a monument, not an actual city. So I learned two interesting things this morning.

  2. Superb scene, wonderful job, Best of luck, very good project, myself Shaminder Singh Batra, journalist, Actor and Director, Punjab, India 9814762112

  3. the first thing came up into my mind is "ALIENS!" 😂 so beautiful to believe it actually exist. this is the first time i saw this… sooo majestic.

  4. There we go BBC, you are capable of putting out content that isn't just propaganda, toxic AF, fake news, bullshit. Stick to doing stuff like this, you're better at this than you are of convincing us that Brexit was a bad idea.

  5. Yes thanks. I think the room with the carved horizontal areas are for scrolls not for burials. Or mummies. Also I thought that people went into trance there and received messages from their ancestors, and out of body. They were afraid of floods.

  6. I love it there …. been there like 10 times or more … and every time feels different and more monumental

  7. I really enjoyed this and feel that I've learned a great deal in under 5 minutes. Well done and thank you for sharing.

  8. After coming out of Africa, moving to Middle East and spreading to Asia, America and Europe, Human was still uncivilised.
    Original Europeans died and were replaced by Middle Eastern migrants in the last 10,000 years. Human civilisation started when a group of these Europeans migrated back to Middle East 3000 years ago and created Persian Empire. Persians made up of 20 countries from China, India, Middle east, Africa and Europe with their Capital city as Persepolis in Middle East. Most religions, human right laws and culture started by them and spread around the world. Women were equal to men. After about a 1000 years when the forces of evil finally destroyed most of Persia, women lost their equal rights for 2000 years until recent time. large countries started bullying small countries and a new world of criminal powers replaced human civilisation. Human will overcome Evil in future.

  9. يلي مايعرف فعلنا قولوله تحيه من الاردن الى الاردن ههههههه

  10. You mentioned Jews, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians, but never the Arabs who built and lived in Petra!

  11. It was built by nabataein tribe who were Arabs…. And Allah destroyed them….. Petra civilization because they were arrogant and refused to accept Allah as the only God

  12. Petra is considered the most famous and gorgeous site in Jordan.tour in Petra, would be breath-taking since you lay your eyes on the magnificant seen, the approach through a kilometer long, cool, and gloom chasm (or Siq) a long narrow gorge whose steeply rising sides all but obliterate the sun,Petra sights are at their best in early morning and late afternoon.
    I really in love with this landmark .

  13. This pink stones are amazing… lovely place to visit… Sunrise and sunset is the best on the world especially when reflected on the pink mountain… don't miss it.

  14. I have been to Petra & it is absolutely beautiful also near by is little Petra which was the gateway to Petra for the traders.

  15. Did you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) not see (thought) how your Lord dealt with 'Ad (people)?
    Who were very tall like lofty pillars,
    The like of which were not created in the land?
    And (with) Thamud (people), who cut (hewed) out rocks in the valley (to make dwellings)?
    And (with) Fir'aun (Pharaoh), who had pegs (who used to torture men by binding them to pegs)?
    Who did transgress beyond bounds in the lands (in the disobedience of Allah).
    And made therein much mischief.
    So your Lord poured on them different kinds of severe torment.
    Verily, your Lord is Ever Watchful (over them)
    [Quran – 89:6-89:14]

  16. I am Juliet Tun. I think maybe I am Ms Ul Uzza reborn. I think maybe my brother and I build Petra in a past life. I think Ms Ul Uzza is not a goddess because she is not a real biotechnologist. I think maybe Ms Ul Uzza is set up by Joseph F.

  17. 1. Petra means stone in Greek
    2. The architecture is 100% Hellenic.
    3. The inscriptions on the Mosaics are in Greek. (Φθινοπωρινή, θερινή)
    4. The roundabout has Ancient Greek monuments. (Theatre, temples)
    5. Ancient Greeks were pioneers at carving stones and marble.

    …. but hey, it is Arabic! 😂

  18. Have you ever heard of the "cylinders of the pharaoh"? They are made from copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz when held produce up to 1.5 volts sold on amazon and etsy for only 29.99

  19. Excelente video, fui allí hace poco, me gustó mucho el viaje, les
    recomiendo este tour

  20. You mentioned all people that have nothing to do with Petra but you didn't mention the Arab (Bedouin arab) who build the Petra and llived their??

  21. I dont know how these petra jordan and great pyramid civilisations end..they can live at the modern day without leaving these beautiful place.

  22. This is the city of Prophet Saleh peace be upon him.The people ALLAHتاعل bless with strength like no other.they are giant and carving palace from mountain just for fun.But ALLAH punished them because they worhip many gods and they are arrogant people

  23. Syriac- arameans build it beatween the mountains to hide from war around them, and alongside nabateans(arabs) etc Arameans love grapes an Our old buildings and and inside it looks exactly as Our buuildings. But it also hav influenser in nabatean(arab), egyptisk and greek-roman style.

  24. Welcome to the most suitable tourist destination in the Middle East ( #Jordan ) Your second country welcome you at all times with the best services at reasonable prices
    Nader Eid

  25. Petra was after the generation of Noah is very long generation not recent as roman and Egyptians.
    This old man trying to tell his views.

  26. and all those great civilisations in the Middle East is destroyed by Muhammad and his Islam

  27. Guy from Petra : Yo dude!! Let's scribble some random shit here….!
    Us in 21st century : beautiful, unexplainable and abstract art from Petra

  28. Man wtf, i don't know a lot of thinks about jordan but 1) the name petra is greek means rock
    2) the architecture is Greek
    3) the writings are in greek , even i could read what they say, 3:34 ΘΕΡΙΝΗ = summer, 3:31 ΦΘΙΝΟΠΩΡΙΝΗ =autumn .
    And there is god Dionysus !!!!!

  29. This is across the road of of Alhambra alhamdulillah Rabbil alamin IK Ra now ask yourself this question why do you think this road is called Godwin Street Bradford Yorkshire England cha-cha-cha England cha-cha-cha as many shows where abouts spirit God Aladdin even the one in London Alhambra variety theatre was built with the help from the indus river commonwealth especially when many of the houses in London where made out of wood that London is burning. When shopping at a shop many people say ( love Take the money ) which means in ancient language lA lay Pessa from the time of the Petra trading post. In the context of saying ( love Take The Money ) ( love The & Tha & There & Thar Take Money ) meaning living in borrowed time of credit when passing on money to a shopkeeper or anyone else for example every note pound and dollar any other currency is a credit note that you will have to pay back in good willing time with All love name of Allah Allowing Alive

  30. Their knowledge made them arrogant and so they transgressed and hence were drawn from their palaces carved in mountains by a strong wind that took them high in the sky and collided their heads with each other and their skulls cracked.Now their palaces remain empty occupied by animals rather than humans.They were called Tabu'k.

  31. I guess In the end…nothing matters,except that if we becomes greedy and wicked…everything else becomes irrelevant…who cares who was who…who did what…our anger and decentions oy prove that we don't change…our hearts are still divided…still proud…still resentful…does God not say such people will not inherit his kingdom…we'd do the same thing…fight over who's kingdom it is…who doesn't belong,when his purpose was to have people…hearts…spirits…that can share under one unity,of love…not color,or race… We have to change our hearts…

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