Sony hackers threaten U.S. news organization 소니 해킹 단체

The hackers who have wreaked havoc on Sony
Pictures in recent weeks have reportedly also threatened an American news media organization.
That′s according to an FBI bulletin dated December 24th that has been obtained by the
online publication The Intercept. It says the Guardians of Peace hacker group,…
which has claimed responsibility for the Sony attack,… also warned an unnamed news organization
of a possible attack. U.S. authorities have not commented publicly
on the threat. The FBI has pinned the blame on North Korea
for the hacking attack on Sony,… and a diplomatic source familiar with the investigation…
says they have now linked that attack… to North Korea’s surveillance authority, who
they believe used an IP address… in Shenyang, China.
The U.S. is reportedly asking the Chinese government for help in their probe.

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