RESULTS || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

RESULTS || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

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Yours truly, Mahatalli. Mom, coffee for you.
I made it. It is good.
Your future husband will enjoy your coffee. Tomorrow your results will be out.
If you don’t score well, we’ll get you married. I’m too young for marriage.
– Not really. I got married when I was of your age. Why? Did you fail your exams?
– Why? Are you going to fail yours? – Well, no.. Oh, shit! It is already the 12th.
Only 3 more days to go. Picnic with friends is done, shopping is done,
and now I’ve to go to the movies with them. Shall we go to the movies today?
– ‘I’m busy today. How about next week?’ We rather go today. We can’t go next week.
– ‘Why not?’ – Our results will be out. ‘Sure, then.
Let’s go today.’ Dad, keys! – Did the bike finally start?
– Of course! One kick and I got the bike started. Your results will be out in 2 days.
If you pass, I’ll buy you a bike. If you don’t, be prepared to run
‘Rohit Bike Repairs And Services.’ Screw this! Your results will be out today, right?
– Y-Yes, dad. – Check the results then. Actually, I lost my hall ticket. I’ll go find it.
– Oh, cut it! You never lose movie tickets, do you? I noted down your hall ticket number
on this paper. ‘What can I do now?
Nothing much actually.’ I know, son, you’d make me proud.
What is your percent? The results aren’t out yet.
They got postponed. If he is this happy for results getting postponed,
I can guess what his results are. The results are out, right?
How many did you flunk? 3 or 5? Only 1, dad.
– You passed only 1 paper? What a dumbo you are. I flunked only 1 paper.
– What? You flunked only 1? – Yeah, chemistry. You mean, Maths and Physics and..
– I cleared them all. My son flunked only in 1 paper? So lovely!
Congrats! I’ve to celebrate this moment! Does he think I’m that awful? Hello, Gau, what is your score?
– My parents are yelling at me for scoring only 6.9. 6.9 isn’t that bad.
I only got 9.6. 9.6 is less? You stupid woman!
– I almost flunked a paper. You want me to believe it?
– Yes! I scored only 9 in chemistry. If I score less than 9.5 in any paper, I consider
that a failure. What is your chemistry score? That is the only paper I did well. I got 9.5.
– You got 9.5! If you got 9.5, then I should’ve atleast gotten 10.
There is something wrong! Cut it!
I’m hanging up! I’ll apply chemistry paper for revaluation!
Dad, I’m applying chemistry for revaluation. Are the results out yet?
– Not yet! I told you already. Try refreshing the page. Yeah, mom, they are out!
– And what is the score? – 9.2. Crazy! Super! Wonderful!
Extraordinary! Extravagant! Sister-in-law, I just checked Pooja’s results!
She scored 9.2. Congratulate Pooja from my side,
from Jahnu’s side and from Ajju’s side! Yeah, congratulations! Congrats, Jahnu! None of your cousins
beat your score of 9.6. I’m very happy!
– You didn’t get it yet? 5 years ago, I cleared my Intermediate.
I scored a CGPA of 9.6. So, my mom checks the the inter results
of all my cousins while praying to God that none of them
score more than 9.6 Check mate! I’m intelligent, am I not?
No wonder I got a CGPA of 8. Even my CGPA is 8.
– What? Your CGPA is 7.6. Any CGPA from 7.1 to 8
can be rounded off as 8. So, your CGPA is 8?
– Of course! I wish I got 8.1 and not an exact 8.
This way I’d have told my CGPA is 9. Let’s play another game.
– Sure. You’ve opened your books?
Why? Are results out? Yes, mom, they are.
– They are? How much did you score?
– 88 in English. 54 in pyshics. 51 in chemistry. 40 in maths?
– What rubbish? 40? Actually, it is 3 less than 40.
– What! So, you flunked maths! No, mom, 37 is considered pass.
– What rubbish scores are those? None of your cousins ever scored in 30s.
How can I face our relatives now? I was peeling an apple for you and this is what you do?
You brought disgrace to our family. I rather peel your skin!
– Mom, no one scored good marks. I cleared all papers, didn’t I?
All papers were very tough. How much did Laxmi score?
– W-Well, she got, well.. She got only 70 in English.
– Tell me about maths. She got 91.
– Why? Wasn’t her paper tough? S-She attends extra tuitions.
– You too could’ve attended. Why didn’t you? Because you weren’t interested
in attending extra tuitions. This makes me realise
only you found the papers tough. Mom! – Yeah?
– Will you make biryani as today is Sunday? Of course, for you have topped
the maths paper. I’ll make you the best biryani today
for you studied extra hard to score well. How about I make Okra Biryani?
Maybe that why you’ll score even more. Mom, could you turn off the AC? It is too cold!
– The AC is at the lowest temperature. Because you like lower scores,
I thought you’d even like lower temperatures. I’ll go increase the temperature. Too bad I can’t increase your scores. Which college do you want to get admitted in?
– Well, I.. Like you have any choice
with the marks you scored. You’ve to join any stupid college
which would take you in. Mom, my scores are fine.
Also, stop hitting me with my marks all the time. If you call your scores fine, what do you call
the scores of Gautami, Lakshmi, Nikhil, Rohit, Sashi? Deepthi, Vijju, Sai are preparing for supplementaries.
What do you say about that? Remember this. Never compare yourself
with the people who are behind you. Compare yourself with people who are ahead.
This is a life hack. Note it down. If the person before me helped me out,
I’d have scored well. My daughter is so clever.
I’m so glad she is. She scored 80% in the Inter exams.
She was suffering from typhoid during the exams. The doctor even warned her
not to appear for exams as she had typhoid. I don’t remember this.
– But she paid no heed and appeared for her exams. Even her teachers say
that this year’s papers were the toughest. They said none can score well,
yet, she scored 80%. ‘My teachers said this year’s papers
were the easiest.’ And yet she isn’t satisfied!
She says she’ll appear for improvements. We’ve been trying to convice her
that more than marks, knowledge is important and general awareness is important.
We asked her to be satisfied with the marks she scored. Are we not right?
– Of course, you are. Do you think scoring 68% is easy?
– 68%? You said she scored 80%? ‘Busted!’
– Want some coffee? Yes, go make your uncle coffee.
Make it extra sweet. You like it sweet, don’t you? Yes, that’s right.
– I slipped my tongue. ‘The daughter is dumb
and the mother is dumber.’ This was our results episode!
As a kid, I used to be very scared of results day! But now, I feel there was no reason to be.
I’m sure you’d feel the same too. Marks don’t define anything.
Maybe it’ll help you, but just a little. Don’t pressurize yourself as marks aren’t life.
There is much more to life than marks. I hope you enjoyed this episode.
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I’ll see you next wednesday.

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