100 thoughts on “Sen. Ted Cruz on Sen. Mike Lee’s public frustration with intel briefing on Soleimani strike

  1. the congress is the worst problem we have .we got to get term limits and next election not only get the evil, traitor democrats but also vote new republicans in office.

  2. Israel was going to take out Soleimani years ago but Obama put a stop to that. In other words Obama just kicked the stone down the road. So now Trump had the balls that Obama didn't have. In the mean time Soleimani killed and injured many people. The next time you see an ex-soldier with 2 artificial legs remember it was because of Soleimani's dirty work.

  3. So fact checking is wrong? Get this guy out of here. Ted Cruz is an idiot. Trump needs better protection.

  4. I’ve stopped being polite to the neighborhood Mormon door knockers. Anyone stupid enough to continue voting in Lee and stupid enough to elect NoRomney doesn’t deserve any respect.


  6. Blumenthal is such a slime grub to say the least & his face looks like a snakes’ head! But then, he is indeed a slime snake!🤬

  7. Dear Americans, I'm repeating it again. You can't have the better president as Donald Trump ever for the current time. He may be the only president chosen by God 🙏 until the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior….. Those who didn't accept Jesus you better think quickly 😉
    Btw senator Cruz is a good man and no lesser leader than any

  8. Wasn’t 600 service men killed by Soleimani enough ? Killing the contractor was not enough? Want setting our embassy on fire and destroying everything enough? How about shutting down our drones ? Do you need to even question the intention of this Evil doer? Which side of Justice are you on? You are either with America or you are NOT!

  9. Obama should be arrested for treason & the money he secretly (no real secret) is disgusting! That was our taxpayers money!!!

  10. The traitorous democrats not only give Iran the money to build the missiles, now they want to prevent our president from being able to protect us from them. What the hell is wrong with them? We have got to get rid of those Demonocrats.

  11. It's actually Mike Hunt. I'm fact checking. And why have they got Freddy Krueger at 1:18? Still fact checking. None of this is in my purview anyway.

  12. I am so sick and tired of Republicans griping about the president's speech! So annoying! Couldn't they see that President Trump was exhausted! They couldn't do any better if they went through this! They need to be more supportive because they were elected to be decent to the president. What is the matter with them?!!!

  13. im so sick of these liberals and liberal media. they are enemys to the constitution and american working class people

  14. The only reason why Congress can Claire War it's because they have the power of the purse. But the president of the United States it is Commander in Chief he has the power of the sword

  15. What a win for Russia, higher fuel prices and increased arms sales to Iran. Why are there not sanctions on Russia?

  16. Try supporting your President. He knows best. Trump was right. You all that are disagreeing with your President are not being right. He did this country a great service. You are wrong President has all the power to engage in an attack.

  17. The bimbo asks a democrat talking point question but when he starts to nuke it, she interrupts
    and changes the subject. She's a lib in disguise.

  18. Mike Lee is too busy with his H1B visa bill for big tech to be concerned with American workers. Sorry sap sold out a long time ago. He may well be the worst senator from Utah.

  19. People will answer if the decision was correct by voting for trump. Thank you Trump. You are brave and love USA.

  20. Rumor has it, Soleimani asked Trump "Can you send us some more of that cash?", to which he was told "go wait for it by the airport".

  21. Democrats always exposing their sub-normal Trump derangement syndrome. They don't even realise they are doing it – they are utterly absurd and utterly unfit for office and unfit for purpose. Come November………

  22. So dismissing congress is ok for this sycophant of trump. It is evident this person has not a clue of what is required by the constitution. Republicans are just now comprehending how futile they are.

  23. So dismissing congress is ok for this sycophant of trump. It is evident this person has not a clue of what is required by the constitution. Republicans are just now comprehending how futile they are.

  24. Is this Mike Lee character from Utah on drugs? He had the camera charisma I'd expect from that crazy homeless guy down the street chanting the end is nigh .

  25. Maybe if Iran hears all the democrats saying please don't do anything, it will embolden them. I don't get Mike Lee's tirade.

  26. When push comes to shove, you stand by your CIA, you stand by your FBI, and
    you stand by your Commander in Chief. Until you get him out of office, or not,
    you stand by your Commander in Chief.

  27. Mike Lee, signed on to a massive H2B Immagrant Visa Corporation plan. I used to like you. Now I DON'T. RINO. Sell-out. Took the money. Might as well be a "Never Trump" scumbag in sheeps clothing. This is why America despises our representatives. Because they have no problem knifing us in our back. Rot in hell.

  28. Complaining about mainstream media, and claiming they "support" iran for pointing out facts on the Obama's conspiracy is a joke, they debunk it and just because it opposes Republican ignorance it's wrong? Ted Cruz is a joke defending a guy that insulted his wife, what a cuckboy.

  29. Will you cover how Omar laughed while the count of dead and wounded Americans were counted during a press conference today?

  30. To all you naysayers about evolution, observe and and behold as the republican party continues to evolve from their current mammalian state into cold blooded reptiles. A new breed of walking serpents with conniving and diabolical grins as if interbred with sharks. Stay tuned in to Fox as "news" anchors continue adapt to their infinite spewing of Trump toxicity with next evolutionary step thereafter– soulless orange/red demons with horns and pitchforks that will eat your children for breakfast to maintain a Fox anchorman paycheck.

  31. It seems like too many members of congress are losing it these days. The rest have been out to lunch for years. We need stable leadership, not stuffed suits and skirts.

  32. Why doesn’t Fox identify those Nay Sayer’s in this report (D- Blumenthal and Lee)…when you show them being anti-American. Those who defend Iran’s regime stance are traitors … and it’s those people MY President is also trying to protect from these murderers and themselves…I think the AP Mediannites have been smoking too much crack.

  33. Soleimani drills holes into the legs of children to torture them. Well he is now dead. Thank G-d.

    And Trump is trying to avoid a long term sustained military engagement by showing dominance through short term escalation. If he succeeds, war is avoided and a Dec. Of War is not needed.

  34. This is more about hurt feelings, butt hurt, Trump derangement and politics. No one bitched about Obama taking out Bin Laden without congressional approval.

  35. I agree that the President can act militarily against an enemy without congressional authorization to deal with an emergency. However, had the President kept his word and pulled our people out of that dangerous region there would have been no emergency in the first place. Keep your word, Mr President and bring our people home.

  36. The Democrats want to canonize him they should just all fly out to Iran with their wives free Burkas will be handed to them on arrival.

  37. this country is rapidly becoming a socialist electing anti-american coup oriented republic.may god forbib,if it does not stop,we will be in a great civil war.if this anti-american agenda isn't checked,true patriots will be forced to eleminate the radicals.

  38. The major problem is Congress gave the president to much war power too long ago and gave their responsibility to the executive branch and has been lazy about it for many decades.

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