Restaurant in China hires robots as waiters

Restaurant in China hires robots as waiters

A restaurant in China is serving food with
a difference as their waiters are robots. Yes that’s right, one restaurant manager in
east China’s Zhejiang Province is paving the way for a high tech food service by bringing
in the bots. These 1-metre tall robots are able to deliver
food to tables and greet customers with simple phrases. They travel along magnetic strips on the floor
and use optical sensing systems to run back and forth to the kitchen collecting meals. Not only are they brining in the crowds, but
the manager believes they also cost less to hire than human staff. As time goes by, our lives will become more and more high-tech. Catering has to have a breakthrough. I thought about robots and bought robots to
serve us. I want customers to know that robots can enter into the catering industry. They have a battery life of about 8 hours
and a five year life span, and If serving food wasn’t cool enough, the robots can also dance
to Gangnam style!

63 thoughts on “Restaurant in China hires robots as waiters

  1. Just wait until the robot is capable of sweeping the streets and clean up trash and doing outside labor jobs like cutting trees and plant seeds etc etc..

  2. The robots can't do many things it seems.For example germany has much better robots.One can throw objects at them and they can catch them.They can fill you a glass with water.They have humanoids on wheels and bipeds,both with dexterous hands.

  3. Bet they work for a lot less than that silly Livable wage 15 bucks an hour nonsense.  Keep it up unions…THESE will take over the fast food places world wide before too long.

  4. Future of our capitalist society.

    No more stupid unions and minimal wage activists!

    This is our future for a utopia capitalist society!

  5. Future of our capitalist society.

    No more stupid unions and minimal wage activists!

    This is our future for a utopia capitalist society!

  6. These robots aren't "taking away jobs," they're simply moving jobs from waiters/waitresses to robot engineers, robot mechanics, robot technicians, factory workers, etc. 

  7. How can you say those robots aren't taking away jobs from the real workers the human worker? You do realize this will only cause a higher unemployment rate & poverty rate for your country all because of greed ( to save more money you can pocket) more money for the employer to buy fancier homes & cars etc., while the jobless go hungry, have no place to sleep at night for his/her family, but as long as the rich guy is good, happy, and has a full fat belly then who cares! right?!, God cares! This is why bad things happen to us all over the world, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, deadly diseases, etc. and yet we ask ourselves "why do these happen to us?" "where is God, when we need Him?" well for your information He's watching and he knows, but these things have to happen until man realizes the wrong in his tainted, corrupted, and poisoned heart changes and stops being greedy, selfish, hateful, and full of sin! Do you not have a conscious? If you praise your God how then can you call yourself a Catholic/Christian/Baptist/Buddhist/etc.? Just remember for those that believe or not our creator exists we all know that, no matter how hard man tries to prove otherwise, He is more powerful then we give Him credit for and more of us will believe in His existence than those that won't, and I believe this greedy, corrupted world will serve it's time one day soon, for now I hope I remain faithful and goodhearted because I do have a conscious that's what makes me human. Amen!!

  8. If the west did the the robots would be 20 times better. These look slow, cheap and cheesy as fuck.

  9. Please, please, please let robots take over all restaurants as waiters/waitresses!!! No more dealing with nasty attitudes from humans with emotions.

  10. Human selfishness always. they will make things worst and worst and entrampt themselves eventually. just imagine the future robots taking 50 percnt or more of human jobs. what a crisis. humans are the ones who make a business profit and get paid by being rejected and replaced. iF robots take most jobs eventually who the hell will buy their food/services? People should just not support this by not going there. you have an average job and know how hard is to get a job and you going to support this practice. humans are so stupid that they support the replacement of humans/themselves for robots and go to these places. lol

  11. Just a gimic. Not very efficient. I think Japanese implemented it correctly using conveyor belt system to deliver food.

  12. We are a robotic company and there are 3 versions of robot waitress in our company.
    This sexy shaped one was manufactured in 2105 and now we have upgraded robot waitress to the latest 8th generation that could do delivery work autonomouly.
    Anyone interested, please feel free to write to me at [email protected], or call me at +8618361977463.

  13. I saw one of these at the food court in the mall I work at trust me it’s creepier when your standing face to face with it

  14. I have been to many robot restaurants. However this one is unique. The show was awesome. Check out my video.

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