100 thoughts on “Scientists warn 1 million species threatened with extinction

  1. Yes, cows are one of them. What a joke. Like paying taxes are going to fix this, lie. I can’t believe brits fall for this. We are coming out of a mini ice age. This guy is a liar. We know the dinosaurs lived in a much hotter climate. And even mars is heating up.

  2. The real problem is that there are too many people on this planet to support them. And the majority of these people (mostly living in Africa, India, China and Asia in general) don’t even yet have the same living standards as Western economies. If they do (which they have certainly the right to), the planet will break. So what to do about it? Logical solution is of course to reduce the human population. But how to accomplish that while still being humane?

  3. Bull! A main point of the report states the rate of extinction "is already tens to hundreds of times (quite a range there) higher than it has been, on average, over the last 10 million years," Oh really, how the heck do we know what the rate of extinction was 80 million years ago. This isn't even scientific. No observation, no measurement, no idea of what happened 80 million years ago in order to compare it with today. UN, "Give us control of everything" No thanks!

  4. Bah! Why bother paying attention to experts who study these things for a living? Surely our uncles and cousins' opinions are more valid. Besides, it's a lot less threatening to just bury our heads in the sand, than to acknowledge the obvious threats our planet faces. I always find the most truth by simply choosing whichever idea makes me personally the most comfortable. All that collecting evidence takes forever, and studying it and testing hypotheses which sometimes turn out to be incorrect obviously proves that all science predictions are scams by the liberals to rip us off.

    I mean, smoke a cigar in a closet and see what happens. No perceptible difference whatsoever, right? Hell, I enjoy operating my charcoal grill in my bedroom at night for ambiance to help me sleep. All those warnings about "carbon" monoxide are just more liberal Al Gore bullshit.

  5. Whatever. The Demonratic Party has no solution to solve any of this. Give AOC $100 trillion, not going to happen. Farting cows, rubber chickens, KFC? Quit ignoring the 100,000 illegal alien, slobbering zombies staggering in each month, camping, shitting on sidewalks in manufactured border B.S.! Easily solved! Maybe then kick dead horse Green Deal B.S. around after. Then back to rubber chickens, screaming Russia, Russia, Russia, Putin some more.

  6. Co2 emissions are heavier than air and therefore disperse all around us. When it is cold, Co2 vaporises. A good example of this is when a plane is flying high in a clear blue sky; we will then see a great cloud of vaporised Co2. Where clouds don't rise, but in low pressure areas they can come down as rain or snow, but they don't rise up into the stratosphere. Although methane is a potent greenhouse gas, its effect is relatively short-lived. So perhaps the climate change and the global warming that spelled the end of the recognised Ice-Age, over 12,000 years ago, is also what is happening now? When unused plastic should surely be our main concern?

  7. It's the Market system! The market system which calls for the rain forest to be cut down to sell palm Oil! no one is buying the bull from your elitist masters. and their Money system STFU Communist news network!

  8. Yea let's blame Trump… we pollute less with Obama? I guess Trump fault China and India pollute like crazy. Let's blame Trump the Amazon is getting destroyed since decades. Ms Ocasio Cortez gonna save us with free money no emissions,we all live on welfare and solar panel… because to make so many solar panels mining needs to increase x10.. she can also make electric planes too. Retards don't even know if we stop polluting the planet warms up even faster, it's called the aerosol masking effect or global dimming.

  9. The Dunce will have to see his precious towers start to sink before it wakes up. I have been following this situation for over 3 decades and we didn't heed the warnings. Now we are paying for it

  10. This is the definition of globalism. Countries want to take orders from a world group instead of being independent and making their own decisions are crazy. Each country is independent from the other. United States is not going to take orders from global scientists with an agenda. We're not going to ruin our economy to throw money into a bottomless pit because a foreign panel thinks we should. Lol.

  11. Stop the damn chemtrails/geoengineering = weather manipulation and "global warming" ceases to exist.
    Wake up, people.
    Global warming, climate change, it's all bullshit. Look at the nasa Modis daily images, the daily goes16 satellite, the MIMIC maps; it's private contactors that we took our eyes off of; "They" are mad men who want to be gods.
    It's all been a bunch of lies. I'll give anyone $10,000 that can prove me wrong.
    Wake up!

  12. Adding "Fox & Friends" at the end of your report makes your report just as cynical as Fox & Friends. 🤦‍♂️
    Why? Why would you do that?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. 1,800 pages for 1,000,000 species? That's like 6 Mueller Reports!😱
    We should be surprised Democrats haven't demanded a Congressional hearing and a redacted report from all these some scientists.

    This was CNN.

  14. Remember when testimonials from interviews came from the subjects and not from the journalist?
    Yep, those were the days.

  15. Come on, Fox News. Don't you want to live? Have you no children, grandkids? What good is wealth in hell? Publicly come out for life, bring Donnie with you, please! If not, maybe Russia, if you're listening, release the report. Join Humanity as the leader you are and help us survive.You can share in the Green New Deal.Seriously, we need to turn some tide(s), build some thingamajigs, batten down some hatches. Nature has her own boundaries, her own Geography. To life!

  16. Why not go big? 1 billion species baby!!! If you're going to make up nonsense, don't screw around with small numbers.

  17. For those who have seen what the land was before mass industrial and urbanization, this news is old news. There is no stopping it. The inequities of humans has doomed this planet for human occupation. Yes, nature will begin to rebound as soon as humans lose their place in the symbiotic relationships of the natural world and face a mass extinction.
    For those who are wealthy enough to afford escape, I don't think they will like living in a sealed container.
    Behold, It draws near to us now.

  18. Funny how half of liberal hollywood is on a private jet creating more carbon CO2 emission and telling the GOP how great they are

  19. "Nature is essential for human existence". Well really now… I would have never known that. What other brain newtons do you have for us Mr. Wizard?

  20. Who do you believe? One idiot in the white house saying there is no climate chaos or 145 experts that say there is plus billions of others who know there is a crisis. Your choice! It is the 11th hour so switch off your phones and save Mother Earth! For she is more important than anything else!

  21. Look at birth rates and changes in pollution rate. The advanced countries actually aren't doing that badly – we're reducing. It's the developing countries that are causing the increase in emissions with massively higher birth rates and increases in pollution. And yes, we need to improve faster, and our greedy, lying, misogynistic President is doing everything he can to make things worse. Everyone can help.

  22. It's being called a wake up call. It's alarmism. It's an emotional reaction. It's an attempt to feel good at the expense of reason. When these people can quantify how much "destructive greenhouse gases" are produced naturally every year without human intervention (which they have never done), then I may start to consider the talking points of the left. Until then, it's just more manipulation of the facts by the left, to further their agenda of power and control.

  23. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, poison ivy, germs, and fungus are doing great. We will be responsible for them taking over the world for the next 100 million years. Everything big and furry is toast, us included. The rats will outlast us by a long shot.

  24. Lolololol…people are just killing ourselves….the world will recover and continue on living, but humans wont

  25. I didn't know Afrika and the Middle East was a million species….I thought it was a voting block for the Bolshevik Party.

  26. We pave over aqifer intakes, blanket the countryside in pesticides, impose monocultures, irrigate, block migratory paths and rivers, deforest, introduce invasive species, and bury all of the biodegradable waste that the ecosystem literally requires in order to eat and not die.

    If you think our carbon footprint has a stronger negative impact on the environment than the behaviors I just listed, then you're not as educated on this subject as you think you are. I'm sorry to burst your bubble🤨.
    We could REVERSE our carbon footprint and we'd still cause a mass extinction. Literally everything humans do to the environment is way more harmful, it's not even close. The carbon is only offset by thousands of parts per million. Its effects are negligible by comparison.

    Not only that, climate science data from non-state research entities doesn't match the climate projections of the UN or any major country but Russia's. This is all mainstream published information.
    I'm sorry guys. The public's lack of knowledge is being exploited.
    If they wanted to save the environment, the beareau of land management and other relavent deveopment and regulatory agencies already fall under government jurisdiction. They design society from the foundation up, guys.

    They could fix it without ever telling you about it. In fact, they're the ONLY ones with the power to fix it at all. These policies only cause you to pay more taxes, again, to remedy a problem that they already have power to control. Their negligence even caused it.

    It's a real problem, the solutions are what's fake.

  27. Regardless if you believe in climate change or if it is further induced by human activity, going green just makes financial sense. The arguments I hear against it are just flat-out ridiculous as it often looks at the initial cost of going green rather than the long run benefits, or talks about the inefficiencies of outdated technology as if there was to be no such thing as bad green technology, and of course numerous deceptions from shareholders in the fossil fuel industry. I studied sustainability and economics almost a decade ago back in college and how individuals or countries investing in it are saving money and even having a surplus of energy as they generate more power than they can use. I could write an entire book on this, but not here. All I am saying is you might want to really look into going green for yourself.

  28. And when nothing happens, just like all the previous predictions, we won't hear about it or remember, they will just scare all the stupid libtards with goldfish brains with more obscure predictions.

  29. We need to hang most everyone in our government for war crimes and set up a new government that actually gives a fuck.

  30. Rising sea levels? just dig up the ocean ground to make more room for water and it would sink. problem solved

  31. Im 50 and since i was 7 we was told to plant trees.
    And we did as kids. But now our school's care more to teach Socialism for Democrats than saving our earth. It started over 30 years ago. This is not false. Now math is not the same and kids are having a hard time passing a test for jobs.
    Math is so important for everything in life as we see in the past. What are we doing to our kid's. Is it wright to do this just for Socialism. There is a better way I'm sure. Plant trees. Fast growing and slow growing. And trees that feed us and wildlife!

  32. Sorry the American people have done more for the environment then any other nation. Go after China Russia India etc.. they are the polluters we owe none of them anything.

  33. Umm let’s be honest – mass extinction isn’t the fault of all humans. There’s only one race of people that caused this mess 🤨


  35. We have to stop cutting down all the forests and trees in the name of progress. The Earth is out of balance and the reason why we have such extreme weather/ wind is because of removing the trees and replacing them with buildings. Trees absorb wind. When you cut them down there is nothing to absorb wind. At some point we need to have a balance of half industrialized and half green space in order to live in harmony with nature.

  36. And yet no one is bitching at India & China! Oh, what's this, China said go f*ck yourself not paying global warming taxes, and India is too broke? So, let's give America sh*t… @FUCNN

  37. First of all. How many of those hundreds of scientists are climate savey.
    Second…stop telling me that it's common person who is responsible. The real contributors are those marketers and advertisers who perpetually create artificial needs for products that are short-term, fads, and life style necessities.
    The real contributor to climate change is capitalism as it exists today.
    Go to a mall. Check out the variety and stock of those stores and ask yourself. "Will they really sell all that crap or does it just become a lost leader and end up being discarded or 'presumed to be recycled'.
    Don't blame me or others like me who don't have closets with 8-10 prs of shoes. Or 15-20 shirts or throw 40% of my groceries in the garbage. Or own spaghetti makers or bread makers etc which become dust collectors after a few useages.
    The culprits are those corporations and companies who flaunt their products as necessities for a 'keeping-up-with-the-jones' attitude, while creating the pollutants.
    Think about it. Other than your drive to and from work and the minor groceries you buy plus the amenities which you carefully choose to embellish your home, family how much contribution do you really contibute to the enviromental crises?
    I believe this apparent crises is hyperbolic when it comes to laying the blame on the shoulders of the public.

  38. The fact that we do not have a "UNIVERSAL CHARTER" to govern human morals and values will cause the evaluation of such standards by means of the subjective test.

    THE UN is a complete failure because the 5 permanent SC's are the No. 1 culprits collectively…

    THE only way to save this earth is to reduce human population by 4 million souls within the next 5 years.
    THE mortality rate has increased by 40% compared to 150 years ago.
    We all want to live longer (except me of course), so we need to feed on the provisions of this planet.

    The earth has a life force…
    The other species other than viruses and human beings at in tune/frequency to this planet.

    Studies have shown that animals and insects can help to do the necessary in order to protect the environment.
    They also unselfishly are willing to give up their lives and the lives of their off-springs instinctively, in order to Marshall that protection of the environment.

    Human beings and leaders dismiss that as poppycock because they are more interested in keeping or improving their material status quo among humans.. ..! .
    They also believe that if such an occurance were to happen; it would not be in their life time.

    SAD. ! SO SO SAD..!

  39. Yet Pompeo claims a climate cataclysm will be good for boats. Could he have embarrassed himself anymore at Rovaniemi, Finland?

  40. They meant 'One Million Dollars of Scientist Funding threatened', so they had to come up with a quick save.

  41. Do your part! Leave your lights on. Eat more meat. Use plastic bags to collect and haul your trash in. Please don't litter.

  42. The powerful know this and have known for decades. Not only do they not care. They're accelerating the practices that led here. No argument or protest or vote will even slow them down. They will keep it up until they no longer have power, and they will hang onto power by any means, fair or foul. Understand that there is no way back from what they are doing within your lifetime. Look at previous ecological collapses throughout history and reimagine them happening at a speed and scope and scale commensurate with current human population and technology. Face the fact that this picture is ok with the billionaires who own our governments. Realize that it's also fine with them if we argue and fight amongst ourselves. As long as they have power, this is the direction the world is headed, period.

  43. Donald trump wants to end the world by killing millions of species all animals, the lands and even our pollution. This is scary because its all our fault and trump fault.

  44. Russia has a vested interest in making Climate Change happen, not only will it massively benefit the country through the opening of agricultural lands but also from the economic advantage of the melting Arctic which will provide a northern shipping route and access to trillions of dollars in natural resources. Climate change also has the benefit that it will destroy America's economy, food security and social stability. A lot of the trolls saying the CNN is fake and climate change is a lie and the the UN just wants money; they could well be Russian agents.

  45. OK, normally scientists don't predict the future, cause basically a lot people are taking a stand like before in 1900's, if people want humans to go extinct, then the shut the hell up. Deal with it, we people make mistakes but it doesn't mean we're cancer, this whole document case about human threatening nature needs to stop. Seriously… 😑

  46. Kim Jong , Mr Putin , China nuke a super Volcano like YELLOWSTONE and save the world ! rofl BUUURRRRR it will be cold and end global warming in a matter of hours.
    YELLOWSTONE IS KEY to instant purification baby !

  47. We are nothing than our own enemy. We are killing ourselves a slow and painful death. And when Homo sapiens is extinct Planet Earth will flourish again.

  48. The number one thing we can do if we want to slow down climate change is to stop having so many babies. People cause climate change, and another billion people (or another 2 billion people), will cost us. In order to feed those people, we will need more deforestation in order to harvest those resources and to create more farm land. Farm land doesn't just directly feed people. 80% of all animals are livestock and soybean & corn crops are needed to feed livestock. Or course, you know how much C02 cows produce. Also, we need longer growing seasons to produce food to sustain growing populations. Climate change is inevitable with population growth and is needed in order to feed a growing people and livestock population. How much energy is needed to produce and move the food for another billion people. Population growth is the single largest factor on energy and food consumption.

  49. We won’t act we all know it people would rather get gay rights then save the earth and when people wanna get rights to something and know they only have 12 years left to change that’s really sad I’m not here to look for attention but that’s the reason I’m depressed I have lost all faith in humanity this is our one chance our last chance to make things right if it was me I would start replanting trees Gathering up extinct animals have them breed start replacing lights with leds these big fish farm companies are completely ignorant and stuck up same as the president he is diving people into to deeper shit and for what? So he can have his beliefs and the fish farms will take the oceans They’ll be gone by 2022 probably not even my advice protest if it was me if I lived in the “the great us of a” I would walk right up to the whitehouse and have a protest get noticed don’t just sit back actually do something but I can’t because I’m only a 14 year old boy with a small mind and I’m still a “minor” so I’m still learning how the world “works” but people we have 12 YEARS to make a difference or humanity will fall and knowing us knowing how we work we won’t save the earth the earth will fall BUT but we can still do something we can still save this planet but we have to make that choice even if it means creating more chaos it’s for the future of man kind

  50. If you are anti-climate science you’re a literal example of Darwinism. We can’t let these idiots cause the human race to go extinct because of their stupidity.

  51. In stead of a multicultural, tolerant and scientific world we chose to all hate multiculturalism, we hate science and we are not tolerant beings.
    Its too late. We rather make jokes and or act tough online for likes and a thumbs up.
    Just prepare to die and prepare your children and grandchildren to die a most horrific death. In the meantime try to enjoy your last 50 something years on earth.

  52. We’ve needed a wake-up call… for fucking ages! So congratulations, my generation’s children may not have a planet to live on, but a lifeless husk…

  53. Dont worry this is a good thing we'll reach a point where we break the planet and 5 billiion will die due too lack of resources and then we will learn the hard way and then we will go to war for resources then another billion will die and then we will be back to a stable population that wont harm the earth as much and then in another 100,000 years histiry will repeat itself if we even still here by then

  54. Just because these people have an english accent, doesn't mean they know what they are talking about.

  55. Fake You do know the reason trees get cancer is because they used carbon in photosynthesis ,
    Which Means You wanna start charging the trees right ,
    Theirs 4 refining Factory outside the usa ran 247 ,
    Theirs also 4 rivers from China Japan Venezuela Portugal literally run tons of plastic out to sea .
    * you guys really have the balls to say that it's all of humanity polluting* ?
    I hope You guys get sterilized by antibacterial soy coated poison

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