Spoken Word Short Film: Notes on Being A Lady – BBC

Spoken Word Short Film: Notes on Being A Lady – BBC

walk don’t talk talk now calmer smile smile not too much teeth all your front teeth all your own teeth your lips are a crescent moon your lips follow me home like the moon follows never leads stays back stay back stay back go further back curve your back and carry this carry this and this push your lips out and your tits and your tongue come come here come quicker come harder be warm wear your needs like a small cross around the neck leave your needs at the door or leave leave your lipstick, should never run but you are always running slow down you are petal without the thorn smell like a bouquet your body is always a thrown bouquet close your mouth cross your legs wear nothing but a mans stare need less sit down stay down good girl say my name like its your own name like its the only thing you own know have left have

34 thoughts on “Spoken Word Short Film: Notes on Being A Lady – BBC

  1. This was about hating White men? What lol I love white men, y’all weird. Beautiful cinematography, well written, one doesn’t have to be Afrocentric to appreciate another artist. Lol Gooooooodmorning America. 😂❤️🇺🇸🥶

  2. Brava!! Bellisimo! Absolutely stunning! This captures the essence of what it's like to grow up as a woman in our society succinctly, yet with an intimate, yet incredibly – sometimes painfully – accurate precision, so that the viewer is left stunned. An absolute masterpiece!

  3. Whilst I agree with the sentiment of this it didn't really land because every group has social pressure. There is a stereotype of what it means to be a man, a woman, a black person, gay person, Muslim etc. Its hardly pioneering art to say that women are socially expected to present themselves in a certain way, like wow… mind blown.

  4. Exellent! Sad and true!💔💓.
    Very well performed!👏👏
    Love the spoken word element!
    This could be a series, sombody should do one on notes being a man.
    Love from Sweden💓🌻

  5. Cringe. Not woke, not creative just cringe reminds me of slam pottery makes me embarrassed to be part of the same generation. Honestly not even hating this just sucked you wont go far just being honest. Zero talent .

  6. How is rejecting the older women in your life working for you? How did it work for her? Have you asked her or are you assume you know?

    I've many young women my statements about what they assume it was like for their mothers and grandmothers. I think it hilarious since apparently many have been indoctrinated by the educational system.

    Disclaimer: I'm not talking about living in Africa or a third world country. That's a different story. I'm talking about live in a first world country.

  7. All the hate comments on this video are from throw away accounts and dudes who will insist they're right about their opinion but have the grammatical prowess of a six year old.

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