‘Shut up’: CNN Charlottesville panel gets fiery

‘Shut up’: CNN Charlottesville panel gets fiery

Charlottesville is an egregious symptom
of whether you want to keep jumping trollop I want you coming from one claim
I mean factual and you are dismissing it and you know perhaps if you would
actually speak to the heart I know we could generalize I got some on let’s get
a point of clarification Ken what are you disagreeing with exactly Simone’s
argument likely that you know you know what why primarily are about you know
what robert e lee evokes that’s what they use for the basis for coming
together what is your point of disagreement exactly well my point of
disagreement is that that was an excuse to bring these groups together the local
bloggers who got the permit to protest the removal of the robert e lee statue
then glue this up that was an excuse look at the nebula now they got the
permit and can I finish Simone we just shut up for a minute let me follow me in
that matter all over the country more when they both of you stop for a second
Simone now we’re on this project now we file again and come on hold on a second
you need a reset you need a reset Ken you don’t want to use language like that
when you’re talking to someone you can just agree but you don’t you don’t talk
like that on this show you know but I’m not getting interrupted
I know but then we don’t tell people to shut up on them

100 thoughts on “‘Shut up’: CNN Charlottesville panel gets fiery


  2. He should tell that bitch to shut the fuck up like she just did this past weekend when addressing other black men. She disagrees with Luther Campbell stance on Kamala Harris that Communist bitch announce that all black man should shut up

  3. Looks like she takes wight lifting steroids. There is more about the Civil War then is being told. It needs to be researched in an unbiased way. At the end of the war Lee advised the former slaves to own land. Why would he do that?

  4. I could not agree with him more she needs to shut her ass up. She's a loud mouth witch. she thinks because she is a woman she can over talk and make men back down. She is just another loud mouth heifer.

  5. He should have been in the same room with her so he could slapped and choked her unconscious then kept speaking to get his points out. This is what should happen to these reckless mouth black women, then mabey they would learn some respect and decency.

  6. Liked for Kenneth's comment towards this bigoted ignorant racist blowhard. Disliked for the bigoted ignorant racist blowhard. Disliked for CNN. Overall, a dislike from me.

  7. Simone has poor temperament. She always goes fully unhinged, and it's not appropriate for 'News' but then again this is CNN afterall

  8. Ken: “you keep jumping (symone interrupts) from point to point”
    Symone: “I’m not jumping to conclusions sir, I’m being factual”

    Umm symone ya just did! You jumped to a conclusion. By saying you don’t jump to conclusions. Stupidity at its finest.

  9. We need less fat big mouthed black females running their mouths on the New Democrat plantations.

  10. The fact that so many people hate this front stoop hoodrat and she still has a platform says a lot about what America is trying to do!

  11. And yet again, a black woman is being bashed for standing up for her respect. It was all well and fine as long as they were interrupting EACH OTHER but to tell her to shut up on national TV?? Totally unprofessional. Idc what insults y’all throw at her, it’s completely out of order on his behalf…

  12. Telling someone to 'shut up' is far from the worst thing ever said on this trash heap of a network.

  13. The fact that nobody on the left can figure out how racist Symone Sanders is, shows that we have real problems in this country.

  14. CNN and their hired robots are evil. They start the negativity heighten it into drama. CNN is a loser. Best not to give them any weight or view. Are they so focus on a trophy that os today but gone tomorrow and loss their name and reputation?

  15. Simone Sanders said that the BLMkidnappers who abducted and tortured a mentally disabled white kid should not be callously labeled as hate crime.

  16. The typical hog-mouth, nut lip, loud, aggressive, piece of vermin! It belongs on a table with a apple in its mouth!

  17. What a lying, word salad, tough talk bitch this Symone is ! Another whore to the establishment Just stinky gas comes out of her big mouth ! Check out Tim Blacks remarks on this hypocrite scoundrel on TBTV . Tim is tough and HONEST.

  18. Fredo Cuomo can't moderate a debate. Why does he even have a show? What a farce. They brought him in for an interview, refused to let him speak, interrupted him constantly, and then scolded him for trying to get a word in edgewise. Big mouth Simone shouted "WHITE SUPREMECY" over and over so Ken couldn't be heard. What a witch.

  19. I understand CC that you don't allow people to tell people to shut up on your show. However , don't you see how Symone Sanders feeds the perception of the Angry Black Woman Stereotype? Why is it always on CNN that these interviews seem to get out of the control of the host? Do y'all at CNN plan it that way? Even if you're a Black liberal and you agree with everything that she's saying, do you feel that the level of emotional intensity is appropriate or necessary? Maybe it's an attempt at ratings boost???

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