66 thoughts on “Shooting occurs during live television report

  1. More guns more guns they could have protected themselves if they were armed. Anyway RIP

  2. I'm sorry, I simply cannot believe anything CNN says (especially knowing their agenda). I didn't see anyone get shot on this video, I heard screaming and saw a camera hit the ground. I need outside verification before I can believe this. Too many fake shootings from this captured government and media. Condolences to the victims (if there are any) personally I doubt it.

  3. Crazy fools makes you not want to leave home without a gun. And don't give me that outlaw guns bullshit Jamaica tried the black market is too big in this country we can not create a huge demand on the streets for guns where talking 5 grand for a fully automatic AK47 all over the nation no background checks nothing.

  4. WHEN is America going to DO something about the cancer of Guns & Violence, eating away at it. WHY is there a culture of total and complete COWARDICE in it's Government and Judiciary…???????? WHY…?????

  5. It could be another government sponsored false flag to push gun control. Either way tho my thought and prayers go out to the family's of those who were lost…and to the motherfucker who did this cowardly act what goes around comes around.

  6. No you will not get away with another fake shooting again! not this time! This is bullshit, not another sandy hook please

  7. Just another case of black on white crime….but this time they can't ignore it. Ironic that it happened to a reporter. At least she got some real news out. RIP.

  8. They need to stop sensationalizing this news. In his information to the media, the killer/ex-reporter brought up Columbine and the church killings. They sensationalized that as well. They will show this story on TV on every station all day and night and it will be on for the next 2 weeks as they bring in every single detail. After that, they will throw in their so-called experts to give their opinions to why he murdered and that will go on for two more weeks. They will show his face and mention his names at least a thousand times.

    If they would just report it as news, mention the families involved, then stop; it wouldn't lead to more people who plan to off themselves after doing more killings. These mental cases see this as some kind of martyrdom and stardom as they murder then kill themselves. The news stations have to learn when to stop worrying about ratings and save lives.

  9. I'm just curious if the so called "news" is part of the problem? These people I think are shooting people so to get their day on the news with everyone talking about them every hour of the day and if lucky a book written on them? The news is part of the problem why people do this IMO.

  10. Also have you seen this one? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b0c_1440615353. If you notice there are no impact marks and the woman doesn't flinch from being shot at such close range, a large muzzle flash and low recoil indicates a blank bullet being fired.

  11. this American gun culture is sickening how many more kids and innocent people have to die before those fucken crooks in Washington ban the firearms from public.

  12. What's the difference between this deranged shit-colored narcissistic queer and the shit-colored narcissistic queer in the white house, this one couldn't read a teleprompter.

  13. Looking at so many of these comments Americans seem to be AMAZINGLY stupid by and large. I really am surprised, maybe Youtube isn't a fair barometer, but holy fuck what a bunch of thick idiots.

  14. Get it!!!!! Trough your hard thick head???? it is not the guns!!!!!!! It's the people handling the guns!!!! It's not the guns it's the one pulling the trigger……come on people were are your
    Brains…….get it right!!!!! It's people not guns!!!!

  15. The shooters hand looks white. Could this be a lighting/optical illusion or is the shooter actually white and this a false flag operation. The video needs to be more carefuly analyzed. questions need to be asked

  16. So when Dylann Roof killed with a gun, blacks in Charleston, a racially motivated person, liberals blame it on "white" racism. Now when this African American, racially motivated man kills 2 whites liberals immediately blame guns.

  17. What stupid people ? I live in third world but I prefer to live her to come in your damn contriey united armed of amirca u.a.a

  18. It was fake. Lookup the shooter's full unedited video. There are no shell casings exiting the gun after he fired off shots. Chris Hurst Tweeted about missing his girlfriend Alison Parker, ten minutes before she was killed. WAKE UP! It was FAKED!

  19. lo sentimos tanto por la pérdida de la periodista y el joven periodista de parte de la familia torres Diaz de Hayward Ca.

  20. And tell me how she can just keep running after supposed getting hit atleast 3 times. + they dont notis he is holding a gun for the first time while the cam man dont even film those 2 he actually film the wiev and not the 2 he supposed to. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=225_1440602498

  21. All “actors” were complicit for the shooter to pull this off.  How can 1 man sneak up on 3 people without their cooperation?  How would the shooter know
    none of them would see him or hear him? The location was isolated on top of a 2
    level deck which means it took effort to come up the deck as they were not
    standing on a street corner for an easy hit. You are filming live at 6:45am in
    the morning on the deck of a multi floor complex.  Alison, Adam, and the woman have 6 ears and none of them heard his steps on that wooden deck. Alison and Adam had 6 eyes and not one eye recognize this heavy set black man approaching.  How would the shooter know none of them would see him or hear him? Adam turned his camera away at just the right time to be panning the landscape for the shooter to be inches away with the gun breathing down his back without him noticing. For the shooter to be successful, it required the participation of all actors to be doing exactly what he needed to pull it off which means HOAX.

  22. What do Sandy Hook, Charleston, Boston and Virginia shooting all have in common or as I call it. What is their Modus Operundi?

    Family members bypass normal responces to losing a loved one, denial and anger. They move straight into forgiveness within hours and are able to speak eloquently of great times shared with that special person they will never repeat. All without shedding a single tear. Impecably dressed and groomed, having plenty of energy and fight left to support political agendas like gun control while plugging donation pages they've had time to learn about, agree to and endorse.

    Did they also investigate who was first on scene to tend to their loved one? Weather they were still alive? Who called paramedics? How long it took them to atttend and if their was anything they could have done? Who pronounced them dead? Who informed other family members before it was broadcast around thew world?

    Am I a whacky conspiracy theorist for pointing out the obvious? I'm sorry but accusing somebody of being incensative and playing the simpathy card when attack after attacks take the same, subnormal patterns doesn't work anymore. Anderson has been caught using greenscreen before and pretending to be on scene at a memorial. That's sick and twisted. If these attacks are real. these people are the most selfish, gready, tough, calculated scumbags to walk the earth.

  23. Disturbing video? What, no blood? Total bs hoax. That guys making a pass at her. Phahaha You know how these stations are, spending lots of time together. Wink wink. hahaha

  24. It's totally fake. 100%. Can prove it. 18 seconds in on the phone vid "Alison" turns to look at the gun man.

    Then there's an editing glitch on the TV camera at shot 7 which even freezes the fall of the camera and a continuity error after shot 8 where you clearly hear Alison scream "OH MY GOD" on the TV and not at all on the phone.

    100% fake confirmed.

  25. All you have to do to know this is a hoax is to look at the lack of emotions from the father and boyfriend. Along with the fact of their non stop media interviews were all they can can talk about is gun control. America is waking up.

  26. CNN…you are liars…fake ebola…fake beheadings…fake shootings……we need an employee to come out with all this fake stuff…

  27. Proven fake: the news video does not match the shooters video. Check it out, takes 5 minutes and the results are profound.

  28. I was driving my tractor trailer the day this happened on interstate 66 west in Virginia every law enforcement official you possibly imagine was on the interstate had guy surrounded who committed the murders after he wrecked .He committed suicide we sat on interstate for hours finally routed us off some rural roads because they closed the interstate

  29. CNN reports on all the shootings but where are all the caskets and funerals after all these mass shootings not one report on them🤔

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