SOLVE 2019 Announcement

SOLVE 2019 Announcement

Hello, everybody. Hello. Good afternoon. Hello. [LAUGHS] I’m Alex Amouyel. And I’m the executive
director of MIT Solve. [WHOOPING] Woo! Yeah. I’m delighted to be here today
as part of this amazing day of celebration. Every year, we launch
four specific challenges around education, health,
economic prosperity, and sustainability. Through open innovation, we
find the most promising tech based social innovators
from all around the world, including those already
right here at MIT. These Solver teams use
AI, machine learning, and many other
technologies to positively improve the lives of
thousands and millions already and hopefully
millions more in the future. I am delighted to
announce that today, we are launching our
four new challenges. They won’t be open until July 1. Selected finalists
will be invited to pitch their solutions
in front of our judges at Solve challenge finals
in New York on September 22. And of those, 32 will be
selected as Solver teams and will receive
support from my team to connect them with a
strong community of funders, corporations, experts, peers,
and more to help advance their work. There’s already $725,000
of funding available so far for this cohort. And over the last
two years, Solve has brokered over $7 million of
funding for our Solver teams. So it’s worth applying. But it’s really also much
more than just funding. And I’d like to notably thank
Eric Schmidt and Schmidt Futures, who you heard
from earlier today, as they’re bringing a
new prize pool to us with $200,000, which
focuses specifically on supporting solutions
that used advanced computing techniques or that leverage
artificial intelligence. So it’s very apt
we’re here today. And thank you, Eric. [APPLAUSE] So our four challenges
are number one, early childhood development. How can every child under five
develop the critical learning and cognitive skills they need
to reach their full potential? Number two, healthy cities. How can urban residents design
and live in environments that promote human health? Number three, circular economy. How can people everywhere
create and consume goods that are renewable,
repairable, reusable, and recyclable? And finally, number four,
community driven innovation. How can citizens and
communities create and improve social inclusion and
shared prosperity? There’s a lot more info on our
website, so do check it out. And everyone is
encouraged to apply. So you can be an MIT
student, faculty, alumni. Or you can be not
related at all to MIT. You can be 13 or 84. And our youngest selected Solver
was 13 when she was selected. You can be a non-profit
or a for profit or not registered at all. You can be working in the US or
anywhere else around the world. It’s about open
innovation, and so we’re looking for the most
promising solutions no matter where they come from. If you have a good solution
for one of these challenges, please apply. If you know people
with good solutions, please tell them to apply. There are lots of other
ways to get involved. Host a Solver fund,
come to Solver MIT, volunteer our events, mentor
our Solver team’s, join Solve as a member, or bring
funding for prize pool. And do get in touch. We’ll only be successful
if everybody gets involved. So thank you and happy solving. [APPLAUSE]

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  1. I think its important for young people to know, ( Young means lots of things, you can be young in lots ways, young is a good thing in many places/paces in the past but young forever, a objective or perspective, with your ("talents") skills abilities and the you worked for and are/our capable of type ), what its important for you to know is this video, is somebody presenting stastics to choose or leverage your abilities, a challenge or competetion. Let me put in perspective, if you a person who involved in applying to multiple challegenges or competetions, You have already created your own challenge, you should make a video of it, those funds that accessible or being presented, by the person in the video, you are aware of, put all the information packets together, along with research and projects and things you know about, create a speciality TGB the way i mean it. ( do you know how to make your own challenge , without (detecting) tighting the scope)

    im writing this not steel Alex Amouyel's video, Alex's video makes it possible to connect these things, that money, funding, what competetions and challegences are, collected data, and "planned" permits or places where it can be done, she might be the go to person for creating your specality, or maybe you know somebody else, maybe you can use both or create a network.
    So think about what it is , what is the yellow pages of funding, what its the white pages and listing of funds and competetitions, type stuff TGB the way i mean it in the past.

  2. Wow. What great challenges! I'll take the time and my organic computing processing to think on one of those.

  3. Very good innovative way of solving the problems that the humanity faces today by getting people around the world to participate in it. Best wishes to M I T.

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