Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

When did it happen? Morning. Around 11-ish. How many men? One. Were you sexually active
before the assault? No. Did he ejaculate? Do men ever stop before it? Film Director Rohan Ravi Khurana.. ..raped a backward class junior
costume assistant Anjali Vasudev Dangle. Tell me all the facts. I will tell you everything. But will not accept anything in court. Leave all of that to me;
I know how to present facts in court. Ms. Dangle, why did you go to
Ravi Khurana’s room in the first place? He forced me. Did he lift you in his arms?
Push you? Or drag you? How? Objection; badgering the witness. The fingernail scrapings
are considered conclusive evidence. The fingernail section is empty. Objection. I think the defence
counsel is forgetting.. ..the injury on the inner
thighs of Anjali Dangle. They could be marks of aggressive sex. The defence counsel has many stories.. ..but no evidence to
corroborate his stories. Even after everything that happened.. went back to Rohan Khurana’s house. Twice. Alone. She was not expecting to be raped,
your honour. According to Section 375 of IPC.. ..consent and permission are important. Mumbai is standing firm for its daughter. We’ve to wait and see how
the state’s judiciary does justice? This evidence is tainted. And such tainted evidence
is not admissible in any court. How will you feel winning
this case only on technical grounds? You think justice will be done. We’re not in the business of justice. We’re in the business of Law. This is exactly why I left your chamber. – Do you think you..
– Don’t. Never ask me that question. But that man is a convicted rapist, Tarun. And in the current scenario,
it’s not correct to defend him. Even a convicted rapist
has the constitutional.. ..right to a proper legal defence. The defence will prove.. ..that this case is a
classic example of a woman.. ..using as a weapon.. ..the very Law that
was made to protect her.

93 thoughts on “Section 375 Official Trailer | Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha,Ajay Bahl | Releasing 13 September 2019

  1. All the story's you hear… I guess in india men are allowed to rape women as women have no right in a racist hindu stat….I guess they must teach them not to respect ur wife.sister.mother.daughter in Hinduism cant belive it happens in this day and age…wat about the casting system unbelievable I'm sorry for women in INDIA guess Modi doent care…hes too busy on how to trim the india population by starting a war

  2. Will be a good movie …guess india likes these story's cause it makes a good movie…I wonder how many top actresses have had sex or been raped to get good roles one day we may find out when indias women are brave…

  3. Never knew Akshay Khanna was this good of an actor I think Hulchul was his best feel good to see he is again into films now abb Khan chod kar Khanna ko dekhne mein thoda acha lagega

  4. ऐसा लग रहा है कुलदीप सेंगर को बचाने के लिए फिल्म निकली गई हो । कुछ भी हो है उस बलात्कारी को सजा मिलनी चाहिए।

  5. Wow… What an interesting trailer!!! There are contradictory viewpoints in the trailer itself. I'm already in love with this thriller. Thanks to the "entire film crew"

  6. “Convicted rapist too has a constitutional right to get proper legal defence” Such lines in Bollywood movies. My legal heart just died 💘💕

  7. Again Feminism aur LGBTQ ka gungan, ye sale bhadve #BollyDawoods imaginary story ko true story karke Sanatan dharm ko barbad karke chodenge, Mai aab tak intejaar kar raha hu koi film tho aye jisme Pissfuls Abdul chicha ko bakri rape wala case me fasa hai!!

  8. ढोल गवार शुद्र पशु नारी,
    सकल ताड़ना के अधिकारी……..😡😡😡

  9. Lots of examples are there where article 375 used as weapon to molest a man….I think this FIL will change the mindset

  10. I love how all the Indian people are typing in English so I can understand what theyre saying. I wish they had a translation feature for foreign comments.

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  12. Article 375 का ट्रेलर देखकर ऐसा क्यों लग रहा है कि ये फिल्म श्रीमान शाइनी आहूजा के जीवन से प्रभावित है. . !

  13. Our Jason statham is back in a hard hitting film & especially his dialogue in the last part is actually a reality

  14. Akshay Khanna which is best
    Bollywood Bollywood is vesting
    you like and comment👇👇👇👇

  15. What did you beautiful so sweet

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  17. T-series has >150 videos with >100 million views. The only 2 videos where Pewdi has >100 millions views are about Almighty T.

  18. This movie has been made to divide Hindus only. What about Muslims who have raped Hindu girls? Can the same Bollywood Director make the film on the Outrageous Muslim Rapist?

  19. Ye movie admi log hi bnaye honge. Bna lo puruso ka support krna jruri h na tumlog ko to bna Dali movie.. Ldkiya Jan bujhe kr bdnam Hona psnd kregi kya. Agr kr bhi rhi hogi to ldke ka khi na khi kuch bdi glti hogi.. Apni jaaat yad nhi kya. Jo girls pe ungli udhane Chle. Pehle apne app ko to dekh lo. India aj bhi purus Prdhan h. Or app log sb or bnana chahte ho.. Hmko ab jine do chain se.itna hi support krna h ldke log ko to mhila protection ka koi niym hi Mt bnao. Thhhuuuuuuuuu

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