STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace – Announcement Trailer | PS4

STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace – Announcement Trailer | PS4


100 thoughts on “STEINS;GATE: My Darling’s Embrace – Announcement Trailer | PS4

  1. I'm excited, but also it's Spike Chunsoft. I don't trust them to not censor things anymore after recent games they've "localized".

  2. this trailer didn't explain anything, I'm currently playing the original on the ps3 that I got as a Playstation Plus game ( one of the very last ps plus games been offered on the ps3 )

    so…… what's the difference between this and the original?

  3. Fã service é algo incrivel e bizarro ao mesmo tempo, fiquei maravilhado e ao mesmo tempo um pouquinho desconfortável ao ver esse trailer com os personagens nessas situações. É algo dificil de explicar, mas posso dizer que apesar do lado "desconfortável" o "maravilhado" supera.

  4. Я не понял, что я увидел, но мне нравится)
    Знаю, что не переведете текст игры на русский. Буду ждать экранизации, если игра вносит что-то новое в сюжет

  5. Is this just a romance harem spinoff where there’s no drama and Okabe finally gets to relax and not suffer?

    This is the will of Steins;Gate

    El Psy Kongroo

  6. More Steins Gate more Storys. There endless timelines so they can make endless Storys. Yes the original Story is done but on the way to the Steins Gate Timeline they create a lot of other timelines. This Timelines exist even without the original Charakter in it. So create every Story a new timeline for new Storys. This Storys make new Timelines for new Storys….. A never ending story.

  7. Whoa never thought I'd see this translated 😳
    It looks like publishers/developers are getting more confident in the visual novel market outside Japan

  8. I love the original Steins;Gate but I haven't been especially impressed by anything else that followed it. Somehow I doubt this is going to change that.

  9. At least they included trophy support. Spike Chunsoft screwed S;G LBP by leaving out trophies. Strangely they included Steam achievements for that platform's release of LBP.

  10. Instead of this garbage cashcow game (and I'm saying this as a massive fan of the original S;G VN) they should have spend the money on translating Chäos;Head Noah instead…

  11. Al parecer soy el único español que comentará sobre esto.. ¿Que acabo de ver? El,Psy, Koongro

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