Social Media Tips: Facebook Reach Explained

Social Media Tips: Facebook Reach Explained

This is the fourth episode of our social media tips series. And today it’s all about Facebook Reach. It’s one of the primary KPIS when it comes to measuring the success of your Facebook pages or posts. So, let’s jump right in! What is Facebook Reach? Reach is essentially the number of people that have seen your content within a period of time. Impressions show how often content was seen by people you reached, but one user can view the same content multiple times. For this reason impressions are ALWAYS equal or greater than the reach. In contrast to impressions: Reach is always a unique number. Most importantly: Reach is a private level metric meaning you need Facebook Insights permissions for the pages you want to analyze. Now it is time to talk about reach in more detail. First of there are two kinds of reach: Page Reach and Post Reach. Page reach always gives you the number of people who viewed any content associated with your page. Such as Posts, Pictures etc… The page reach also includes users who have been reached by your ads. Post reach describes the number of people who saw a certain post of your page. So for every post a page published, you can see the number of people you’ve reached. When you analyze Facebook Reach, it’s important to understand that you can only analyze periods that are either 1, 7 or 28 days long. Most importantly: Facebook reach is a unique number, therefore, you can’t sum up daily values of it! Organic, viral, unpaid and paid. If you want to learn more head over to our blog – you can find the link in the description below. There you can get even more detailed information on “Facebook Reach” and even download our handy “Reach Sheet” So, to summarize Facebook Reach is essential when taking a look at whether a post or campaign was successful or not. Facebook Reach as a metric should be a standard social media KPI for every Facebook marketer as it reveals a lot of insights. As to how content is being perceived. So long and happy analyzing. If you any questions find us on twitter!

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  1. In FB Export excel data TOTAL DAILY REACH is LOWER than Paid + Organic Reach. When Viral Rach added it's even lower. Why is that?

  2. Why does it bother me that there is a guy explaining stuff about FACEBOOK, But then when the video ends, Promotes TWITTER????

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