Restaurants Vs Dhaba 2.0 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Restaurants Vs Dhaba 2.0 || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Ma’am, the restaurant is full at the moment.
Just the two of you? – Yeah. Please, wait for 15 minutes.
Can I have your contact number? It may take a lot of time. – Yeah.
– Can you please hurry up? – I’ll try to, ma’am. Please, wait!
– I’m so hungry! This place seems full. Let’s go somewhere else.
– Serve that man two more Tandoori rotis. Ma’am, please stay. I’ll set up a table in 2 minutes.
– Isn’t it cool? Isn’t this place so well light!
– Yeah, it is good here. These washrooms have such huge mirrors.
– I’ll get one at home too. I love these tiles, the printed ones!
I looked for these everywhere for my place. Let’s click a photo here.
The lighting is so good here. Let’s go.
I like this finish. This is better.
– I’ll rather use a tissue. Welcome, ma’am.
– First, get us water, please. – Mineral? Regular would do.
– Menu card, please. – Sure. So, how’s life?
It’s been long since we last met. Visit again, sir.
Please, sit here, ma’am. What may I get you, ma’am?
– First, get us water, please. Turn on the fan too.
– Turn it this way. Is it fine now, ma’am?
– Yes, it is. Get us the menu card too. Isn’t the ambience good here?
– Yes. The music is good too. I know!
– Isn’t this jazz? – Probably. They must be having a well curated playlist.
– Definitely. They’ll have one for every theme. This music
is so uplifting. Oh, shit! Hell with this music here!
– What’s wrong? I was playing a quiz. I knew the answer
to a question but this music distracted me. Now what?
– These stupid remixes, I say. – But what are you playing? There is a fitness app called GoQii.
They conduct quizes from 7AM to 10PM. They ask us 5 questions.
If we answer them, we can win exciting prizes. Incase you answer a question wrong,
you can use a life. I already used up my life. I think I should wait until the next quiz begins.
There are many diet tips in the questions itself. Those tips are given out
by fitness experts. So, it is really nice. I’ll download it too.
– I’ll send you an invite. Use that to download the app. This way, I’ll get an extra life.
Also, if we walk 6000 steps, we’ll earn keys.. I guess you should download and check it yourself.
– Yeah. I’ll download it now. I’m hating this! The ambience may suck, but the food is good.
– I agree. Where is the menu, by the way? I’ll have salad.
– What? A salad? Ever since I downloaded GoQii,
I’ve become health conscious. So.. Let’s see how many days it will last.
– And while it lasts, encourage me for trying. ‘Can’t they just place an order?’
– Friends like you always discourage. One salad, please.
– Which one? – Chicken. Chicken will be charged extra.
– Alright. One Penne Alfredo. Would you share the starters?
– Not at all. – Oh, come on. Share it. One plate chicken wings.
– I guess we ordered more than we should. Anything else?
– No. Thank You. You should’ve made up your mind before.
You are making him wait. It’s alright, ma’am.
– One plate Chicken Manchuria. No. Make it Kadai Chicken instead.
Hold on, please. One plate chicken 65.
– Spicy? – Yes. You’ll have rotis?
– Maybe, I’m not sure. – 4 rotis aswell. That’s a lot.
You’ve order a starter, rotis and a curry.. For the two of us, it isn’t much.
– Count me out. Order for yourself. What will you have then?
– Of late, I’ve been taking healthy decisions. I’m going running
and also taking Leo out for walking. The GoQii app is inspiring me to get fit.
– That same app you’re talking about? Yeah! Many people suggest you many things.
But in this app, you get tips from health experts which are so reliable.
– What will you eat now? – I’ll have a salad. You won’t get salads here.
– Do you have any salads.. Sure. I’ll get you a salad.
– Don’t you dare taste the chicken. Two chillies
and this is the perfect salad. You’re on diet. Don’t you dare touch my food.
– Just one piece of chicken! Here you go, ma’am. I made it specially for you.
– That’s so nice of you. You see this. I told you it won’t be too much.
– Yeah, but the bill will still be too much. Is this even cooked? Give it a try.
– I don’t think it is. Excuse me.
– Yes, ma’am? The chicken isn’t cooked well.
– That is how it is made, ma’am. ‘You mean to say we’ve no idea?’
– I can replace the dish if you want it more cooked. There is hardly any salt in it.
– Here you go. You could’ve added chilli flakes in this.
– We provide extra chilli flakes. I asked for spicy chicken wings. This isn’t spicy at all.
– Here you go. It is pretty much
like we’re cooking our dish. Well, since we can’t predict individual tastes,
we encourage the diners to add their own flavors. Anything else, ma’am?
‘I rather get going.’ This dish isn’t spicy at all.
– I’ll go replace the dish right away. Add some spices to the dish.
– Some pepper too. – Some pepper too. Ma’am, have the Manchuria. It is on us.
– You hear that! Hurry up!
– Bill, please! Rs. 2000?
– Yeah! Isn’t it reasonable? Let me check.
We ordered one chicken starter. What is this extra chicken here?
– That is the chicken in the salad. Rs. 200 for it? You already added the tip?
– Yes. That is our signature tip. Seriously?
– Let’s just pay. We anyway can’t help it. Cash or card?
– Card. Isn’t this too much?
– Would you add any tip? ‘Rs. 10 should do.’ ‘Rs. 10?’
– ‘You already added tip in the bill.’ ‘Take it back. What am I to do with it?’
Ma’am, please rate and review us online. If you do, you can avail 2% discount on your next visit.
– 2% discount! We’ll totally do it. Ma’am, mention my name too. I’ll get incentives.
– Yeah, definitely. My name is Sai, by the way.
– Bye, Sai! How irritating that guy is. Excuse me. Could you get the bill please?
– Yeah, sure. What was your order again?
1 Chicken 65, 2 rotis.. It is 4 rotis.
– Oh, right! 1 Kadai Chicken. And one salad too.
– It is on the house too. – And this water bottle. How much is the bill?
– Rs. 320. Will it be cash or card? Cash! That’ll be good.
Thank you, ma’am. Ma’am, visit us again tomorrow.
Pathar Ka Ghosh is tomorrow’s special. So sweet!
We’ll visit and we’ll bring our friends too. Bye!
– Thank you so much, ma’am! Hey, guys! Look who is on my channel today.
It is your favorite, Natasha. Finally we did ‘Restaurants Vs Dhaba 2.0’,
after a long long time! So, how’s life?
– Pretty good! This video is pretty special to me.
Even in the first part, we both were in it. Incase, you’re new to my channel,
do watch that video too. This video was made in partnership with GoQii.
The link for the app is in the description. Do download it. This video was in no way a review
of any restaurant or any dhaba. Actually, they were very sweet
to let us use their space. If you liked this video, do give it a like.
– Also, comment and let us know your experiences. And don’t forget to subscribe!

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