Shani the Zebra’s incredible escape from ferocious crocodiles – BBC

Shani the Zebra’s incredible escape from ferocious crocodiles – BBC

After days of feasting the crocodiles are sleeping it off It’s now or never Hungry or not, no crocodile can ever be trusted Crocodiles aren’t the only danger the current takes many lives Now it’s Shani who is fighting for her life Crocodiles never give up but neither do mothers Shani’s calls go unanswered Her foal is swept far away Exhausted Vulnerable He’s oblivious to the danger His life is spared this time

100 thoughts on “Shani the Zebra’s incredible escape from ferocious crocodiles – BBC

  1. I have eaten zebra meat in Africa before, it has a similar taste to deer but it is much more lean. I prefer to eat cows 🐮

  2. Well yes I know that's honest work and you have improvised alot to programme that sacred texts smoothie but this has turned into a different situation you weren't supposed to massacre all those outstanding old friends for some sort of peasant joke

  3. Ok this is entertaining 《《《《 !!!!!!!! BUT ANIMALS NEED HELP NOW 2019 IN A SERIOUS WAY BY 2030 IT WILL BE TO LATE hear me you ignorant humans!

  4. Ох і зебреня, протопталось по Гєні невозбранно і поскакало собі далі

  5. Zebra horse strong like Beast Ox. Crocodile mouth big like cavern. Croc eat Zebra horse. Zebra horse eat grass of the land. Bearded Ox also eat grass. Field Rat eat everything. Ram eat grass. Crocodile eat animals like Field Rat. All animals clever like Rooster.

  6. Sorry Shani, but your escape is literally trampled on by the end of the clip. That little Zebra is going places.

  7. Of course we only have to look at the tight editing to see it's made up. The same scene with humans would have needed many takes

  8. BBC is the only TV channel that knows the name of every animal on earth. Apart from the crocodiles. Makes me proud to be British.

  9. I love Zebras…they maybe the original horse. I hate crocodiles and especially horrible hyenas 🙁

  10. What kind of GC garbage is this, is BBC going to start throwing lemmings over cliffs now and say they are committing suicide? Examples 1:00 take a look at the terrible blending of water and head, Something looks off about the Zebra jumping over the croc at 2:30 as well, almost like it tripped over rocks and someone added a croc in. Would love for an expert to take a look at this.

  11. Baby zerbra at 1:00 is not the same baby zebra at 2:41
    Just look at the pattern below the left eye.
    What a scam!!!!

  12. don't go zebra ~~~~~!!!!!!!😫😭😢😭😭😭oh no 다큐멘터리랑 동물 좋아해요 다큐멘터리하면 BBc 이죠

  13. This is the natural life of the wild, I like and need to learn about it more and more. Thank you for share this video

  14. I would like to offer my services to the numb nuts who film this stuff , I could for expenses only come along with a 303 ,and blow the heads of the crocs ,making sure all the cute little Zeberas get across , Now than would be far more entertaining


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