Political Talk Show Host Suddenly Very Interested In Manslaughter Law Loopholes

Political Talk Show Host Suddenly Very Interested In Manslaughter Law Loopholes

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . Since 1896 In The Know
with Clifford Banes. I’m Gregory Dawson,
filling in for Clifford Banes who is the new mayor of Baltimore. A recent survey shows that
most Americans are confused about the laws regarding manslaughter. For example, if someone wanted to
pull out of an Applebee’s parking lot at 1:30 in the morning last Tuesday and hit a pedestrian walking
on the side of the road, would that constitute manslaughter? Absolutely. I think that far too many of these laws are written to ambiguously. They are too confusing aren’t they? – They can be.
– Yeah, but in the majority of cases, guilt is going to be determined
by the specific context. Oh that’s a good point. Context is important. For example, if a person
were to hit a pedestrian while driving on the road at night, isn’t it, couldn’t it be argued that, it is the fault of the pedestrian for wearing
a dark navy blue jacket that’s hard to see? That’s the kind of argument that a
lawyer would certainly make, yes. Those slimy attorneys. They can use legal loopholes to get their
scumbag clients out of absolutely anything. – Absolutely.
– Unbelievable. – Great, great.
– Yeah. You could even imagine one proving the
innocence of a driver who hit a pedestrian and dragged him under
his car for six minutes before realizing that the noise he
was hearing was not his brakes but human screaming. Um, I don’t… That’s a difficult, um… Let’s move on.
Euthanasia is a big issue. If a person is in pain,
say lying on the asphalt, gasping for breath,
bleeding out of one ear, isn’t it the humane thing to do to put this person
out their misery by stepping on their
neck until they die? I see Terence that you have written
that you believe in euthanasia. Do you still stand by that? In some cases yes. But the example you just sited does sound more like
murder than euthanasia. – Murder.
– Anyone who does that should get the chair! New topic. Children. Are they trustworthy? A new USAToday poll indicates that American 9-year-olds were recently
sitting in the back seat of a car and watched out the window as
their daddy did something very bad. Can we trust them to keep
their little mouths shut? I don’t know if I personally
feel qualified to address that… They should turn their daddy in. OK. Moving on.
Does anyone own a hacksaw? Still ahead: Failure to call 911 saves
four firefighters’ lives.

100 thoughts on “Political Talk Show Host Suddenly Very Interested In Manslaughter Law Loopholes

  1. When he said step on the guys neck I may have had to pause the video because I spat out my drink all over myself laughing

  2. Do not take a drink at 2:12 you are welcome my son's and yes daughters of course of course oh and don't forget the tranaaaays aaghh AGHhh yes the transees Herms you too CDs all the more you are welcome indeed!!

  3. Female drivers tend to drag cyclists stuck under theire car, when confronted they just say they did not know.

  4. So let me get this straight.

    A man wearing a navy blue jacket was not seen and ran over by the hosts car. But unfortunetly for him he was not just hit and rolled over he was caught an dragged for 6 minutes by the car. An when the Host realized what he had done. Decided it best not to call an ambulance he decided to step on the mans throat until he stopped breathing. An this all happened while his 9 year old was watching.

    Well its not manslaughter. Its a open an shut case of suicide.

    An yes i do own a hacksaw.

  5. I bloody forgot to check the channel before viewing and was thinking "This looks so Onion-y", but as the video progressed, I realised what I was watching. Wow!

  6. The ONLY reason I was able to distinguish this from a normal news video was the Onion channel name. That's how you know life sucks rn

  7. A comedy routine that isn't about sex, being gay, or something related to race? I almost can't believe I'm seeing it 👀👀👀

  8. I always click on these videos without looking at the uploader hoping to see a real person embarrass themselves on TV but then I see the Onion and I’m disappointed. But I’m also not disappointed

  9. This reminds me of what Stanely Kubrick asked the actor who played the role of General Ripper in Dr. Strangelove (paraphrasing): 'how believable can you make this crazy shlt sound?' 😄

  10. I like how you can see it on all their faces the realization that this isn't way past hypothetical.
    Onion come back, the internet needs you.

  11. The fat woman is also the hottest, she just needed or if still alive and thick, needs to lose some weight just like Melissa McCarthy!

  12. What a fat pig of a woman. And the black lady looks like a typical Californian black rights activist filled with hate

  13. Let me tell you something, if you're going to use a hacksaw to dismember a body your going to be at it for a long time. Most likely you'll run out of energy long before the body conveniently disposable. I recomend using a chainsaw or at the very least a rispercating saw.

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