88 thoughts on “Santa Clarita student’s sobering comment on shooting: I wasn’t surprised it happened

  1. Where is the video of the Walmart shooting where an armed bystander put a gun to a shooters head stopping him? What’s the matter CNN doesn’t fit your gun narrative?

  2. This is what should speak to Americans. The individuals elected to government are put there to create an America that is safe, inclusive and prosperous, yet, the president continues to pursue actions he should not, and he continues to get caught. Though many will bitch and moan and attempt to blame Democrats though it is they who are doing what they are supposed to. But, impeaching a president would not be a requirement if the president did as he was supposed to. And even as they are working many things Democrats have put through hundreds of pieces of legislation but Moscow Mitch continues to ignore it and virtually everything remains at a standstill so Republicans can attempt to manipulate things in their favour. It is unfortunate, Republicans continue to ignore virtually everything, they are meant to pursue. Gun control remains a problem because Republicans get too much cash from the NRA to look the other way and as a result, children end up going to school unsurprised when a shooter ends up at school.

  3. CNN deleted my comment when I revealed that the gunman was a climate change activist and his ethnicity is Asian descent.

  4. It’s weird how most of history has been people trying to defend themselves from their own governments just so they could eventually turn around and give away the only tool governments take seriously.

  5. I am not surprised either, especially when leftists have done nothing through policy to support family strength and community building, which in turn has created a generation of pessimistic, nihilistic, mentally unstable youths. CA is lost to the identity politics, SJW mob and the politicians that pander to them. Before anyone chimes in with a snarky gun comment, let us remember, guns don't pick themselves up and shoot people. Crazy people do.

  6. Didn't Newsom just pass a whole bunch of gun restrictions recently? Proof that gun control works and liberal gun control policies are VERY effective.

  7. For a country that loves to declare war on everything it deems detrimental to society, you really do not want to admit how addicted you are to guns. I mean, when kids are holding self-awareness groups on how to defend themselves in the event of a shooting, your societal priorities are extraordinarily fucked up.

  8. NRA says scissors and chairs aren't good enough, and that every child should carry a gun. If every child carried a gun this wouldn't happen.

  9. It is shameful that California has never passed any gun control laws to prevent this type of tragedy…………….OH WAIT!!! They have ALL the gun control laws the democrat/communist party wants. What went wrong?

  10. Pro gun people should see this and be ashamed. They won't be. It'll be all kinds of half-hearted nonsense about thoughts and prayers, and diversionary bullshit about mental health.

  11. The Democrats and the fake news media never fail to push their gun control agenda after a school shooting. No law would've prevented this shooter from getting a gun from his own house.

  12. Same old false narrative.

    Still no security. That would be too simple. Works for secure facilities but not for schools? BS.

    Auto accidents killed over 37,000 Americans last year alone. We've lost more Americans on our roads than in ALL the wars this nation has EVER fought.
    Save a life, vote for anyone other than a democrat.

  13. This government model is not working. Way to go GOP you have more blood on your hands but that's okay you will soon get your NRA donation.

  14. The answer isn't to grab people's personal property (guns)
    The best you can do is turn off high-bodycount firearms breeding at the source. The Manufacturers and Sellers.
    You can't take people's property, but you can make sure that it goes with them to the grave, and they can't get new ones.

  15. NRA members see this and clutch their guns close, they care more about their hobby than the wellbeing of innocent children. You're not patriots, you're fantasists. Just another form of child abuse.

  16. Ah boo hoo, so a few dozen kids have to die for our great 2nd amendment every year/month, damn bleeding heart liberals need to toughen up, MAGA!

  17. God I can't wait until we round up all the guns. That way we can trust the police again and put all our faith into the government to assure that criminals will also follow the law. Oh utopia carry me into your silencing clutches. Surely liberty will mean eminent death to those who live free. Please CNN endow me with a communist glaze worthy of our Chinese Overlords.

  18. I live in the UK, but Madi's comment about gun control and so forth. Finally an American who shares that same view as I've had for a number of years now

  19. Beautiful girls so glad they survived. I'm the mom of an adult daughter and I can;t imagine what it would be like to lose a child to random gun violence. So grateful these school shootings were not a part of my childhood or that of my daughters.

  20. Take down the signs that say "gun free zones" and use a portion of the school budget to hire qualified armed guards to protect against the sort of tragedy…

  21. Answer this question why California,New York,Illinois, Michigan have the highest crime rate and have most homeless people? What do they all have in common?

  22. Even here in Australia teachers are practising lockdowns in our schools, because of what's happening in American shools. We haven't had a single school shooting, but better to be safe than sorry I guess.


  24. Why is it kids are doing this these days where this never happened that I can remember when I was in school ? We didn’t need armed security etc… we just had fire drills . What has changed in the minds of kids today?

  25. It will be 20-30 years down the road when these children grow up and pass legislation to stop the madness. The adults of today were raised in a gun loving culture and to care more about their freedom own a gun than a life (and somehow legitimize their rights with paranoia and fear of a world without guns)

  26. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
    You'd better run, better run, out run my gun
    All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
    You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

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