Reporter Beauty Drops A Booger – On Live TV!

Alright everyone, we live in a world where beautiful women are just assumed to never ever poop, fart, definitely not drop a ball of snot in public. So the world was quite shocked when it saw this woman, NBC reporter Hallie Jackson be a little bit less than perfect as she was doing a live newscast. “Live News Report” So, wow! She is a professional! I am impressed. She just kept going like nothing was happening. She says that she did not even know it was happening, even though that seems a little hard to believe. I think we all know when we have boogers coming out of our nose! But, to her credit, she is now making fun of herself She tweeted this picture of a purchase she made on Amazon A bunch of tissues and a book about shame. And so, that make her great in my book. What do you think of her? Ilike her a lot! Comment below! We will have some fun with it! We will discuss. Lord Spoda out!

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