Rep. Biggs pushes back on Pelosi’s impeachment announcement

Rep. Biggs pushes back on Pelosi’s impeachment announcement

65 thoughts on “Rep. Biggs pushes back on Pelosi’s impeachment announcement

  1. I wish the Republicans and Democrats who still have a brain would start calling this what it is (A COUPE D'ETAT).

  2. Can you imagine if Obama had done this? He would’ve been impeached yesterday. If rules and regulations aren’t set, there’s no grounds for impeachment. Trump reminds me of the sibling that everyone pardons and looks over: “oh it’s just Donald being donald”. Well, he’s at whits end now. Im curious how this dilemma will unfold.

  3. He Will be Impeached at the Dismay
    Of Republican seat holders
    All the Kings Horses and all the Kings
    Men cannot put trumpet back together
    Especially since the King Sleeps in
    England trump is but a crumpet
    with tea a jester for amusement 😜😝😜😂😆🤣🤣🤣😛😛😛👹👹👹

  4. There’s no big secrets to these meetings, Republicans are part of all meeting , like when they had that sit in and there were nine Republicans on the committee they were protesting

  5. There´s evidence of these facts:

    • The president removed anti-corruption champion ambassador Yovanovitch

    • The president´s hand-picked agents began the scheme

    • The president froze vital military aid to Ukraine

    • The president conditioned a White House meeting on investigations

    • The president pressed president Zelinsky to do a political favor

    • The president´s representatives racheted up pressure on the Ukrainian president

    • The president asked president Zelinsky for a political favor

    • The president´s security assistance hold became public

    • The president then released the security assistance

    • The presidents chief of staff confirmed security assistance was withheld and conditioned on
    investigation of the DNC server

  6. The articles will be power talking points. How can they talk about the points. They sit on a table and appear as the shell game. Is there anything really inside the shells , documented facts, to uncover and review ? What will happen when the tip the shell , hand, and have a moth fly away?

  7. Rush to impeach makes Nancy look like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date."

  8. 2 Naval Bases Hit. Spain Seizes Submarine Cocaine Shipment the Same Week Pelosi in Madrid. Is Pelosi a MULE that just LOST HER LOAD? Was the Madrid Meet a Payout? Are the Naval Base Hits Revenge? Is this WHY PELOSIS MOVING FORWARD WITH IMPEACHMENT?

  9. what I find interesting is that the diret conflict of interest regarding the fact that pillhead pelosi is 3rd in line yet is navigating the impeachment by using her flunkiies and anal dildos…schiff…nadler ect

  10. Please be careful Mr. Biggs pushing back on Pelosi. I'm not a doctor. But I am a galactic time traveler, and I've seen Space Rabies before. I'm positive she's flashing all the symptoms and in a contagious state of morphication.

  11. How does a membrr of Congress ask for phone records without a warrant explaining what they are looking for? So they can write more fictional stories and interrupt people's soap opera shows on tv with stupid impeachment hearings?

  12. Nixon. I am not a crook. Trump i am a crook but were all makeing money. So who cares. These guys all sound the same. We are not crooks ha ha ha ha ya right…what oath. I cant remember..daaa

  13. We have to do a class action lawsuit against Pilosi/Shift, 4stealing our time/money, intentional stalking/wholesale Harassment & Malicious Abuse of an elderly man our President, these high crimes & misdemeanors against the Voters of Donald Trump Pres. serve them/arrest warrant! Goferit.

  14. Pelosi family and friends are in Danger you don’t understand her and reason we are here .. listen to Pelosi she is in trouble with friends so talk to her on her language

  15. The Judiciary committee had Law professors come testify rather than fact witnesses that can actually contribute evidence. That alone should be the biggest red flag of these hearings. Let alone the fact that the ambassadors couldn’t prove quid pro quo or even the notion that it happened. It’s an actual joke. Pelosi was forced into impeachment, facing the loss of her position. You can tell she never wanted this unless they have clear cut evidence of wrongdoing. No matter how the media spins it, no matter what Schiff’s foolish mouth and report says outside of being under oath, they have no evidence. Impeachment just ruined the Democrats chances of a successful 2020. Only thing they have left to hope for is that they are not indicted. Because Schiff has a lot of explaining to do. Wiretapping his political opponents through a subpoena. His lies. Etc.

  16. Bring it on DEMOCRATS lets see the REAL TRUTH gonna bust u up into pieces I'm waiting for it 😊 lets see what the cat drags in

  17. Hey dipshit…you impeached Clinton over a blow job. How many more crimes does your boy have to commit before you say enough?

  18. Impeach Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats ..lies and more lies
    .standup Republicans dont let them rule..can you imagine what kind of the United States people will be treated..cast them out..put them in jail arrest them all

  19. I think the Democrats should reimburse the the federal government. We the people with all the money they wasted all this.

  20. Democrats lie lie lie nobody cares, why does nobody care, why are republicans always expected to step down for unethical lies, but democratic elites just keep on lieing. What is happening in Government why are Democrats getting away with abuse of power, and obstrutionn of an American president, who was spyed on, targeted, and framed. WHY?
    Why is every effort to investigate in Ukraine being side tracked/obstructed by ridiculous investigation by Democrats and others. Maybe we can switch out Hunters coke fix with truth serum for some answers.

  21. Democratic Party should just forfeit 2020

    Please remember to vote for your Working – Republican Rep. and Senator. at least we will have debate and some 'sign-able' laws.

    If you do not have a Republican to vote for … write-in: "Richard L. Norman Jr.".

    MS in Engineering Management, BS in Mechanical Engineering, BS in Computer Science (a.b.d), 25 years of work history (pre-postmodernist
    takeover of {all?} HR departments).

    Sorry, I have never been rich enough to get noticed by the GOP, though I have told them many time I would be willing to run.

  22. Either Republicans need to start fighting back from the GOP all the way down to the people or we are done for ! We are at War for our right to exist and this problem is not going to go away unless we start standing up they want to bring 10 people to fight us we need to bring a hundred !

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  24. Actually, Pelosi is quite right, the facts are not contested. How can one contest something that does not exist? What is contested is hearsay, speculation, and conjecture!

  25. liers will always be liers. and to think some people vote for these delusional fools. probably those who will vote for democrats in 2020 are no more logical than the mob of the Swamp.?

  26. The only people trying to make this country a monarchy are Trumbo and the Republicans. Trump violated the constitution, called the constitution phony, and broke the law and over 47% of Republicans said they need tti make presidential oversight illegal and ban it.

  27. Pelosi Adam shift Nadler all lying fanatic Democrats that are totally insane best economy since 1969 and they just hate that he keeps on winning no matter what they throw at him remember democratic Jim Carville said during the 90s it's the economy stupid Trump 2020

  28. Pelosi n her minions are guilty of a coup not only against Trump but the people of this country. This is an act of treason.

  29. It's not a rush to impeachment it's to take over is a power grabthey're not happy with the president all they want to do is take him down anyway they can the Russian collusion proof that

  30. Gets me that Pelosi is so willing and desirous of abusing the power herself, she would be nothing.m but a hypocrite!

  31. The live bodies taking up congressional seats are serving less purpose now than if they were all bloody corpses.

  32. The catch phrase "Fake news " is a factual description of the main stream media. The phrase is used to mock but its really just a smoke screen to divert the simple minded Its obvious the MSM is bought The love of dollars could spin the world into hell . Six months after Trump's removal could see the hammer & sickle flying over Australia

  33. My priest in church ripped Pelosie on her abortion stance….didn't mention her name but he clearly was referencing her. No
    more communion for you!

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