100 thoughts on “Stick Nodes FINAL SMASH COLLAB Announcement

  1. I don't get what a chaos emerald is, explain now boi or I won't make an entry that will make epitaph look like a fool

  2. hey … my part is ready and i used 16 fps no tween. See my video and see if it's fine though pls reply me 🙁 here is the link i would recommend i put 2 days to finish…. PLEASE !!! https://youtu.be/KrzH8yABUUI

  3. Just remember that If you post it on YouTube don’t forget to put “final smash collab” on the title so I can search for it

  4. This sounds really amazing since i really like smash bros…But I'm using flash for my animations :'( Am i allowed to join or nah?

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