Radio Star Delilah Opens Up About Family And New Book | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Radio Star Delilah Opens Up About Family And New Book | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. I LOVE HER SO MUCH i have been listening to her for almost 7 years ever sense i was 7 years old i fell in love with her on the raido ever since she came on now i am 12 years old and still listening every 6 days lol i got about 2 or 3 replys back from her on my Gmail and i aslo got a autograph from her i counted down the days on my calendar intell it arrived on my door step boy i was so happy that day that i ran into the house and told my mom and she thought it was the coolest thing ever and so did i. i was jumping up and donw trying to settle donw lol but i was so happy lol and so i sent anotner gamil to her saying that i got her autograph and i was so excited that i got it and i said i love her so much and she repyled back with some hearts oh boy I was so excited that she replied back to me and that I got her autograph and she has made my night and help me through the night and one time I fell asleep listening to her because of her voice and because I was tired and I always try to manage to stay up at midnight to listen to her which I do but after that I fall right asleep because I'm really tired from staying up but it's worth it because she is a good person and I love her very much and she helped me through the hard times like when I'm having a bad day and a long day I get home and I get to look forward to being right on time to my favorite radio station host which is Delilah i love you very much Delilah and someday I hope I can meet you and talk to you on the radio but it's really hard to get through and there's a lot of people calling because they really love you like I do but I hope I can talk to you or meet you someday I love you Delilah❤😊🤗

  2. Haha Megan is just so clueless about God and faith, she just needs to stop 🛑 it’s obvious she thinks it’s all a farce.

  3. Delilah is such an inspiration! Thank you for your Faith and keeping it Real! May the Lord continue to Bless you and all you do! 😇🙏❤

  4. She is an amazing woman! I have a sister who is amazing as well. She has 3 biological children & 23 adopted. A lot are siblings too. I tease her all the time that for the longest time every time 1 moved out she adopted more!! And you wouldn't believe how organized she is. She runs her own concrete company, her kids want for nothing. She vowed when young that her kids would never have 2nd clothes. If there's a bargain, she finds it. Truly 1 amazing sister.

  5. Politicians do change our world. Just ask the migrant children how Trump has changed theirs. Ask the war widows how Bush changed their world. Ask women how Kavanaugh may change their world. So, yes, the people who make laws can change our world.

  6. I love that I can say I live in WA like Delilah.

    She is amazing, kind, sweet, and has a voice that is calming. My heart breaks every time I think of her son committing suicide. I have a son who after a very bad divorce while I was sick went to live with his father. I pray almost every day that he will be returned to me.

    I also pray for Delilah. I would love to meet her one day.

  7. I have listened to Delilah for many years now. I just love her voice and her special way with people. Also, I always thought she had dark hair. I still love her and her show.

  8. Delilah is an amazing woman who helped me get through the hour and a half drive at 10:15 -11:30 pm while I was taking Masters degree classes to add another endorsement to my teaching degree after getting up each morning at 5:30 am to get ready to go to work as the library/ media center teacher and school tech expert which meant that I was extremely busy from the second I stepped out of my car in the school parking lot. I taught 6 classes each day while also doing the library management work that’s never ending. Because someone at the administrative level of the school system found out that I had an advanced level of knowledge and skills in the area of technology and computer software it was decided that I should be the head of all things technology for the primary elementary school where I worked and I was basically expected to do 2 full time jobs while only being paid for a part time position while driving 3 hours round trip twice a week to take the classes needed to keep my job . Listening to her each night helped keep me awake while driving home after a 3-4 hours worth of classes. She made you feel like you were spending time with one of your best friends. Sadly we can’t find her station where we live since we moved to a different state for better paying full time teaching positions that allowed us to move closer to my side of the family.

  9. I'm not saying this about this lady cuz I know nothing about her. However, I have known people that adopted or fostered special needs children. They do it for the money and at times the publicity that it gives them that they're wonderful people . It's not like they're all wonderful parents out there. And some of them are pretty freaky. It's sad when you find out more about some people that you think they're wonderful and really they shouldn't be allowed to have one child much less 10

  10. Easy 93.1, you’re listening to Delilah ❤️❤️ Grew up with this beautiful lady’s voice and beautiful advice 💕

  11. You know I did picture as a blonde. I do love her show. I remember listening to her off and on for the last 30 years. She was always a companion on my way home from church choir practice on Tuesday nights when I was pregnant with my first child and then her show changed stations and I always seem to find her when I need to hear her uplifting voice and love. I never realized she had that much love in her heart! What a great role model for people in general. "One Heart At a Time" very apt.

  12. I like her. I’m an atheist but we have similar life beliefs and attitudes. Politicians won’t make the world better but we still have to educate ourselves and vote for those that won’t make it worse (oligarchs and warmongers) and protect basic human rights. You have to do your part and complaining doesn’t count. This woman walks the walk.

  13. She puts Madonna to shame! It’s great M has adopted but this is the role model an adopted child needs. Not someone Narcissistic or flaunting her sexuality like Madonna does. Delilah seems so sincere and truly about others and not herself.

  14. What a sweet good heart! The Lord has blessed her with a giving beautiful heart & spirit! Need more like her. So sorry for her loss!! But seems she weathered through & has touched so many others. Love you too, Megyn, interesting & brilliant mind!

  15. Her voice is the most calming voice ive ever heard in my life
    Ive listened to her for as long as i can remeber. When her son killed himself i literally sobbed for her. She is always helping people, always inspiring people who call in at their low moments. I was broken for her. Shes beautiful, ive never seen her before.

  16. She is nothing short of an ICON. If we could be as giving and generous with our hearts, we would have less depression today. God Bless

  17. What a beautiful heart & soul!
    How does someone, who's experienced so much loss, maintain her faith & positivity? Mad Respect! 💕

  18. Love Delilah! The show keenly avoids showing the pictures of her BLACK children. Megan changes topic as she discusses foster care.
    Blessings to Delia!

  19. Delilah you are exactly how i pictured you. I used to only listen to rap and heavy metal but one time i accidentally put u on in my car driving home and Ihave been hooked since. You make me feel so at ease after a bad day. Thank you. I hope you stay on the air for 100 more years.👍

  20. Love listening to Delilah. She’s amazing at brightening people’s soul and everytime I get out of work. I Immediately put on WZID and she always makes my nights a whole lot better.

  21. For all of you throwing hate at Megyn, please realize age has to do what her producers are telling her. If they told her to go to commercial and then go into another subject, then she has to do so. It’s her job. She’s a great reporter- it’s the production team. I work in Broadcast News, I’m aware of what’s really going on.

  22. I am a little kid, every time I hear her voice on the radio, my face brightens up and I keep telling my mom to please turn it up. I feel like I’m addicted ❤️

  23. I am from China, listened Delilah's program occasionally on iHeart, then I love the Delilah storytelling program. then google some stories about Delilah, Like Delilah so badly, love the songs she streamed, thank you Delilah

  24. I can't even express how much this radio show has helped me since I was thirteen fourteen years year old

  25. Delilah I am so proud of you. Just two little girls in a small town. You have always inspired me to be my best. You continue to do so. Thanks Girl.

  26. I am from Philly. No one is her. She is on 106.1, she mentioned to a truck driver the word sacrifice. I was thinking holy cow I am using that word in a sentence sales pitch. Ya never know what you will hear.

  27. I love her! I used to take my kids on late night drives to help them fall asleep… I would ALWAYS turn her on and she’d help all of us relax! ❤️❤️❤️

    I would be lost without Delilah. like an angel she is there during those late night drives where it's just me my thoughts, my fears and my tears. I turn on WISH FM and there she is to see (talk) me through it all and it helps me every time. ❤

  29. My parents always listened to her when i was little i love her voice it was always so comfortable listening to her. I also still listen from time to time when i get the chance.

  30. I am a 26 year old woman. My parents listened to Delilah and growing up traveling all over the country (USA), hearing Delilah's voice on the radio always felt like home. **Especially around the holidays!!! 💖🎄 We all know her name…. But I've never looked her up – or seen her face before!! 🤩🤩🤗🤗 She's The Greatest!!!

  31. Delilah you are AMAZING. I'm at Dunkin eating ice cream and listening to ur show. You were the "first spiritual teacher" that came to my life.
    2013 was a critical year for me. I used to listen to u. Learn from the stories and stat connected with ur teachings. God bless you.
    Thank u for ur helping us to walk through our darkest times.

  32. Delilah you are an American Goddess who watches over all those beautiful souls . God Bless you Dear Delilah. You are amazing. You are true blessing for all of us, 20 Plus million people who listen to you everyday.

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