Shocking footage of man attacked by gang on Tower Bridge

Shocking footage of man attacked by gang on Tower Bridge

Police have released this CCTV footage of a man being viciously attacked by a group of 10-12
young men at Tower Bridge in London. It happened at approximately 10pm on Sunday
31st May when the victim, who’s a 29-year-old man, was walking along the south side of the iconic
bridge, after returning from a friend’s wedding. He was approached by the group who were walking
in the opposite direction. As the group walked past one of them punched
the victim in the back of the head. As he fell to the ground, the other men joined
in and forcibly kicked him in the head several times. The unprovoked attack lasted for around a
minute and the victim suffered cuts and bruises. The attackers are described as being in their
mid/late teens to early 20’s and from an Asian background. They spoke with local East London accents
and were dressed in hooded tops, jackets and tracksuit bottoms. Two of the men were also riding on TFL hired
bikes. City of London police are now appealing for
witnesses to get in touch and say the victim was lucky to walk away with just cuts and bruises.

34 thoughts on “Shocking footage of man attacked by gang on Tower Bridge

  1. Get ready Britain, things like this will start becoming an often occurrence if they even get reported at all. Certain minorities will take advantage of your leftist liberal white apologist government and society and begin to beat on you when they feel like without it being a race motivated attack and probably get away with it by pulling the race or religion card out. While on the other hand no white Briton could ever dare doing the same without being branded a Nazi. That's right, they'll start to outnumber you and take over complete neighbourhoods with their bigger birth rates and never want to integrate. So prepare for an ethnically segregated Britain with racial tension everywhere and the death of the British culture and native peoples identity and dignity, thank the leftists for this.

  2. Why won't the media ever be honest?

    Muslim gang that exist because of our destructive immigration policies

  3. Another perfect example of "rather have a gun and not need it, than need a gun and not have it". As a phone, guns can save your life, if well used.

  4. The most watched place on earth.. watch no arrests. All this shit about race. What would happen if they were white beating a man of colour. . Yeah what

  5. So can we call this racially motivated? If it was the other way around it would be. Get used to it, England is only going to get worse.

  6. How brave of them to fight the guy 12 on 1.
    They should be given a medal. Or shot. Preferably the latter.

  7. Young Muslim men… They don't have girlfriends & can't 'fuck' until they are married… So, This kind of behaviour ensues…

  8. So where were our useless police whist all this was happening, pity it weren't that useless idiot Boris, it might have woken him up

  9. if you take action on those thoughts to hurt others you dont deserve a life ffs death penalty for every violent occurrence please

  10. English scum. Worse nation in the world well actually maybe Russia but it's a close one to who is the shittest. Send them lads to Ireland, they won't last. My nation doesn't attack people we laugh at people trying to be hard then when they swing at us we knock them out and leave them there.

  11. Cowards. Real men don't need to belong to a gang, only gutless cowards join gangs because they are scared.

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