Preparing for your Regulatory Interview

Preparing for your Regulatory Interview

When preparing for your regulatory interview
it is important to be prepared for a variety of questions that the interview may ask.
This video is going to outline how you should prepare to ensure you succeed
in your regulatory affairs interview. Within your interview you are likely to be asked a variety of
standard interview questions, such as what you know about the company. When preparing for these questions, ensure you do
your research on the company and their latest activities, especially if it is
relevant to the job you are applying for. Other standard interview questions
include your biggest weakness or your strengths. These questions are asking you
to show why you would be the best candidate for the role, so ensure they are tailored to the job
requirements, and provide examples when necessary.
Another type of question you may be asked are questions specific to the
pharmaceutical industry. For example, your knowledge on current affairs linked to the pharmaceutical industry.
To answer these questions make sure you read up on the latest
news before your job interview. You don’t have to remember everything, but
you will appear a stronger candidate if you show you are up to date and aware
of industry issues. Be particularly aware of news items relevant to the company you are meeting. Depending upon the type of regulatory affairs
role you are going for you could be asked a variety of
different questions. When initially preparing for the interview, ensure you read
through the job specification to identify which questions are appropriate for your role. Be prepared to talk about your experience
with regulatory agencies. Questions that could be asked
in your regulatory interview includes asking you to discuss a time
when you have worked with affiliates. What affiliates have you worked with?
Have you worked within pre-approval or post-approval?
Can you successfully develop a regulatory strategy for the implementation of a new product?
You may also be asked about your knowledge and use of electronic submissions, and any
experience you have working within a team on a global level. To answer these questions, ensure you keep up to
date with the news relating to the relevant regulatory bodies,
such at the MHRA or the EMA, in addition to thinking through your own
past experience, and thinking how you can demonstrate the
skills & expertise required. Ensure you can outline the types of
submissions you have written, your experience answering questions for
regulating agencies, and describe the therapeutic areas you have
experience of working within.

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  1. Wow…it sounds so different hearing the British pronunciation of Regulatory. You say Reg-you-LATE-ory, here in the States, we say it Reg-you-LUH-tory. You make it sound good

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