Robert Mueller defends Trump-Russia inquiry findings: ‘It is not a witch-hunt’

Robert Mueller defends Trump-Russia inquiry findings: ‘It is not a witch-hunt’

Director Mueller, the president has
repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruction
and that it completely and totally exonerated him, but that is not
what your report said, is it? – Correct. It is not what
the report said. – Could you charge the president
with a crime after he left office? – Yes. – You believe that he committed …
You could charge the president of the United States with
obstruction of justice after he left office? – Yes. – Ethically? Under the ethical standards? – I’m not certain because I haven’t
looked at the ethical standards but OLC opinion says that the
prosecutor cannot bring a charge against a sitting president,
nonetheless, he can continue the investigation to see if there
are any other persons who might be drawn into
the conspiracy. – “I love WikiLeaks,” Donald Trump,
October 10, 2016. “This WikiLeaks stuff is unbelievable,
it tells you the inner heart, you gotta read it,” Donald Trump, October 12, 2016. Do any of those quotes
disturb you, Mr Director? – I’m not certain I would say …
– How do you react? – Well, problematic
is an understatement. – Would you agree that it was not
a hoax that the Russians were engaged in trying to impact
our election? – Absolutely. It was not a hoax. The indictments we returned
against the Russians, two different ones, were substantial
in their scope, using that scope word again. And I think we have underplayed
to a certain extent that aspect of our investigation that has,
and would have, long-term damage to the United States
that we need to move quickly to address. – When Donald Trump called
your investigation a “witch-hunt”, that was also false,
was it not? – I’d like to think so, yes. – Well, your investigation
is not a witch-hunt, is it? – It is not a witch-hunt.

38 thoughts on “Robert Mueller defends Trump-Russia inquiry findings: ‘It is not a witch-hunt’

  1. The only collision in this investigation is with the DNC and Russian ops, Hilary Clinton’s campaign financed the Phony Steele Dossier

  2. this testimony was a giant waste of time, he couldn't speak on anything that was pertinent and all that was said was opinion or things that are already public knowledge

  3. Thank you Rep. Val Demings! So Trump even lied on the testimony he wrote in to the Special Counsel? Damn! Trump will never be re elected! To much baggage, he's a habitual liar and he can't be trusted!

  4. This confirms that if Donald wasn’t a sitting president, he would be behind bars with his buddies Manafort, Cohen, and soon Epstein🇺🇸

  5. If Democrats hoped this would be a seminal moment, they will be disappointed.
    Their star witness was no star. Mueller spoke haltingly and seemed not to remember key details and tripped over himself even when members weren’t trying to trip him up…

  6. It's absolutely a witch hunt. The current state of the American left exudes the same cunning and vindicate nature of McCarthyism, just with inverted political ideologies. Just in the same way that the right-wing establishment lied to the public before, the left-wing establishment is doing the same now.

  7. This video is an unbelievably slanted view of today's proceedings, he got bodied by the committee members multiple times and was shown to have no actual knowledge at all about many important details written in his own report, it was a hyper partisan witch hunt from the get go and today was another large nail in the coffin of the crazy leftist fantasy of impeachment

  8. What I want to know is why the Liberal media talked up this event when clearly nothing was going to happen?

  9. deep state arkansas mafia godfather boss hawg bubba has already "let" the trump impeachment contract. whoopee! this will be great entertainment!

  10. Mueller insists in testimony Trump was not exonerated by his report ►

  11. the best part of all was when Mueller outright said" they found no evidence of trumps collusion, and there was no obstruction"
    interesting how they dont show this part XD

  12. Okay in the situation where there is a trial that is not deliberates d by a jury , the prosecutor will make his statements by the physical evidence found and material witness testimony , then the defense lawyer makes statements by the material evidence found . In this case the prosecution team didn't find enough physical evidence to carry it beyond a reasonable doubt .

  13. Trump Admin (so far in 2.6 yrs) 191 charges 35 indictments 26 Russian nationals 6 indicted Trump officials 6 convictions 5 guilty pleas Individual-1

  14. Mueller: No collision between Trump and Russia

    Trump: Bombs Russian troops in Syria, arms Russia's enemies the Ukrainians something Obama refused to do, signs Russian steel sanctions into law that he could have vetoed, and shuts down a Russian diplomatic mission in America accused of spying and deports all 60 Russian diplomats

    You: Trump is Russia's puppet

    Me: Say what?

  15. If this all happened , who are the supposed Russians who colluded with Trump?

    The American People know this is a farce. This whole scheme was concocted to prevent Trump from carrying out his agenda and pushing back against the Socialist, Globalist agenda of the anti American Globalists.

    TRUMP 2020!!

  16. Muellers Flip Flop under preassure, they getting desperate to indicte Donald Trump before they loose control

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