Racist Trump Spectacle Distracts From Other Damaging Trump News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Racist Trump Spectacle Distracts From Other Damaging Trump News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Racist Trump Spectacle Distracts From Other Damaging Trump News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Unconscionable propaganda. Trump meant there were good people on both sides of an issue, whether America's historic statuary should be torn down.

  2. Knowing, as we do, how bad Trump is I have to wonder…. why won't the democrats find a decent candidate? Why do we get asked to choose between someone like I sleep with married men to further my career and I want to molest my daughter? Is there really such a dearth of decency now? Can you all actually believe there is any difference? Honestly?

  3. If this sick , disgusting and racist BS gets this president re elected … then this country is doomed … we are a nation of people that has very short memories … and we are going to pay for it .

  4. Hi Rachel! Excellent and informative show today … as usual. Thanks for keeping the American public up to date on this widespread conspiracy and corruption. You’re the BEST!

  5. The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    REPUBLICANT'S SHOULD BE VOTED OUT. Our jewish friends, our back friends, our /Christan friends need to SPEAK UP against tRump!

  6. The Trump rally in NC was created when Republicans thought Bob Mueller was going to testify. TRUMP NEEDED A DISTRACTION … then later Mueller’s testimony was re-scheduled.

  7. 419? Is this supposed to be symbolic, like, "one short of 4/20 as in w33d
    (i.e., "nobody give him any weeed while in prison, he don't deserve it!")? Or one short of 4/20 as in Hitler's birthday (which was ALSO on April 20th, which is why German's will never be able to do anything w33dy that day, sadly ;__; )?
    May he never get out, anyway.

  8. I don't know how it works but it should be that the Epstein trial should be brought forward immediately and the sexual claims about Trump if Trump is found guilty he should be jailed immediately. I hear you can't jail a serving President. Don't really know if that's a fact but if it is the case it should be changed ASAP. it just seems dealing with political crimes are more important than personal violations. Regardless if a President commits a crime he should be treated the same a civilian he /she should be straight away be removed from the Presidency and sent straight to jail.

  9. After the tax form fail this woman has shown herself to be so filled with hate for the president that it totally consume her. It's not healthy and I feel bad for her. Trump can be voted out but she can never get back the life she waisted in obsession. Really she's comes off so crazy that it helps Trump gain support. It's 2019 get over it.

  10. Didn't CNN and msnbc use Wiki leaks video of a helicopter attack to push there narrative? Also this report is not fact it's opinion that's what was going on.

  11. trump's racism is not only a distraction to his personal criminal behaviours, it also shines like a spotlight on racism in America! You made it possible for a racist to be president, you can redeem your shameful act of treason to humanity by insuring he does not get re-elected in 2020!

  12. Any body else wondering about Quincy Jones and Ivanka dating the old turd will tell whatever he knows.

  13. Whether Trump is a racist or not, I could care less…but what I do know is that Trump uses RACISM as a WEAPON & TOOL for Political gain, which in my opinion is far worse because he's involving the MASSES in his CHARADE .
    Even the White Nationalist that helped organize the Charlottesville rally  sees through Trumps' CON GAME of racism and has DENOUNCED & DISAVOWED Trump!

  14. The chant "JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US" was NOT met with the same ''Anti-Semetic" outrage by Trump as was met by Trumps outrage of Congresswomens supposed "Anti-Semetism"!

  15. if Trump is against Al-Qaeda then why are the weapons they use tend to have a direct connection to Trumps bank accounts?


  17. Trump is trying to distract from the 7 migrant kids dying in federal custody under his watch, the kids denied soap and toothbrushes. Trying to distract from his connections with Jeffery Epstein.

  18. He Fell Bellow The Point of No Return! Leaving the W House And not DISCRASE The Foundation of America ANYMORE!


  20. We Americans need a civics refresher and re-read our Declaration of Independence…"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

  21. Ms. Maddow is great and I am a fan of her reporting style. Sadly, nothing she exposes and shares – the racism, the Russian connections, the twisted business practices, the misogyny, the cheating on his wife, the nepotism, sexual misconduct, defense of neo nazis, the screwing over middle class and poor with his abomination of tax cuts, the abuse and torture and death of human beings at the border, the lie after lie after lie – not one bit of it matters because

    "hey, the economy is doing good".

    As long as folks think "the donald" is responsible for a good economy (real or perceived) they will continue to forgive him of everything. Nothing else really matters, nothing. The Republican party politicians are proving this every single day that they support "the donald". Good economy? Anything goes.

  22. yeah keep flapping those gums of yours Trump…we havent forgotten about Mueller testifying …we havent forgotten the rude comments you made about the "Squad"..and we for SURE havent forgotten about Epstein !!!!! we havent forgotten about the children in cages and havent forgotten about your love affairs with global dictators… and we havent forgotten that you are a rude stupid RACIST !! keep it up Donnie….. the WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING !!

  23. trump seems to mostly deliver his diatribe with angry tone. He ripped off America through hook and crook. 🤔well greedy power hungry money monger.

  24. Madcow it's time for you to apply for a fast food job , and we all hope that you can do that with dignity and respect and learn to do something that is useful to society . You are not a reporter you are a lady that tries to lead people that do not really understand what really goes on to make a country successful and great …. You are TOXIC and IGNORANT ..

  25. People that hate this country show it very clearly, they condone violence,racism, devide, attack others , and show hatred for anyone else in this country who isn't on their side , if these congresswomen hated this country they wouldn't be doing the job they are doing, if they didn't care they would be figuring out how to cause harm to America instead they educated themselves, did the hard work, to get these important positions,which is usually what people do when they want change for the better .

  26. You know that Trump did not say that Neo-Nazis were fine people. Maddow is a lying hag. This is fake news.

  27. Rachel Maddow is so incredibly stupid. Julian Assange has made it clear, the DNC emails were not hacked and they were not from a foreign actor.The time stamps on the original source documents clearly show they were downloaded at a high rate of speed not possible by the slow internet speeds available in 2016. The DNC emails were downloaded to a thumb drive at a very high rate of speed by someone who had direct access to the DNC servers. Probably Seth Rich.

  28. As an IT support agent at CHW now Dignity Health in Phoenix, we used a DATABASE CALLED WIKI. It was another agent there that I was later recover a Russian communication device that got turned into the Dept of Homelamd Security in Chandler AZ

  29. The first Statue of Liberty was it a picture of an African American woman. She wore headdress just like this congresswoman. And the American government did want her either . I believe it is now resting on the continent of Africa in the country of Ghana.

  30. I am from Europe en we love trump. The left is using race and ethnicity to divide us. The Democrats are constantly talking about race. Obama did expell more illegals than trump but Rachel said nothing, Obama caused war all over the world and you did not say anything. We are happy with trump as he has not started any war like Obama. In all Europe the left is being voted out because of their hate. I hope trump wins in 2020

  31. WE MUST REMOVE THE CANCER THAT IS IN PLAIN SIGHT ~ VOTING BLUE IS A NO BRAINER! ~ The obvious and horrible truth, the official truth and the big fat liar is in plain sight, but the Cult over Country Republicans are enabling, protecting, defending him and are just like Donald Trump, unAmerican. Faking his presidency, a mountain of lies, cruelty, racism and corruption is Donald Trump's brand and that is all he has to offer as a tyrant president. We must remove Trumpism from our government, we must vote blue! Donald Trump is hoping you'd surrender to him, his hate and the overwhelm of his tyranny. Donald Trump wants us to surrender and give up our constitutional rights, and surrender our country to Vladmir Putin, his puppet master. Donald Trump is a criminal, sexual assault predator, kidnapper and human rights criminal and he is nothing more than our employee and he must go! He belongs in prison! ~ Your vote is your power to fight back. Let's make 2020 the start of an all blue government! ~ Let's make America ours again!

  32. Bijan Kian… Trump's point man to Valdamir Putin…Flynn was the point man to Kian…it's deeper than we think…. impeachment…

  33. Wiki-leaks… Russian propaganda machine… Trumps information center…. central to the Russians dumps of the DNC materials…

  34. Donald Trump ?Hitler 😬🐣🐣🐣🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒👺👺👺👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  35. I remember seeing Trump for the first time…standing on a hill at his Golf course in Jersey.
    His blond hair blowing in the breeze and way to proud to go and chase it.

  36. Trump will always will be a TRAITOR in my eyes. It is plan to me. Hes working for PUTIN. Now jail this MOBSTER hes DESTROYING the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN'S AMERICA.

  37. Hopefully trump pardons the guy before he leaves office in 2024. That is a ridiculous charge. Probably not because he went out after that and said he thought what this guy done was wrong. it is sad that a girl lost her life but when you go to protest and say that you hate America and you are in the street then that is what happens.

  38. Rachel is so GREAT of twisting the TRUTH! Everything is about race. I support Trump doesn't support any Natzi and I know German people who are very offended by the liberal left lies. They people believe what they want because of the party and nothing to keep America GREAT!

  39. How many more have to die before these republicans stand up to impeach that disgusting white supremacist president

  40. Thy were not violent white supremacists ! They objected removal of historical monuments in Charlottesville and the dumbbells went on rampant rioting and that woman left child to go to this demonstration, why was she needed there ? To go for adventure, to be amongst the mob not with her child..?

  41. Race, race , racists, racial , …..criminals will be loved by DemoRats , letting this mobs of young cowards into the country that want freeloading , parasites to destroy our country and support Omar in Congress ?

  42. Won't knock her message, but i find her voice grating, her emphasises irritating. Perhaps some voice lessons would help her ratings?

  43. If communist traitor trump treats immigrants this way? How do you think he will treat us in our own country? He already turned his back on Puerto Rico and the American people there. So what do you think he's going to do?

  44. The judges should have thrown the book at all of these traitors and maxed the time in prison on them. Wikileaks is communist controlled so anyone reading this gets communist propaganda!

  45. No channel 420! This is what happens when church and state are brought together. We were warned in the 1700s, do not bring church and state together. We were also told what would happen if we did! All of the turmoil, chaos, persecution, distrust, is now what we reap!

  46. Don't let these bigoted commentators not news people, news people have to have morals! Clinton loved Margaret Sanger the woman who wanted to sterilize and abort blacks!

  47. At every rally I watch the audience behind him clapping like seals to anything he says. I imagine him saying, I will destroy everything I touch "in yr name" & the ppl clap yeyyyy

  48. Is this why things have been so crazy? People in power rule the narrative to hide their dirty deeds? Some things never change everyone & everything is bought,sold or made to hate. :(So where are we going from here? Is there anyone out there that can clean up this sickness that is not apart of this cesspool of corruption?

  49. If you don't like black Go to the pole where there is know night life. only daylight 24 hours snow cold winds where everything is white so good place for trump and his whitesepremist. No black barkness it's all white.

  50. Bruce Ohr, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozch, Fusion GPS…. The democrats pants are down and their cover is blown. All the MSNBC propaganda in the world won't change the facts that democrats attempted a coup in the last election. The democrats have destroyed themselves.

  51. Today is 8-10-19. Jeffrey Epstein "committed suicide" in his jail cell today. Yesterday 1000 Pages were released regarding evidence against him: the high-powered men who he gave children to, the women who handled the children. wow!

  52. Trump s gotto go, he s got to leave white house, Americans are sick and tired of his Behaviour and utterances.

  53. Rachel all your doing here is proving how low you will go to collect your massive salary. You know what you are saying here is LIES LIES LIES.

  54. These marchers obviously had not yet grasped that Ivanka and her children are Jewish. That must have short-circuited them when it sank in.

    I notice Trump didn't defend his grandkids, or even mention them, when he made his Charlottesville remarks.

  55. Be Strong! Be Someone! Be Somebody! Be a Racist and be proud of it and PHUCK the Liberals!!!
    YES Phuck Them!!!
    I can honestly say that I am NOT a racist but if you want to try and buly Me into thinking I am one to make me feel like I should be disgraced then PHUCK YOU!!! So So what I don;t care if you think I am one or NOT! So go ahead and call me one ! I could care LESS!

  56. Sad! All these people are trying to do, is make an attempt to destroy America. Lord have mercy on us all.
    One Nation under God!

  57. he is really red painted face ,does he look in the mirror how awful he looks ……i guess hellfire slowly,but not fast enough consuming him….by ,by ,…….k.c.

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