100 thoughts on “ProPublica: Trump family misled investors

  1. Trump and his family is WORLDWIDE know to be LIARS AND CROOKS …but one day the wheel will turn and sooner as expected…THE DIRTIEST FAMILY ON THIS PLANET…

  2. Ok… This is getting old. CNN you have such a bad rap for bullshit news. Youtube should have banned you from posting anything CNN.

  3. The government eating its own again , too make it look good … I stoped playing the game a long time ago… No vote for no one because I don't need a babysitter!!! #stopedplayingthegame

  4. You should have listened when the private contractors told you Trump was not paying them. And told them to sue him while they went bankrupt….

  5. "Why was it important for Trump to claim he had his own money in these buildings?"
    Simple – it instills confidence in prospective investors.
    That's what confidence tricksters do.
    That's why they are called con artists.

  6. I'm going to need more dirt on Trump CNN if you want me to vote democrat. You just haven't produced enough dirt on him yet.

  7. You never reported how Obama misled America on ObozoCare …ect
    But you try hard to take down the greatest President ever…..

  8. How is it possible that Trump can do SO MANY truly horrible and illegal things…and yet there seems to be acceptance of it instead of continual calls to get him out of office?

  9. Crooked bastards. Lock Them up ….. Send Them to Guantanamo bay…..👮🏼‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️👮🏼‍♀️

  10. Breaking News: The Trumps have been liars since the beginning, starting with Fred. Who would ever support such a despicable trait of character? Other liars. Birds of a feather, flock together. Evangelicals, be weary of who thou call friend, for you too will be judged by their behavior.

  11. Why is everyone is surprised??!! The writing was on the F$CKING wall. Trump has made lying as a career people. Yet people still support this clown.

  12. If anyone looked his history up they will find out how investers were being ripped. My parents knew what a crook his father and he was 40 years ago.

  13. Trump couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. Oh yeah his freedom depends on it in the Mueller investigation. ….oooops

  14. No need to report about it, CNN! You and MSNBC and other news outlets have coddled Trump and family from the beginning, while acting surprised at what he does, but can't help showing repeatedly, all the bad he does and says.
    When I say dark principalities are surrounding Trump for what he must do in these latter days; it means you all are the dark principalities,playing your parts, along with others allied to him outside of the family.
    Trump IS America's Damien Thorne!

  15. the only one I would give the benefit of the doubt to would be his daughter that he had with Marla Maples this young lady wasn't susceptible to all the deception new connivery and thievery that this family is accustomed to doing……. now this fake president is lining his pockets with deals he makes using the title of the American president for his own benefit and not even putting America first. trumpet heads current wife for who-knows-how-long are birds of a feather they both line their pocketbooks on the backs of other people…. and yes Melania we know you are the first fake lady

  16. Propublica is nothing more than a liberal smear group. They are not objective and their slant is geared toward smearing Trump family. No laws were broken by the Trump family just a hit piece that CNN covers. Yellow journalism at its finest.


  18. 'He' is a crook.  OK, we got that.  'They' are crooks.  OK, we got that too.  They are like an insular Gypsy family of con artists.  (Sorry Gypsy's, it's no damn secret!).  What makes them so repugnant is 'US'!  We LET them do this shit!  To 'US'!!!:  We FAIL to SMASH the regulators, politicians, media, fanboys, that give them their license's to steal, lie, con, trick, deceive, pose, posture, and they keep getting away with it, and getting better at it!!  PUT.  THEM.  IN.  JAIL!  Just as we would do anyone else who did these things!!  But no, we FINE them, they pay (with STOLEN money) and keep right on doing it!!!They are ALWAYS the PIMPS, and we are ALWAYS their WHORES, or their TRICKS!!!!!!!  Even Putin's eye Meliania (or WHATEVER her REAL name is)  has started laughing at us!  "My clothes say nothing", "pay no attention to what I rub your faces in", "You are so shallow, I am sooo deep!"  "Speak only of my 'policies', my 'initiatives', my fake, phony, false, imitation "Michelle's"!"Come, t'Rump son's; kill endangered species animals in "Shit Hole" countries while I strut and pose in Colonial "Oppressor Wear" and pretend to give a damn!  Americans are so STUPID they will applaud!!  ………………………………………………………………………………………….OK!……..  OK!……. OK!  OK!     ENOUGH "VENTING"………….!!!!  How do we SOLVE this!?  I 'm ASKING?!  Because I am too old, and too tired, to try it again '60's style.  Which only 'sorta' worked anyway…  How do we save the world from these DUNG LAPPERS and their "facts are boring" "supporters" before it's too late???

  19. The Trump Crime Family is no different than any other organized crime/ mafia family in America and Russia. Considering the fact that the Russian government and Russian Organized Crime owns Trump's old orange skin fat butt and all his assets/ debts/ finances.

  20. Call a spade a fucking spade for Christ's sake. Trump is a treasonous, corrupt criminal born with a silver spoon shoved up his ass by Sugar Daddy Freddy Sr.

  21. If Trump wasn't so dangerous, treasonous, and the gravest existential threat to America's constitutional democratic republic. I would almost find Trump funny in a disgusting sick repulsive way. BTW, trump, his family, and Jared Kushner are all in bed with the Kremlin and the murderous Saudi royal family.

  22. Their creepy and their kooky
    Mysterious and spooky
    Their all together ooky
    The Trump family
    Their house is a museum
    When people come to see 'em
    They really are a screaming
    The Trump family.

  23. Trump 2020 thank you God for putting that man in the place you designed for him .
    He is here because God blesses the USA

  24. By now, everyone knows that Donald Trump is the epitome of immorality, even if many of his voters do not want to admit their stupidity. What makes you think much more, however, is the fact that the US offers everything to let a person like Trump and his equally degenerate family triumph.

  25. This isn’t a new revelation. Early in the administration I read some online articles listing all their sketchy deals and this was brought up

  26. To: CNN: Although your being on the other side of the Trump incentive, intent, and improvement for the U. S and world stage, you have surprisingly chosen a classic, beautiful, elegant photograph as an introductory picture of him and his family. This I appreciate, at least. For this, well done. I have not yet viewed the video.

    Although being an avid fan of Trump, also of the country now, wanting even more, to help my community, spurring each with theirs, and motivating me to do more to be a better person. I will continue to view both sides of the aisle including CNN and others doing reconnaissance regarding releasing right (correct) information.

  27. If you got scammed by trump you deserve it by not doing your homework, he bankrupted a lot of businesses why would you trust him?

  28. CNN you are deceiving the public again with your lies . Your days are running out and I can not wait to see your news station fall for good. Evil, vile ,immoral and corrupted is what CNN stands for. BLA BLA BLA ! No wonder our country is so f up listening to this demented delusional mentally ill minded insanity . All that spews out of their mouths is poison every time they speak . I feel sorry for all of you believing this crap just keeps you angry and nothing is worth being up tight and stressed out over there lies.

  29. Trump wrote over 50 books on how to make ourselves and our Country better. He built a Worldwide Empire with everything 1st Class. He recently brought water back to The Democrat dustbowl California. He just passed the Clean Oceans Bill and lower Prescription prices. He did 290 wonderful things in 20 mons while being maligned 24/7 by George Soros owned media. He loves our Country. The media will not say one good thing about him and consequently low I Q people are being brainwashed and don't even know it. Very sad…..

  30. He says he's the most intelligent president we've ever had… and it only takes one single look at any day of his life as a president to know that ALSO is a lie.

  31. Hey, Guardians? Do you or ProPublica & NYTimes rather in this very domestic case, have concrete Investigative ways to find out whom among the Gov employees Trump's "shit" shut-down of the government harmed the most?
    For example: Dems or Reps.-voters ? Minorities or Whites? Trump Twitteted something really disturbing, implying his "shutdown only hurts Democrats"; as in not just the U.S. Dem party. The GOP due to data they secretly hold could indeed have ways to directly target to not pay mainly only Democrats-voting gov employees during this shutdown. Just to not violently enrage his own armed militarily base within Gov. Employees. It's not too far fetched particular with Facebook /Palantir etc. Mercer's Banon Data hacks on their brown-shirted sides thou.
    Or Trump lied, as usual, what still would be even more legal reasons to demand and have those Data published.

    Hmm.. Inquiries for demands Data on the matter might be important to conduct.

    Best Regards,

    Projectheureka LLc

  32. Where can I find a link to rewatch last night’s documentary, “The Trump Family Business?” It was marvelously done.

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