Prince Andrew needs to ‘comes clean about it’ says Epstein accuser

Prince Andrew needs to ‘comes clean about it’ says Epstein accuser

I want to start by saying, it’s not
how Jeffrey died but it’s how he lived. We need to get to the bottom
of everybody who was involved with that. Starting with Ghislaine Maxwell
and going along the lines there. I was recruited at a very young age
from Mar-a-Lago and entrapped in a world that I didn’t understand
and I’ve been fighting that very world to this day. And I won’t stop fighting,
I will never be silenced until these people are brought to justice, so thank you all very much. I appreciate it. He knows what he’s done
and he can attest to that. He knows exactly what he’s done
and I hope he comes clean about it. With respect to Prince Andrew or
anyone else that has made statements, gratuitous statements. If anyone
wants to come over here and talk with us and answer real
questions that the victims have and that we have on their behalf,
we welcome that invitation. I personally extended that invitation
to Prince Andrew multiple times. Anytime we are ready and we have
a lot of questions for him. Anybody can deny things in a
printed statement but it’s a different thing to come here, answer questions under oath, subject to cross examinations. Those are the kinds of answers that
we’re eventually going to get.

20 thoughts on “Prince Andrew needs to ‘comes clean about it’ says Epstein accuser

  1. Read the Royal perversions
    The fact they talk different.
    Think others are lesser.

    Its an evil thing .
    Prince Andrew in other centuries could deny it and chop off her head.
    Not now.

    He is facing pictures and evidence.
    I fear this womans life

  2. President Trump is pure genius. He will built the crescendo of the Epstein saga, and ensnare his democratic opponents just before the election.

  3. Randy Andy will pass on being cross-examined by hookers or underage girls' lawyers. Shhhh. Randy Andy is royalty.

  4. Should Never Ever Anymore Money from US – A Useless Lazy Arrogant Despicable Person Too Many Other Unacceptable 'Things' and Covered Up – ENOUGH – Ferguson and Him total Lowlifes well Suited Money, Sex,Bribes, Now This – How Queen E can accept This even if he's the 'Favouriite' is unbelievable when She has dedicated her life Being a Loyal Dutiful Respected Monarch.

  5. Prince Andrue is now the victim of entrapment by black-mail. I'm sure he can rely for support from his family, Especially his brother the Prince of Wales,
    Who, When he becomes king and will be in need of estate managers and many other positions in the Realm of Great Britain. His mother, The Queen will be at Andrues side. Rule-Britannia.

  6. People need to keep talking about these matters so society will stop pretending these things don't happen. Children being abused should not be so socially acceptable.

  7. and were was the parent;s of these young girls, imagine if your daughter came home with $3000 buck's, surly you want to no how they got it. did these girls actually have a mum and dad.

  8. Quedtion: Where were the parents of this teenager when their daughter was living some sort of double life. Same question to the parents of the then other young girls. Do parents have no control of the whereabouts of their children/teenagers. what's going on in the world. I believe that parents are to blame for being SO BLIND or keeping a
    blind eye on their children. I am overwhelmed. –

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