Social Media Prank Ft. Guillermo and Jack Vale on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Social Media Prank Ft. Guillermo and Jack Vale on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Hey guys, I’m Jack Vale. One of the things I’m known
for is doing social media experiments where I search
online profiles of people nearby me, and then
find them on foot. And by the time I find
them, I learned all kinds of information about them
so I blow their minds. Recently I teamed
up with Jimmy Kimmel to use Chevy’s new built-in 4G
Wi-Fi to locate these people. I picked up my wife,
my two oldest sons. We even picked up
Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel live to help us out. Watch this. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re going to pick
up Guillermo up here. He’s waiting for us. [MUSIC PLAYING] How are you? Good. Good. Good to see you, buddy. You brought your lunch, huh? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’ll get hungry a lot. You do? Yeah. Yeah. Did you bring enough for me? I did, but you made
me wait so I ate it. So why I am stuck in the middle? Well– [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ll find people like posing
on Hollywood Boulevard, and then we’ll find them
by clicking on their name. And we’ll find all
their other posts and learn all kinds of
information about them. Can we do horny ladies? All right, guys. We’re going to connect to
the Chevy Equinox’s 4G Wi-Fi. So we’re going to find people
by searching their social media profiles. People in the area here. Don’t let me down. Especially you, Guillermo. OK. Can I eat in here? Can we find some people first? OK. And then I can eat here? Yes, you can eat in here. OK. All right. You’ll get to eat, I promise. All right. I love food, alcohol, and women. Hey, Jack. I got one! She just took a selfie
on Hollywood Boulevard. Her name is Shelby. All right, that’s her. I see her. She’s wearing black and white. That’s definitely her. Sure. Yeah. All right, start
feeding me some lines. I have like three
pieces of information. She has a white dog named Cody. She made homemade sorbet. Excuse me. Sorry to bother you. Do you have a little
white dog by chance? No? Not really. Oh, OK, sorry. I just– I walked by you and
I immediately like– the name Cody flashed through my head. Cody. That’s my parent’s– It is? Yeah, that’s my childhood dog. Shut up. Shut– you shut up. I’ve never even known
a dog named Cody. Yeah, I know, Jack. That’s a silly name for a dog. Spa– Bologna– Spa– Jack, her name is
“Shelby Espalgonie” Cher– are you Sh– Shelby “Es-pa-chonie.” I was almost going
to say Sherry, but that’s actually
my wife’s name. It’s not Sherry. It’s Shell– Shelby. Shelby. Shelby “Palonie.” Your name’s Shelby. Oh, my God. My name is Shelby. That’s right. And your last name starts
with an “S” as well, but I don’t see that. But I know it
starts with an “S.” Who are you? Shelby “Es-pa-tonie.” The second– the second
letter of your last name is a “P” I want to say. Like– and then an “A.” Spa– Jack, just call her Shelby. Forget about her last name. Jack, she like music. She perform on the
Viper– on the Viper Room. In Sunset Strip. You’re some kind of
a performer, right? This is a long shot, but
were you at the Viper Room? Yes, yes. That’s why. I play at the Viper Room. That’s why. What is going on? She make homemade sorbet. I don’t know. What is that? Homemade like
sherbet, or sorbet, and you were proud of it. Like you had a sorbet
that somebody made. I make those all the time, yes. Right. Ask her if she
can bring me some. For the whole family. That’s why. What is going on? Stop, Jack. You’re freaking her out. Yeah, stop Jack. That’s it. Listen to your papa. That’s it. No more. You posted a selfie on
Instagram and that’s how I found out all that
information about you. And don’t forget those sorbets. This is for a segment that
we’re doing for Jimmy Kimmel. There’s a video camera here. There’s a video
camera right there that you didn’t even notice. No, no. I didn’t no. We got her. Yeah! We got her. Yeah! You gotta meet my family. Can I keep the iPad? Oh, yeah. Yeah? All right. Thanks. My son, Chris, is here. Jake– and this is my dad. My dad, Guillermo,
is back there. Love you, buddy. I’m doing good. I’m doing good. It was so fun to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Nice to meet you too. Hey, guys. This is fun. We should do this everyday. Bam! Right there. I worked with him before on
a couple of YouTube videos, and he’s a big Viner. We’re going to go set up
Guillermo to go get him. Joey Saladino. He has a new dog. He got a new tattoo. And he’s very excited because
he just got a new job. But he’s still in Wi-Fi
here in the Coffee Bean. Let’s go get this right now. We’re going to get him. Hey, Joey Saladino. How are you? Look at you. Hey, you look so healthy, man. You were in the
hospital six months ago. You look great. I know everything. Hey, you know what? I want to tell you something. I want to get a tattoo. I hear you have a new tattoo. Let me see. Wow, that’s great? Hey, you by yourself? Where’s your dog? Your new dog? Oh, yeah. He’s at home. Yeah, but we have to charge
you for the Wi-Fi, dude. You have to. Hey Joey, you like booty huh? Hey Joey, you like booty, huh? I love booty. Me too. That’s the only good
thing I like about you. That you like booty. Oh, thanks. Yeah, man. But stealing Wi-Fi–
I don’t like that. He likes pancakes. And you like pancakes too, huh? I love pancakes. Yeah, me too. All right. Has he ever gotten
spit on by a llama? Have you ever gotten
spit on by a llama? A llama? Uh-huh. Yeah, yeah. Take your medicine so you don’t
go back to your hospital– to the hospital. We got him. Yeah! Saladino! Thanks for watching
the video, everybody. I had so much fun
filming with Guillermo, and don’t forget to click the
Subscribe button right here. Huh? See ya later! You recently had lunch,
dinner, or something like that. Chicken. There was chicken involved. I know for sure. Shut the hell up! Ha ha! That right? Did I get that
medical part right? Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Social Media Prank Ft. Guillermo and Jack Vale on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  1. You should make a social media prank and pretend you're from the future and already know the people and here to send them a msg

  2. You should do a teddy bear stalker prank where you make a teddy bear stalk someone and make it keep reappearing to creep them out!

  3. You should get a student driver bumper sticker and drive near college campuses and see if the students there try and mess with you

  4. Wow! This was great! I know a person that something like this happened to, his name was Scott Cooper from Nampa Idaho. Wonderful video we should all give a good standoff for this. Anderson –

  5. The social media prank with just your family was way better than this. Guillermo can't speak English and the cheesy Chevrolet shit is just annoying.

  6. I am a realist. Entertainment has and seems to continue to roll down hill. Hopefully we will as a people through this desperate and continuing search for real entertainment will discover a real jewel in time. Of coarse that will be near the end of all the discoveries and exploitations of the information age. Please, the people need authentic entertainment or all of our minds will continue to degrade and falsely accept less than acceptable "entertainment" Be strong there has to be some entertaining material out there.  

  7. There is more entertainment in watching me care take for my 82 year old Mother. You are also planting a scenario in the minds of less than intelligent criminals who would like to plan crimes using  the "info age" to victimize individuals. I can tell you now that it is a matter of time before something tragic happens and new laws are put in place that will restrict these thousands of "prank" video's due to someone's death or relation to crime etc.

  8. I can't believe you have your own TV show now. I've been following you since you only had a few thousand subscribers. It's amazing that you've gotten the attention you deserve and congratulations on your success. Continue to just be you and keep it as real as possible : )

  9. ~ I don't like it, won't share & sure as hell won't subscribe !!!                                               ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

  10. That was funny
    Man! I just wonder how much work these guys have to do. They sure are having fun though by the looks of it. he, he, he, he, he

  11. I'm laughing when Joey Salads is a Wi-Fi holic xD When he asked by the agent his reaction is : How do you know that??? XD

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