100 thoughts on “Poll: Tight race between Donald Trump and top 3 Democrats in battleground states

  1. I just seen every single Biden poll news story receive more dislikes than likes. Yep, that's an indicator of Biden's popularity….amongst the MSM!

  2. Trump if your not guilty why not let White House an other employs tesifiy an clear your name ! Personally I think your guilty are you sure act like it I'm betting your new trump tower is a for ever prison an they throw the key away !

  3. Trump is leading or in a dead heat in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada. Only Biden edges him by 1-2% in two battlegrounds wIhile all other candidates are losing. In other news, back to the impeachment sham. Even using these polls, Trump wins between 279 worst case and 306 best case electoral votes. He needs 272 to win, 271 to tie. So they already know it, they can't beat him without fabricating the next hoax. But that fabrication just guarantees the GOP will recapture the house majority. They put 31 democratic house members on record who are in Trump districts. At least 20 of those 31 are toast and that's enough to put the House into play for the Republicans.

    Thanks CNN. Trump must be paying CNN. How else could they avoid all topics of policy and chase their tail like a dog…again…and again…and again. He must be paying them for their service to his reelection effort.

  4. I have stop looking at the news. My Axiety is off the charts with all this Crazzzzzyness!!! I'ma need more meds🙆🙆🙆🙆

  5. biden is a corrupt child groping piece of shit, hes sounding more and more like trump with his obvious lies, shitty record fighting for the rich and powerful, racist stance, and lets not forget he repeatedly groped little girls on fucking camera!!!!! who is dumb enough to think hes a good candidate of even human being??!!!!!

  6. Joe Biden will never be a Santa claus at a shopping mall having children sitting on his lap without parental permission or supervision or a police officer present.

  7. Joe 's son Hunter making millions a month ..in  Ukraine with no  experience in oil energy or gas .. pay for play you think ?..meaning democrats will sell the US out to foreigners!..HC has taken millions of $ from Russia & Terrorists hot bed countries ..did  cnn report ? DT when running for Pres , said " I don't wont your money! " ..Dems do zero 4 their districts ..spending  millions of yr tax dollars on political attacks because they cant accept the loss in 2O16!!

  8. Lol fake polls, fake news cnn…lets talk about the 7000+ jobs cut by cnn lol. Cnn is dying and literally can't tell the truth to save its life…..fucking awesome

  9. Your polls suck. Look at your 👍🏼 and 👎🏻 numbers CNN 931 to 923. No one believes your #DumbPolls

  10. I see change. Once the inquiry is done Trump is done. Those who don't show deserve fines & jail. The same as any citizen would face. Me, you, anyone should show. You can always take the 5th. Not showing is a criminal act.

  11. Do not take these polls seriously. Trump is at his weakest time at this point. In the general election trust me he won't be.
    You nominate one of these socialist and you will be election Trump again. Elizabeth and sanders or losers for the Democratic Party.

  12. I see the polls, then I see the likes and dislikes and comments on YouTube : looks very much like the American people don’t want a democrat as president. What is going on with this terrible media crisis?

  13. who cares about biden?
    he has nothing for the American People.
    biden is the poster child for multi-national corporate bankster elitists and other
    government subversives.

    Joe bite me Biden.  This walking gaff machine has no chance of winning…  His sniffing hair and touching of women and little girls is beyond creepy. Skinny dipping in front of SS women agents is just perverted and devient behavior.  With his sniffing ability Joe can tell what shampoo and conditioner was used…  With adult women he could tell what day and hour she is into her cycle… 
    Hunter has the same Biden genetic gift of extaordinary olfactory ability… Hunter sniffs the butts of women and from that he can tell by the lingering farts scent what she had for dinner…. For a gas company this is a valuable talent when looking for new gas fields…  This is why the gas companies pay the big bucks for this talent… 
    No need to assign a nickname cause he be gone soon.

    Bernie sandman Sanders. This fool thinks he's Santa clause, free stuff for all even illegals..  Most noteable quotes; "get off my lawn" and "shut that baby up" and "tax everyone who has 1 dollar more than me at 90%."
    His heart attack will force him out.
    Trump's nickname for Bernie "bernieclause"

    Beto (let me eat dirt) O'dork
    the video diary of a fool. Changing a tire, dentist cleaning, haircut, what's next? A colonoscopy? Turn your head and cough?  This fool doesn't know his rear end from a hole in the ground that's why he eats dirt and planted a tomato plant up his rear end. There's enough clowns in DC.  Trump nickname 4 beto is "dumb"

    Cory orrr… Uncle fester doing blackface?….  His deer in the headlite eyes really creep me out…. His pedophile creepy eyes,… Make sure you don't leave your daughter alone in the same room with him….. Well maybe the daughter mite be ok…. But for sure don't leave your son alone with Cory backdoor booker. Trump nickname "Cory no girlfriend booker"

    Pocahauntus…  Cannot communicate with her team due to the EPA clean Air act….  Smoke signal cause air pollution.
    So now she uses hand signals by waving her arms in an uncontrollable fashion… I think she been hanging around the YMCA music group too much
    When she loses the election, she will go back to doing personal appearances at used car lots as the 30 ft tall blow up figure that waves her arms wildly in the wind
    Trump nickname "pocahauntus" Can't do better than that

    Kameltoe "sore knees headboard I swallow" Harris… Notice the folds on her face and neck? It's like an accordion neck that can take a long payload or just a big load of pay…. "White gold!"
    She was kind enough to teach Adam shittty schiff as how to properly use your tongue so as not to get it stuck in the 4skin
    Listen to her talk… It's like an 8 year old pouty little girl who's puppy got ran over… I think beto boracho (drunk) O'dork was drunk and ran it over.   Trump were in this primary her nickname "loose lips"

    Julio castrated castro…  He looks like a baby that just woke up bc of his puffy eyes, looks like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Trump would've nicknamed this fool as "castrated castro"

    How about mayor Alfred pEte Newman…  Can't run his little hometown but thinks he can run the world…. Pete booty e gig will give his booty to anyone.  This disgusting perverted liddle buggger should be in a mental institution.  Trump nickname for him "Pete booty (insert dramatic pause) bootyigig"

    Andrew yin yang 1k to every adult per month… Great idea…  Problem is all retailers will just increase their prices and take all that money… The rich get richer.  No nickname necessary he's just a nobody

    Amy.    Who?

    Tom… WHO?

    Tulsi… Most reasonable one has no chance as a canidate… you have to run as an independent… Drop the radical climate change, radical health care agenda…  You're in Congress.. If you want a war in the Middle East then vote on a declaration of war… That's ur job

  15. Trump is clearly a really dirty Bird in all of this! The lies he has told to the American people, the coverups and the corrupt things he has done with Government! Used his powers to intimidate and coercion’s to put pressure on foreign Presidents in his own interest to get himself re-elected! Is jus… down right criminal, and the President needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  16. Polls schmolls! Don’t believe them. Tired of CNN ignoring one candidate, pushing the other. CNN pretty much elected DJT

  17. Keep your hopes up dems. This fisa report and grand jury process is going to make you even more Trump deranged. You should’ve done better and not try to lie through everything.

  18. Biden brags about quid pro quo and dems don’t care. The “whistleblower’s” attorney gets caught tweeting about a coup and democrats stick to their narrative. Conservatives and progressives are very different.

  19. I really wish people would be talking about China and how that authoritarian Communist country is the biggest problem America has in the world. The idea that Biden took 1.2 billion from China shows what a disaster he is towards American working class people.

  20. Trump will rip everyone of them to pieces in any debate. Biden's likely the candidate and Trump will have him prattling on to the wall about something off subject then piss himself. Hillary Rodham Clintonl would be fun too. Everyone but her is a Russian asset. Trump's the MMA fighter in politics. No one knows how to handle Trump.

  21. Im a Bernie Sanders supporters but let be real . Florida will never be blue because all those Racist Republicans move down here including trump . My county has started buliding housing on every empty land . They believe a 100,000 people will be moving here every year at least 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ FUCK!

  22. Biden won't beat Trump because neither Biden nor Trump will be on 2020 ballots. Trump's done, and Biden too damaged to come out of RNC on top without corruption.

  23. Top three democrats. Can't even say his name can you, you people at CNN have no ethics which is why they hired you so you could go with whatever message you are given. Conduits for corporate propaganda. But you get paid well. Must be all you care about.

  24. There used to be a time where there were ethics in big journalism, but it didn't make enough money for your corporate masters so this is what you get.

  25. The breaking news is why are you employing a media blackout for the Sanders campaign. Wow. What a great story and it's already spreading in other outlets but you won't ever hear of it here. All corporate media is manipulation. Never trust what they are promoting.

  26. If a liberal from 1973 is still around in 2019 people would call him a moderate, centrist, or a conservative. However if a liberal from 2019 went back to 1973 and talked about Socialism, Medicare for all, and repealing the Second Amendment she'd be considered an absolute lunatic.

  27. Are they serious? Joe Biden is nowhere close to Trump. I've been to rallies for both. Trump continues to bring in thousands of people at every single venue. I ignore polls and monitor crowd size. That tells you more than a dumb poll.

  28. I'm not a supporter of any party , I can't stand trump , sad truth is you have to choose one , and i can not get behind what the Democrats want to do to the country , freedom of speech will fail to exist , I agree with wanting a more polite politician , but being a smooth talker means nothing , I'd rather have someone be a transparent asshole to my face than lie for votes and agenda

  29. I think it's hilarious that Biden was in the public service sector already and wtf did he actually do? Also, how many investigations can go on at the same damn time? Trump is the president like it or not. Just stop the idiocracy already!! He is getting REAL RESULTS and more so than the people before him. Democrats want to make him look so bad but in reality they continue to say what they want and NEVER back it up with PROOF. They spent so much money on the Russian collusion investigation & NOTHING has come from it = WASTED $ that could have gone to SOCIAL SECURITY, etc… It's ridiculous bullshit and at some point the American people need results or Nancy Pelosi and others to RESIGN.

  30. Well that's going to slow down the start of the Civil War in our country the second Civil War I should say but that's what this whole deal is about I kind of feel sorry for Trump he's been a passy since day one they used George Bush jr. As a patsy for 911 and the Iraq War and everything else that ran our country in the ground and now you got the same thing happening with Trump being used to start a Civil War in America the countries already divided in half Republicans and Democrats are willing to fight each other to the death over politics yes sir quite the circus clown Act and the Civil War soap opera that's just getting ready to start

  31. Remember in 2016, CNN predictions of Hillary winning the Presidential Office with 95%.
    CNN IS FAKE NEWS. They created their own nightmare with their Dem spin. Now American Voters do not rely on Liberal media's to make an opinion.
    Voting for Pres. Trump 2020. Reasoning: Economics/EXTREME low employment rates/ANTI Progressive BS.

  32. Although I am an Egyptian citizen… it's absolutely obvious to me that CNN is "fake news"…. CNN is a dirty channel filled with Democraps.
    In my opinion,the republican party is the only way for the American people to make America great again…. Democrats are cancer

  33. CNN just loves Slow Joe, we the people want Bernie 2020 1% not statistically significant unless it’s the upper 1% who a money stake in the outcome.

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