SAVAGE 😂 Graham Norton reacts to Eurovision 2019 – BBC

Which of them is going to Tel Aviv hundreds of them I’m going to call it the airport good reality show. They will all have to go to whatever Arab what they have and He told who’s getting on the plane? He’ll have to go He’s using a parent our luggage quota, but you can certainly flavor whatever it is This is really cute and her knee is one of the favorites with the bookies I Hope he’s not really having a tattoo god I remember that is a bird. It’s an actual human being Think of all, the toilet rolling convenient All duvan eastenders Know what’s possible in EastEnders Moldovan dynasty What are those pants Another funky parking over there back. Here we go Someone’s listen to em, yeah, he is a good performer that he’s got a great voice And Enya is still very popular If you like this noisy music that you will vote for People advice women awesome, please. This isn’t going to be in their country for at least a couple of weeks Wow. Perfect Tel Aviv Let me break for their neighbors Someone’s poor conditioner He’s no prob maybe effort Yeah, this is good pop song you could hear this on the radio anywhere Yes, he’s not wearing a shirt at a house or jumper must be a chest hair neckline He’s like a human car wash points were Sad Murray built This entire population of San Marino There’s a few others they’re doing the lycée He’s really old enough to know better, isn’t it? It sounds really good, I think The founder, okay They’re very for dumpster Now who’s michael? He’s got white sneakers on They’re new well There you go Eurovision my favorite time of the year Watch the semi-finals on the 14th and 16th of May on BBC Four and then join me live grand final on Maybe 18th on BBC one You

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