President Donald Trump’s Gatekeeper Since Day 1 Is Out | Deadline | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Gatekeeper Since Day 1 Is Out | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump’s Gatekeeper Since Day 1 Is Out | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. I wanna know! ( she probably got fired/stepped down 🙄bcuz she saw the glare of the top of his Of his head )

  2. She had enough of Trump's orange spray on tan and to spell check his never ending tweets. Also holding Ivankas hair while she gave daddy his scheduale bj's.

  3. At the end of the day Donald Trump and his whole family are c******** his daughters a little f**** w** his wife's a little hore those kids are worthless pieces o f s h i t

  4. She has $130,000 reasons to stay quiet. The biggest laugh is the trip to NJ is described as a "working vacation"…. give me a break.

  5. PS- She got what she deserved.  Lumpy's never been a fan of this woman since he saw the video of her crying because Hilary won the popular vote but lost to electoral votes. However …she became boy crazy over Lumpy – how quickly one changes when their getting both attention and a fat check.  As soon as she said Tiffany and Ivanka were both part of Epstein's stable of young women…she was kicked to the curb.  Lumpy's been looking for a legitimate reason to dump her for some time now.  OK for LUMPY to insult the world but not his skanky daughters.  Excuse me NASTY children.

  6. You people are delusional. Msnbc, more people watch the yule time log than this propaganda. Lmao, enjoy the next 6 years Msnbc. You are failing, your ratings prove that. Bye losers.

  7. What is with these young idiots? Looks like a Monika Lewinski double.  I'm sure she is also a Genius, or has the same IQ as the pres.   I bet Melania is happy  someone else too her job from under the desk.

  8. Trump said he didn't want to take pictures with Tiffany because Donald thinks that she is overweight. Madeleine repeated that to reporters. Donald is overweight, Trump is delusional.

  9. A little tea spilled about the first daughter cannot compare to her daddy's multiple, DANGEROUS revelations in regard to national security. 😖

  10. A little tea spilled about the first daughter cannot compare to her daddy's multiple, DANGEROUS revelations in regard to national security. 😖

  11. I have dated many girls who after a few drinks shared much more than their bosses personal family information. "You're Fired"
    Only an imbecile would say this is a juicy scoop.

  12. One would think that Trump would have had someone in mind to be his personal secretary given all of his years of "running" his businesses. But he didn't. The person was picked for him.
    It shows that he absolutely has no trust in anyone to keep private personal communications from going public even with all of the NDA's he has everyone sign.

  13. Well, now we know: it was about his annoyance with Ivanka and the fact that he thinks Tiffany is overweight. LOL. Big deal.

  14. There's no good info in this whole video. Here's what's up: chick got
    drunk at a dinner and said some inside info re Barron and Tiffany and
    that's a no no. "Separated employee" they are still using that BS
    corporate speak in 2019!????

  15. It's a joke this hold fake president, trying to get rich quick,we all know his "fluid cash " is gone and all thats left a networth of assets but no cash😁

  16. It's alright for Trump to leak state secrets publicly but not okay for someone else. Good one Mr Traitor President.

  17. Well I cried for weeks after Drumpf and his Junta were installed, and then some now again when I would hear things he and his goons had done.

  18. EGO ERGO SUM… Nichol used the word JUCY… Why. She can also throw in that she worked for McCain and in the WH…
    Just remember she may think she is great but she like almost all of these people are up and SERVING us the "News"
    over 300 days a year at 3;00AM. It is very well paid SLAVERY. Notice that J. Cramer and Squark Box Hero J. Kernen get up at 3:00. They are proud of their SLAVERY to ATTENTION. Kernen is MARRIED to the Producer. Get it. It is more about the great NEEEEED for ATTENTION and THE GREATER NEEEED to APPEAR AS AN EXPERT. They are not. Their staff is.

  19. The "off the record" thing she disclosed, was that Trump doesn't like to be photographed with his daughter Tiffanny, because he thinks she's fat.

  20. She will be investigated and hopefully jailed for treason. We will see what sort of classified info she shared with reporters, This wasn't the first thing that she leaked.
    The swamp is still very deep. Very few good people in the Whitehouse.

  21. LMAO… Juicy story???? exactly what is the juicy story…. you people say nothing… just projection. Al Sharpton says the President watches TV all day…. so funny…. President Trump has accomplished a lot for watching TV all day. I wonder if her drinks were doctored by press?? MSM is based on If.. If… If lmao. Trump baits the media and they take his bait all the time. Dumbazzes! I'm wondering how many people in the media will be taken down soon for participating in the attempted Coup??

  22. Its about him fat shaming his daughter Tiffany he refuses ti be in pictures with her because in his nasty evi head it makes he look down their is your secret. He doesn't realize that Tiffany is Beauful inside and out. Hes the nasty one.

  23. Al Sharpton is a man who was a visitor to Obama's white house over 180 times and should never be taken serious when speaking

  24. I wish her well, who hasn't said something about their boss while drinking. This is not a story that needs 24/7 national coverage.

  25. Your network lliterally is a POS. How do you even call yourself a news outlet? How can you even call yourself a news network? MSNBC is a left leaning biased joke. Not one single story about Ilhan Omar screwing someone in her campaign & breaking up a family. Not one word about her tax fraud. Not one word about her marrying her own brother to commit immigration fraud. The woman's middle name should be fraud….yet not a peep out of MSNBC. How pathetic your network is. If Trump would have done any of those things, you'd be talking about it 24/7. MSNBC is infected with TDS. Get over it; he's going to be here until 2024. Hopefully your heads won't explode by then. Hopefully your ratings will keep dropping so the MSNBC network will disappear. There are enough gossip and opinion shows on TV. The once respected MSNBC is no more. Shame on all of you!

  26. What a stupid section. Can´t MSNBC stop insulting the audience intelligence? There's is many important subjects to talk about on this planet.

  27. Well she didn't have much to do anyway. She had zero tolerance and he is destroying America and doesn't account for anything. What is wrong with that picture?

  28. What got the president roiled is that Madelieine intimated to reporters that he dislikes having Tiffany Trump appear in photos with him because she is "overweight" — look who's talking about a weight problem. Some dad he is. He's ashamed of photos of one daughter (Tiffany) and whacks off on photos of another daughter (Ivanka). I guess this is the kind of man the maga hat-wearing morons hold in such high esteem. In case I get a response from any of them — F-you ahead of time.

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  30. It's remarkable that she lasted as long as she did around Trump. Controlling access to the president might make her an interesting source. Since she's now a private citizen, I'm certain that she can find the time to honor a subpoena from the House. Perhaps she can add some more recent information regarding the frequency of calls between Putin and Trump. So far the courts have consistently been ruling in favor of the actions necessary to the House Impeachment Inquiry.

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