Samsung Galaxy S20 event in under 6 minutes

Samsung Galaxy S20 event in under 6 minutes

– Hello everyone, and welcome
to Samsung Galaxy unpacked. We’re changing the shape of the future with the Galazy Z Flip. When it’s closed, it is a thing of beauty. And the cover display shows me all the information I
might need at a glance. When I’m ready to use it, all I have to do is flip it open, and I get a full-size 6.7 inch screen with hardly any bezel. The Galaxy Z Flip comes
in three gorgeous colors. Mirror purple, mirror black, and in select countries, mirror gold. And when closed, you can check the time, get notifications of a
text, alarm, or a call, all the essentials are right
there on the cover display. You can even take a selfie
without opening up the phone. It’s so durable, you can fold and unfold your
phone over 200,000 times. With the world’s first hole-punch camera in a foldable display, you get the same
sprawling, expansive screen you’ve come to expect
from Galaxy smartphones. We built a free-stop hinge, so it can stay open at different angles, just like your laptop. We call it Flex Mode. Your screen is split into two parts, a viewing area and an interaction area. The hinge is the backbone
of any folding phone. We created a layer of
fibers inside that tiny gap to keep the particles out. It can be yours from February the 14th, and it’s available starting at $1380. – It is my great pleasure
to introduce the brand new Galaxy S20. – At 64 megapixels, S20’s
revolutionary camera system takes smartphone photography
to the next level. And with Galaxy S20’s space zoom, you can get up to 30 times closer. With single take mode, S20 uses AI to capture different versions of that exact same moment, using each of its different cameras. Just take a short clip, up to ten seconds, and single take captures
different versions of that game winning goal. Thanks to S20’s super high resolution, you can capture videos in stunning 8K. Record a video, then scroll through the footage
to find the perfect moment. And with a single click, you’ll get a 33 megapixel still photo with amazing resolution. In pro mode, you can
adjust aperture, exposure, and settings that you’d
usually have control over with a DSLR. We even enhanced super steady mode, so you can take sharper videos on the go thanks to AI motion analysis and an anti-rolling stabilizer. It’s got a powerful
processor, an all-day battery, and thanks to the Galaxy S20’s
incredible storage capacity, up to a terabyte and a
half using a micro SD card. With S20, you can share
files with up to 5 friends at the same time, without even having to pair your devices. We’re proud to introduce
the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You want high resolution? It has an unbelievable
108 megapixel AI camera. The S20 Ultra takes multiple
frames using software along with hardware to merge them all into
one high-quality photo. This technology, combined
with a bright night sensor, means you’ll get bright, accurate pictures even in low light. That’s because Samsung’s
pioneering nonabidding technology combines nine pixels into one. You want the device to
stay as thin as possible, so we built it with a folded lens. When the light enters the tele lens, it’s refracted at an angle, producing a powerful zoom effect. The folded lens allows for
up to 10x hybrid-optic zoom. Now multiply that with a 10x digital zoom, and you can magnify a
shot up to 100 times. – The displays on all three S29 models have 120 Hz refresh rate for
incredibly smooth gameplay. We also doubled the touch response rate so you can game with less touch lag. The S20 also comes with
up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and it’s powered by next
generation memory technology, Samsung LPDDR5. From March 6th, you can get
a Galaxy S20 of your own starting at $999. And all three models will be
available in blazing-fast 5G. We’re also pleased to
announce that effective today, we are reducing prices on the Galaxy S10. And soon, S10 users will get
some of the great features through software updates. Introducing Galaxy Buds+. Buds+ don’t just have one
speaker, they have two. Optimized for a high note, one for bass. With speakers almost
40% larger than before, they don’t just give you more sound, they give you better sound. Thanks to our partnership with Spotify, with one, simple long press
on the side of your buds, you get recommended songs
based on your music history. Instead of the standard two
mics, these buds have three. So even if you’re calling
from a crowded street, your Buds+ will pick up your voice. We’ve also enhanced ambient sound. So that you can hear sounds more clearly, and adjust the volume when you need to be aware
of your surroundings. Buds+ also works seamlessly with iOS. With wireless charging
and wireless powershare, you don’t need any cords or connectors. Once your Buds+ are fully charged, they’ll last a whopping 11 hours. And with a charging case,
you can get another 11 hours, for a total of 22. You can get a pair of your
own on February 14, for $149. (applause) – Thank you. – As Tia mentioned earlier, we’re streaming today’s
event with S20 devices. Give it up for the camera crew. (applause)

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  1. This is the first year Samsung doesn't introduce any new feature on the software of the phone.
    This is telling us a lot of how innovation has been increasingly reduced in this industry this years aside from the folding devices.

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    We introduce flex Mode. With this Mode, the phone will be even more Expensive. So you can flex on the poor people.

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    If you like Android phone any brand just wait for 6 months you will get it for 30% less or maybe 50% less , don't waste your money

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