100 thoughts on “Stelter: Pro-Trump media’s dishonest Russia talking points

  1. I hate when youtube's autoplay brings me to cnn.
    There is no such thing as Trump media.
    There is only real-news and fake-news.
    CNN made the choice to become fake-news, no one force them to tell lies.
    They are working for the "real" enemies of America and "We" will stop them dead in their tracks.
    Rest in hell devils, NOT!
    After 0:27 I'm out.

  2. Clinton colluded with the Russians to sell Uranium to them and paid along with the CNC (formerly known as DNC) for a dossier to frame Trump. There is evidence for that and IT REALLY IS BEING COVERED UP!!😐
    CNN = Retards and Liars. 😐
    Every Damn one of them along with Most of Hollywood really needs to pack up their Retarded Anti-American asses and move to Venezuela or North Korea. 😐
    They would have plenty of fellow Retards in those countries. 😐
    They'd feel right at home! 😯😐

  3. The story is that this is nothing. Nothing at all, nihil, nil. Thirteen clickbait workers in Russia that purchased two Jill Stein advertisements. Please compare to the six billion dollars worth of free air time given to Trump.


  5. Un believable, #fakenews using real news station's to fill time. You degenerates need to report the news not other's news. You are such a joke, close your doors and get a job flippin burgers. Waste of oxygen without a doubt.

  6. This is an example of CNN and reality!

    The truth will tell you a orange is an orange. CNN will tell you the Orange is an apple and when you disagree they will continue to tell you it's an apple until you either believe it's an apple or decide that they are full of s***!

  7. You guys will continue having low ratings. Anyway……. I've listened to about 3 minutes of this crap! Time to go watch the Flintstones!

  8. Stelter. Who do you think you are talking too? No actual thinking person would even take what you say seriously. You take two unrelated things and talk in a circle long enough and say. " See thats proof" Really???

  9. Half Truth Stelter. He hasn't pointed out that the Russians organized the Anti-Trump protest in Nov 2016 and that Michael Moore showed up and participated in it. By CNN standards, that makes Moore a Russian Agent and that he colluded with Russia. In other words, Stelter is hoping that any Russian politicizing in America is ASSUMED to be linked to Trump. Half Truths, the lies you tell when you aren't lying and Stelter is a master. P.S. This is all to distract from all those dead people voting democrat, the real hacking.

  10. CNN is really invested in pushing this Trump-Russia narrative. When the investigation is over, their goal to remove Trump by any means will continue. Obama knew in 2014 that Russia was trying to influence our elections but told the American people in October 2016 that it was impossible for the election to be hacked or rigged in any significant way. CNN reported on the press conference when Obama said this.

  11. It's wonderful to see Fox and the NRA going down…. Putin will really be pissed without these to TRUMP Trolls removed from earth… poooooor Pu

  12. They are correct about THIS indictment, they are not speaking to some hypothetical indictment that might come in the future, seems CNN is doing the misleading here. All these mainstream media sources are liars. CNN, MSNBC are all as bad as Fox. Shame on those trying to compare facebook posts to 9/11 and pearl harbor…give me a break!





  14. cnn should be ashamed of themselves for being so one sided, everybody knows that hillary and obama were involved with the russians, not Trump

  15. This shit is a complete joke. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton set up the Russian scandal hey set it up and they’re both going to Guantánamo Bay. One collusion is not a crime. To Vladimir Putin doesn’t give a fuck about us he’s busy dictating his own massive country. The only people that colluded with Russians was Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and she still fucking lost.

  16. CNN is so full of SH*T that it stinks all the way to Finland. If even we know that there was no Trump-Russian-collusion, how is it so hard for these "journalists" to do their job? 🤔

    Clinton Foundation, Uranium one and Steele-dossier should be the headlines right now.

  17. Stelter you are fake news.  You talk with a baby voice.  Sound like a man for pete's sake….Stop obsessing about Trump's mental health when your own is to be questioned. You are not a journalist.  You just spin your lame opinions under a guise of journalism.  get a real job since you are not professional at the one you have.  Better yet why don't you run for office instead of yapping your mouth and whining about Trump?

  18. Dishonest reporting is your job CNN, keep pimping teenagers to distract the public from the real collusion – Obama administration and Uranium One.

  19. CNN has to report things like this as they can't report otherwise – they participated in wall to wall coverage in the anti-Trump Russian sponsored political rallies mentioned n the indictment and also reported the fake dossier information back at the time as indicated in the Nunes memo and other material.  They were part of it – perhaps unwittingly – but it still happened – which of course they aren't widely reporting as it would be embarrassing – hence why they had to call the Nunes memo a "dud", "nothingburger", etc and not report the actual content – as well as virtually ignore the Grassley memo which confirmed the information in the Nunes memo and had been completed independently of that committee.  They also went with wall to wall coverage of a fake story saying Donald Trump Jr. had advanced notice of the Wikileaks information, which was false – they did retract it, but certainly not with the same fervor and wide coverage as the false report so to most of their viewers, it is still true – as well as a number of other stories they have been forced to retract.
    I did not vote for Trump but that doesn't make it appropriate or acceptable for CNN to behave in this way.  They rightfully earned the title of "fake news" and they had it long before Trump ever came on the scene – look up "Operation Tailwind" and CNN on a good search – they've been at it a long, long time.

  20. How could a supposed news agency that is so prolific throughout the world, be this corrupt, biased, & obviously unpatriotic?? The answer is simple, it's the only reason anybody in this world attempts ignorant, foolish, & evil deeds, for the love of money. These clowns are being paid, & someday, they will be truly paid, by true justice, truth, & God Himself, so good luck with that you deviant cowards!!

  21. I'm sorry but CNN is the one who has come off as dishonest. There is no evidence or indictments against Trump, and you run 24/7 news pieces on how Trump has colluded with the Russians. These people are reacting this way because for every hour since Trump was inagurated you have run news articles about how Trump colluded with the Russians. You completely gloss over the part of the story where Hillary Clinton has been proven to have much greater connections with the Russians than Trump. Where is that in your stories? What about the fact that CNN was providing great coverage to a Russian organized anti-Trump rally. You've talked about how Russia wins beause America is divided but you spend nearly every hour of the day trying to drive your viewers further towards division. CNN IS A MUCH GREATER RUSSIAN AGENT THAN TRUMP EVER WAS!

  22. I think Brian Stelter might be Mentally Unstable. Is he fit to be doing his job ? Memory loss, Fictional Collusion Conspiracy Theories. Feel bad for him, Please get the help you need Brian !

  23. CNN is worse than Alex Jones no wonder the MSM is dying Orwell’s ministry of truth is real get ready the SHTF scenario is on the way in this country

  24. If Fox were in any other country they would stand accused of insulting the intelligence of their audience …….. Of course Fox's factual correctness would be questioned in just about every other western nation … a broadcaster's moral responsibility or duty is to be factually correct, but OK, with an acceptable political bias. How can Sean Hannity and Shep Smith both be factually correct ? One is clearly lying and the whole of Fox News clearly knows who that is. That's not simply down to political bias – with freedom of speech comes responsibility.
    Fox News have failed miserably in that.

    The last indictments were worded to attempt as clearly as possible to differentiate between "unwitting" and "not unwitting" participants in the storyline. The "unwitting" term was used to leave a door open for the vast majority of believers in the various storylines to accept they might just have legitimately but mistakenly fallen for the untruths, and to give them the opportunity to understand what happened and yes, to feel a bit better about themselves. That can only happen if they get round to accepting that they were misled, deceived and lied to by the "further up the food chain" and "not unwitting" participants of the deception. These individuals will probably come under the scrutiny of the SI.
    Mueller will target individuals where he already has "incontrovertible" evidence of that knowledge, not so much to charge or indict them, as individuals, but as part of the process of attempting to explain the story to the "unwitting" followers.

  25. If a democrat ever told the truth, the devil would get up and switch off the furnaces in hell, because he knows his time is up! The democrats are the enemy of America and their leftwing hate media hasn't been honest about any conservative in 50 years. They label their hate and slander on all who see through their deceit, manipulation and hate!

  26. CNN calling anyone disingenuous is the best laugh I have had all year. Perhaps they should give Fox talking points like they give everyone else. Ask Donna Brazile I am sure she can give them pointers.

  27. Hanity likes to say everybody else has their “Talking points”. Sean hanity has his agenda to not look stupid for blindly supporting Trump: Its all a coverup for how badly Fox news is carrying out their jobs as what is supposed to be unbiased news. They do nothing more than divide the country and create chaos.

  28. This fat, ugly slob is being so dishonest. What those other commentators said was true. None of those indictments proved any collusion. None of the indictments have so far. He faults them for feeling that they won't find any evidence of collusion while he and his network continually say there was collusion without any credible evidence yet to prove it. They claimed guilt before the investigation even got started. How is that more honest, or credible?
    CNN has been caught faking the news many times. They have been caught staging protests, planting stooges to say what they want them to say, using green screen to make it look like they are on location, editing video footage to fit their false narrative, and cutting people's video feed off when they didn't like what they were saying.
    Their recent town hall meeting with the school children from Florida was all scripted, and they stirred the crowd up into a fever before their panel even arrived.. They are the epitome of FAKE NEWS. No news organization is better at Fake News than CNN!

  29. Oh God give it up already: Hilary has got to know this year long sore loser tantrum isn't going to lead to anything but more humiliation, and CNN , you are already saddled with the fake news label, dont set yourself up to have to retract more bullshit. You claim Trump is thin skinned but you make him look positively impermeable. I know, he hurt your feelings and its gotta sting how bad the whole "fake news" thing blew up in the msms face, but you gotta stop doubling down and have a little journalistic restraint and dignity if you EVER want to be "the most trusted name in news" again…hell, just being trusted at all is going to be impossible with you frothing like a rabid terrier with Trump Derangement Syndrome

  30. If you think Trump is not doing great harm, educate yourself. Example, next time the Orange Sphincter or his propaganda arm, Faux News, brags about the regulations Trump eliminated, be armed with the knowledge of the specific regulations he eliminated: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2017/08/24/what-trump-has-undone/?utm_term=.de1c0cc7ffc0

  31. Boy this guy is really in lala land. He is proof of mind control. It is called projection. Very common psychological response from people who have no argument

  32. If anyone has studied psychology, specifically "sociopathy", the behavior of the Right Wing media is blatantly sociopathic, where they won't discuss things as normal people do, but instead, use inflammatory, manipulative language in order to incite anger and hate on both sides. Once the flames of emotions start burning hot, it won't matter anymore, who is right and who is wrong. Just like during a war, once the pain, death, suffering start, both sides become inflamed with rage, eventually abandoning their sense of decency and humanity. This is exactly what the Right Wing is trying to start, so the real issues get dissolved in all the noise, and we end up distracted, hating each other.


  34. America is a continent not a country, we the people who lives in this continent are tired of how the name america has been kidnapped by the united states of america(uniteds staters)please call yourselves the right name, united staters(estado unidenses or gringos) and leave the name america alone. Name your country something else like Gunland, bombland, Godland, well, whatever….

  35. Brian does the same thing he just described. That's why he knows exactly what step is next. Brian is so dishonest and yet he continues to ride his high horse, he must have a great view up there.

  36. FOX is going to hang with Trump. Closedown that Nazi channel. Hang Hannity head down first for crimes against the US constitution.

  37. Fox News reporters just doing news for money; I bet they have end of day or week contests as to who was the most outrageous. Alex Jones and Hannity would win every time except that they're genuinely insane, but the others are hardened news hookers.

  38. Sean hannity should be tarred and feathered ,have his mic kicked up his ass. Throw his ass in the street in down town L.A.

  39. CNN = Corrupt Network, Hillary sells Uranium to Russia, and destroys evidence, but yet the bitch isn't mentioned.

  40. Insanity Hannity’s pants look like his they are on fire,like he’s about to implode then to explode,you see his face it’s real red!

  41. There like the certain trees that have natural gas like fume in them,support a forest fire that was started by a cigarette whom happen to be the trump administration!

  42. Ok open r boarders give up r guns give Putin uranium probe r president for Russians ?what the f r u trying to do go probe yourself off.for brains for long time

  43. stetler calling out fox , what a joke , they were right , no americans indicted .
    but there goes stetler reading in his own twisted logic that the door is open , giving you libtards hope that this will end trumps presidency
    he has to , if he did not you would stop watching these cnn turds all together
    shame on you cnn for keeping with this divisive shame in the name of hanging on to the pitiful few viewers you have

  44. HAHAHA – NO COLLUSION, Fucked by CNN for over a year I'm done with this shit. They've been wrong WAAAAY too many times.

  45. This guys doing the same thing he's blaming the fox news channel of doing. Hey, cnn, look into the evidence against Hitlery and Obubba as well as the rest of the left. No Obubba covered up the supposed hacking of dnc servers up, by not letting the f.b.I. look at the servers that were supposedly hacked. The Trump admin. Is attacking the leadership of the Obubba weaponized intelligence agencies who are in collusion with the rest of your fake stream media but as usual you won't look into any evidence which makes your party look bad and instead sweep it under the rug and ignore it just as holder did for Obubba until a contempt of court was filed against him to no avail he just stepped down, yet another covered up scandal until it fades from memory but this time fox and friends will continue to follow up on all the evidence ignoring your piling on of more nothing burgers as this video is full of among other things. You lady are no journalist you've taken a side and are digging in for the long hall while all the while you and you're kind have been fully exposed for the fake stream media you are. Doodles.

  46. The idiots do realize that it needs both sides to be a "collusion", right? The Russians can interfere, it's called an interference, 2 years and still nothing, I pity the people who come to CNN pretending that they're news. Fake news.

  47. Isn’t CNN considered a wing of the DNC and basically their propaganda machine? At least Fox 🦊 has the other side on to challenge them. CNN routinely has 5-6 talking heads on their panels who bobble their heads in agreement.

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