Rebel Cops – Announcement Trailer

Rebel Cops – Announcement Trailer

The Unforgiving World of Rebel Cops Rebel Cops is a spin-off game from the series This Is the Police,
which is completely geared toward turned-based tactical operations. After a mysterious mafia boss named Viktor Zuev captured the town of Ripton, a small group of officers didn’t want to serve the new criminal power, and went underground. Your task is to take down the Zuev empire and place him under
arrest — but getting to him will not be easy. Criminals of every stripe stand in your way, not to mention the “official
police”, your former colleagues, now serving their new master. Your cops no longer drive patrol cars, and they’ve moved
from the police station into a rotten cabin in the woods. But they’re still loyal to their oath to protect the law.
So, they should try to arrest criminals, not kill them. You have at your disposal an arsenal of non-lethal weapons and equipment, as
well as special tactical perks, which you can unlock as you upgrade your rebels. But what if violence seems inevitable? Well then things aren’t so simple. Rebel Cops respects the traditions
of the genre, but introduces one fundamental change: no hit points. When someone is shot, they’ll bleed out quickly, and
getting a bullet in the head means instant death. Combating organized crime requires teamwork: without
careful planning, competently occupied positions, and coordinated action of the whole group, you’ll
lose half your squad in the first real skirmish. When Zuev appeared on the scene, the town became
impoverished. Most of the major businessmen went down on their knees before him, and are
now working to illegally enrich his empire. So next time you’re conducting an operation
in the lair of another corrupt scumbag, don’t forget to look around: you’re sure to fill
your pockets with all sorts of valuables. Some you might be able to sell for a profit on the black market. And you
desperately need the money. Guns, ammo, batons, knives, tasers, grenades, body armor and helmets, first-aid kits, lockpicks, you name it — without
proper supplies, you won’t be able to handle a single operation. Fortunately, you’ll come across useful stuff on your missions. Rebel Cops
doesn’t just feature compact operations where you need to fight for every inch of space, but also large open locations to explore — the sandbox levels. Search every room, break into safes and vaults — and you’ll be rewarded. A guerrilla war is always a struggle, but there’s one resource
that’s more difficult to get than any other: street cred. Officially, you’re now an outlaw, and can’t hide behind your badge any more. Your only support is what you get from your fellow countrymen. If you ignore their requests and don’t share
your valuables with them, and if innocent people die during your missions, word on the
street quickly puts your good name in the mud. Merchants will refuse to do business with you, and even
some of your own people will turn their backs on you. It’s tough losing your own people,
but it’s even worse letting Ripton down. The people are on the brink of
despair, and you are their last hope.

46 thoughts on “Rebel Cops – Announcement Trailer

  1. А если Weappy все же закончит историю с Джеком и выпустит третью часть я сам им отдамся

  2. Что за отстой. Всё самое интересное убрали.

    Помойных перестрелок (в пошаговой изометрии) и без вас полно.
    Увольте дебила, кто выдал эту идею.

  3. Looks really nice
    So nice I won't even make a joke about the lady with an southern accent having a "shoots black unarmed suspects" perk

  4. I LOVE THQ Nordic's support for the switch, really appreciate it guys, I hope the game has more planned content because it has a lot of potential.

  5. I Really love This is The Police 2 and how it was feelings. Music, characters, game mechanics and even the story. This is most wonderful surprise

  6. Кто после статьи на Disgusting Men?:) Настаиваю, чтобы злодей был похож внешне, иначе не куплю.

  7. Бои во второй части были сделаны очень топорно. А тут их решили в отдельную игру превратить. На мобилках может и зайдёт.

  8. Niccce…. Really hope some of the characters in the first two games appear, especially the second. I know to some they are just 'units' but some of these had personality quirks and things they wouldn't do or benefits when paired together such as Pierce Rosencrantz and Heath Guildenstern getting a bonus if they were on the same call, Sandra Spurlock with all women on a call, Mustard refusing to work with women (bet those two were fun at the station together), Benedict Belmont refusing batons and not really telling you why though I have an inkling considering his missing eye. Plus with Francis Burch I and Jr. being woefully incompetent but Virgil Burch III being competent and intelligent, I can't help but feel there's a story not told there.

    I'm sure there will be more of this but I'd love to see some returning characters.

    Duvall's kid is in this at least. Hope he's not a murderer like his father though.

  9. штурмы во второй полиции – произведение искусства, сделать из этого игру – гениальная идея. не останавливайтесь. люблю вас, белорусские ублюдки

  10. Зуев закрывает своих злейших врагов в темных комнатах и включает им свое прохождение хитмана.

  11. I know it has been 2 months since the release of Monster Jam Steel Titans but please put the game on mobile an make it free please!!

  12. Looks good. Hope they don't slack on the PS4 version. TITP2 was good, but crashed way too much. Take your time and make it good.


  14. THQ gets it.
    Not every release needs to be photorealistic, AAA, bank vault breaking game.
    More Developers should make mostly experimental AA games with only a few solid AAA.

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