Remarkably Kewl! (The New News Ep. 9)

Remarkably Kewl!  (The New News Ep. 9)

(Music) Hello and welcome to America’s favorite government news show, the New News. I’m your host Chelsey, but you can call me the marvelous Mrs. Aprill. And in today’s episode we’re going to marvel at a new Allen destination, put on turn out gear and get sworn in. But first, let’s see what’s poppin’ with the Mayor. (Music) (Singing) Won’tcha kindly tell me, what’s on the Mayor’s mind? We just had the ribbon cutting for a hot new facility in Allen with an equally hot name: Delta Hotel by Marriott Dallas Allen and Watters Creek Convention Center. Yup, it’s now open for business. And so Mr. Mayor, you must be especially psyched to have this shiny new facility in town. Well, it’s kind of interesting. There’s over 300 rooms that will be available. And then you have the Convention Center itself. And then Stephan Pyles is bringing a unique restaurant venture in, which is the Stampede 66. And then, obviously you have all the other venues inside, the hotel bars and all kinds of other stuff. But I think the Convention Center is going to add a great asset to the City of Allen overall. Well, if I could use my ten dollar words, I’m guessing some of the auxiliary and supplementary benefits are that visitors will comprehend is that Allen is remarkably cool. And they will get to see how cool Allen is. And what’s really neat about this Convention Center is the revenue overall it’ll generate on the economic side is just tremendous. The people that come in and stay in our hotels, they go to our restaurants and even go shopping while they’re going to the Convention Center, becomes a big plus for the City of Allen overall. Indubitably. Thanks so much Mr. Mayor for the inside 411. Whew, that new convention center and hotel has certainly left me breathless. Fortunately, the Allen Fire Department is breathing new life into their CPR classes by offering them for free to all Allen citizens. Do y’all know how long it takes for a brain to actually die from hypoxia, from not breathing? What we’re here for today the start of our community CPR program. Six minutes. From that point of a couple minutes to six minutes can be brain death. The Allen Fire Department will be providing CPR instruction all throughout the whole year on multiple dates so that anybody who wants to come learn how to do CPR will be able to do it free of cost. Whenever your just doing compressions, that’s all you’ll be doing until help gets there. The reason why we want so many people in Allen to know CPR is because it makes such a huge difference if someone’s heart stops beating. Doing the compressions is actually circulating that blood between your brain and your vital organs, your chest, your heart. The paramedics in the Allen Fire Department can do a lot, but the outcome of someone whose heart stops beating is vastly different if we have somebody who happens to see it, who witnesses it and starts CPR right away. And we need members of our community to do that. All of our courses are through the American Heart Association. And the one we’re offering to the majority of Allen citizens is the Friends and Family course. It only takes two hours and you get a certificate that shows you’ve been through the class. We also are going to offer the heart saver AED certification. That one takes a little longer, but that one’s better for babysitters or for people that are taking care of maybe elderly family members, or you know, you just want to have a higher level of training. I’m excited about this because it is a unique initiative: to try to train every capable citizen in the City. It is big and it is bold, but I think Allen is the perfect community because there’s so many people here that care about each other. And we all want to be able to do whatever we can for each other. So I think this is the perfect community to try such a unique initiative. (Music) I’m glad we were able to give that great program some “air” time. But when the Fire Department isn’t training the public, they’re training themselves. And they recently completed their annual fitness test. (Music) Yowza, I’m worn out just from watching that test. So let’s switch on over to the Police Department, which recently added two new officers to the force. (Music) You can get more Allen news at Then connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Nextdoor, Linkedin and Instagram. Don’t worry about Words With Friends because we forgot the exact spelling our password. But our YouTube channel is full of exclusive, premium content, so smash that subscribe button. That’s going to do it. Until next time, you look marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Bye now. (Music)

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