President Trump says British PM Theresa May is not hot – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

President Trump says British PM Theresa May is not hot – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

To be clear, Arlene, you insist that Northern
Ireland must be treated exactly like the rest of the UK except on the issue of abortion,
where it must be completely different. No, I don’t see any contradictions there either.
Great to work with you. Speak soon. God, I hope not. That came for you. More shoes? Yes.
Buying shoes is my way of relieving stress. That and closing libraries. If only we could
get a trade deal from somewhere, Philip. Something that could really rally the country and shut
Boris up for five minutes. It is an awfully big box. Yes, they use so
much packaging. Pull here. And… Witch hunt! Oh, Mr President. What a pleasant…shock.
I thought, hey, why don’t I do a practice run to the united England? I wanted to avoid
the crowds of people in the streets who all love me. After this, you can post me to the North Korea
summit. I’m not going to the summit! I am going to the summit. I am going and I’m not
going to the summit. So you came all the way in this box? Was it a good journey? It was
tremendous. I watched Black Panther on my phone. You know,
I truly believe that if I had been in that fight on that waterfall, for the Kingdom of
Wakanda, I would have won it very easily. A very popular king. The best king. Oh, what’s
that? Is that the Brexit button? Can I push it? No, don’t. That calls the SAS, so best
not to. You know what? Since he’s here… Oh, that’s a good idea, Philip. Donald, we
would love for you to sign this, it’s just a little trade deal to show the
world that Brexit isn’t a slow, creeping catastrophe. Sorry, it’s a HUGE trade deal. Ooh! The biggest
one of all time. Oh, OK. Well, I’ll sign it. But first, let’s talk about me. Who am I going
to golf with when I come here? I mean, not you. You’re not famous. And you’re not hot. We did speak to a number
of golfing celebrities about that, but they say they’re washing their hair. All of them?
No, some of them said they were dead. Listen, I’m sure that a lot of people would
love to play golf with you, and as soon as you sign this, we can call more of them. Uh…
Wait, I want to threaten nuclear war with North Korea real quick. I’m bored. What are we doing now? Well, um,
you’re signing this trade deal. No, I mean tonight. What do you guys do on the weekend?
I like to stay in and then I go to church. Sometimes you mix things up a bit. Yes, I
go to church and then I stay in. I don’t believe in God. I am very religious. You’re not going
to church this weekend. We’re NOT going to go meet some porn stars, and we’re NOT going
to hang out with them, and pay them 150K because we didn’t bang them. That sounds very interesting. I’m going to
go to Singapore now. I might have a summit with North Korea. Or I might have it with
myself. I can summit myself a lot and it can be very loving and meaningful. Well, it’s been lovely having you here. Nice
to meet you, Mr Merkel. Hey, do you guys have a bathroom? There isn’t one in this box. Er,
yes, it’s… Uh-oh, too late. You guys have a towel?

100 thoughts on “President Trump says British PM Theresa May is not hot – Tracey Breaks the News – BBC

  1. At least the communist cultural marxists also have a sense of humour. (We won't mention the Bolsheviks. That would just make them blush.)
    Who still pays TV licences? BBC, we'll see. #Gillette


  3. US president impersonator showing signs of dementia and child like behaviour who has a very short attention span. Sure that's not the actual Trump?

  4. i am taiwan chinese and i can’t stop laughing hahaha
    and last part “oh oh too late, can i get towel “ is it a hint trump shits in the box? haha!

  5. Why? Is MR D Trump in Uk politics m
    Mr D Trump stay away from england politics THANK YOU LONDON DONT LIKE YOU.HUH HUH

  6. Start of sketch: Trump mails himself in a box

    end of sketch: trump pees himself
    Thank you, BBC! 🤣

  7. You could put him outside for the bin lorry to collect,….he won't arouse suspicion of anyone in amongst the rest of the trash innit ;).

  8. Im glad BBC is openly supporting being politically biased and showing this while not actually reporting real news

  9. There's no such thing as satire anymore. It's completely believable with this bucket head. Nothing he's done so far indicates he'd be any different if he mailed himself to 'The United England.'

  10. You see this type of Trump humor is actually hilarious unlike most anti-Trump mean spirited humor in the states. As a Trumpkin i can love this. Tracy Ullman has always been fantastic.

  11. The thing is though the Good Friday Agreement devolved moral issues to Northern Ireland, that’s why we are different to the rest of the UK whereas membership to the European Union is a United Kingdom wise issue which is why Northern Ireland is and should be treated the same as the rest of the United Kingdom

  12. He's there. Nobody knows he's there. I guess you can't have a gun. It's London after all. At least mis-ship him somewhere. I suggest Mongolia.

  13. Well, this hasn't aged well. Trump historically visited North Korea, and the EU is the slow, creeping catastrophe warranting Brexit; May was weak sauce and the government of England undemocratic and not giving the people who voted in the referendum what they asked for. Nice propaganda, Al-Beebra.

  14. President Trump is right Mrs May is a waste of tax payers money paying her a salary and huge one at that she is the worst PM of all time

  15. “The man who loves himself is lost, but he who hates himself in this world will be kept safe for eternal life. If anyone serves me, he must follow me; where I am, my servant will be. Whoever serves me will be honoured by my Father.” – (John 12: 25-26) –

  16. Even though May was clumsy dealing with brexit, i have yet to see the british people electing such a deplorable human being as Trump. Even the most outrageous british politician has some basic decency (as minimal as it may be). I am truly astonished how low America can get and its going to get uglier. Let us watch from the outside how fast a respectable democracy can deteriorate and learn from it

  17. You know what’s sad about satire these days? It’s actually not really satire anymore, it’s closer to a real life depiction.

  18. Trump being bored is a chronic condition for him…he’s to stupid to have an imagination. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  19. They nailed that…. Boy, I wonder what Trump, Theresa, and Mr. May think of this video.

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