Stocks Plummet As Donald Trump Escalates Trade War With China, Attacks Fed Chair | Hardball | MSNBC

Stocks Plummet As Donald Trump Escalates Trade War With China, Attacks Fed Chair | Hardball | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Stocks Plummet As Donald Trump Escalates Trade War With China, Attacks Fed Chair | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. How can you get countries with no money to put pressure on china? no leverage. It's a new war out here it's called money.

  2. Trade deficits are only one variable in accessing an economy. If trade deficits were the only thing that matters and the US is losing on trade deficits then why is are GDP 21 trillion dollars and the next three highest countries have to be added together to reach our economy?

  3. Trump wants to destroy the bridge with China,the biggest consumers markets in the world,so America is going to rely on Europe to buy their products,don’t forget what Germany Chancellor had said,we don’t buy Americans cars because ours are better.Selling weapons would be easier as America are great at stoking conflicts,war mongering,sanctions,intimidate and creating enemies through lies.

  4. There is just no way america can win the trade war. china economy is 2 times bigger then the US Trump is fighting an uphill battle rip. every great empire's had its time

  5. Trade war is a political theater tool use to artificially manipulate the 2008 – 2019-20 "stock market big ugly bubble" in preparation for the 2020 election. Killing the U S economy and the its currency at any price, for political gains.

  6. STFU you Monster talking over those speaking when you have already asked the question in the first place? If we miss the response when you open your cake hole when the guest is speaking it makes for BAD TV, this is a basic rule, if you cannot comply then you have become an Albatross….?

  7. Recession has already begun from last December, my Silicon Valley retail and wholesale is going down, it is hard to make money now.

  8. Just came to see the comments of the crying liberals who follow the MSLSD propaganda. What you "economics" geniuses don't realize weak leadership by previous administrations have brought us to this point. Why are you [email protected] so upset Trump isn't selling us out to China like the Clintons did? What do you [email protected] think will be the result if we allow China to continue with their unfair trade practices, and theft of intellectual property? I have never seen so many [email protected] cry because a president is keeping his promises. Keep crying you beta [email protected] Trump 2020

  9. ut ohh since economy is going in recession we definiately can't afford the border crisis or open borders i guess we can't afford any more assylum seekers since America is in too much debt

  10. The reason no one rallied with US is that only US thinks China is a monster…Trade deficit doesn't show the whole picture…What about big profit Apple makes out of iphones made in China? Its not counted in the trade deficit at all…

  11. I don't know how these 4 goons came up with the idea China is ripping them off. Do they want China to produce goods for them for free? Or to be their slaves?

  12. Fascinating angle.
    Um, could you please document the cause for all the previous stock market blips BEFORE our great President arrived on the scene?

    Hmmm, they're not answering……….

  13. The biased left wing media's attack on Trump is not only detrimental for the nation it undermines negotiations between the two countries. They're trying to 'copyedit' the world!

  14. Ally the allies, ally the allies. Isn't this hope but spilled milk. The TPP is dead, and u can't MAGA without squeezing the allies.
    Its too late now, you've passed the tipping point. The world economy is sputtering now.

  15. Trump tried to close the deficit gap and ended up even bigger. Well, what did you expect from a bad businessman who only knows how to con his investers for his own gain. This is what you call a short term gain for for the Rich and a long time pain for the rest.

  16. Donald Trump stands to save millions of dollars annually in interest on outstanding loans on his hotels and resorts if the US Federal Reserve lowers rates as he has been demanding, according to public filings and financial experts.

  17. This President was a Joke in 2016, an Embarrassment in 2017, a National Division in 2018, and now a Cancer on Global and Domestic Economics in 2019… Can't wait to see 2020's train wreck. If you don't see a destructive and downward pattern, you're a fool

  18. I hereby order Ivanka to take a DNA test to prove that Barron is not the love child of Ivanka and Trump's sexual abuse.

  19. In a way it looks like, God has agreed to make us look like idiots here in the USA, we have a president that should be in a Especiall Hospital with people with dementia He should be in treatment and instead He is out president , is just out of a horror book, be event Spielberg will be able to imagine this this is either the work of God ,or satan under God supervision

  20. China is the red muleta to Trump. He is totally mad, he dwarf James Mattis totally, it's not fair to call Mattis mad dog at all

  21. China is the red muleta to Trump. He is totally mad, he dwarf James Mattis totally, it's not fair to call Mattis mad dog at all

  22. Navarro must have gotten his economics degree from Trump university. With the US$700B trade deficit, the real budget deficit is not US$1000B, but a much lesser US$300B, this is why inflation in US has been low for so long at so high budget deficit level. If US$700B trade deficit is all cut, US unemployment rate would have to be -2.0% instead of 3.7, meaning there is not enough man power to fill all the labor demand. 70% of US budget go to US military spending: US$700B = next top 10s combined, offset exactly by US trade deficit: US$700B. So, why can US bombs the world around? because the world pay tribute to US in the

    form of trade deficit, to earn the illusional wealth: US$. China is at the top of whom to blame for paying tribute to US: US$350B. Any way, balloon up the budget deficit while cutting imports, someone close to Trump must want Trump to lose the next election and got his way.

  23. Looks like MSNBC and their supporters are happy to trash Trump while over $300billion go to China, strange people these Americans, how stupid!

  24. Thankfully we Europeans are no longer 'like minded countries' vis a vis the US. European leaders, apart from Johnson, have increasingly distanced themselves from America. Merkel: "We Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands." Trump spends a lot of his time attacking the EU. Only 10% of Germans believe that Trump will 'do the right thing' and they believe by a margin of 42% to 23% (⅓ undecided) that China would be a more reliable partner.

  25. He say it not effecting ya in USA well it do . I own steel roofing business cost is higher for materials then before for example 1roll of steel is now $10k when it use to be $8k a roll when order from China if I buy from USA it $15k a roll. So price on my product go up when selling to customers.

  26. I thought trump and kimjung un were so tight ? He said that kim sent him a love letter but he didn't say what was in it ! Is this so called president lying about a love letter when its actually a hate letter ? He lies about everything else , he could be lying about this !

  27. Trump asked who is the real enemy of the US? – Chinese people or Fed chairman? I ask who is the real president of the United state of America? Donald Trump or Howard stern?

  28. as someone born in the 80s, watched Donald and his shows, the world of 2019 is just so unreal, seeing this man twitting national policies on twitter…. the world is literally turning into Idiocracy….. a less entertaining version of it…. the more i think about this, the more unreal it seems, and also extremely frightening, this is America we talking about, the most powerful nation in the world, running by Donald mothafking trump….this is just unreal, how did we get to this… this is literally worst than ancient china where they let a 3-year-old emperor reign.

  29. Private banking is a racket. Who cares if the corrupt Federal Reserve comes under attack from a corrupt president and an even more corrupt corporate media machine. Plague on both houses. This system is still a duopoly, whether Trump says stupid things or not. And you t's still a plutocracy. Therein lies the problem.

  30. A totalitarian government will stifle its peoples' creativity, beating them down to the ground in every way. They will not be able to overcome the democratic nations of the world.

  31. Trump has reached the threshold of being VERY INSANE! Tim to stop this Danger to all America! And Nancy Pelosi; where are YOU! You HAVE DONE NOTHING TO HELP this Fraudulent Government. You need to leave and retire, because your reign in our White House has expired because of you Lack of Action! Shame on you Nancy!

  32. Seems like the liberal media have dropped the Russia Collusion BS for now. The current narrative is try to convince the sheeple that a recession is coming in 2021. Will the liberals accept this new BS? 😎.

  33. How is China ripping off the US? AFAICT, each consumer in the US is free to buy whatever and from whereever he/she wants. No one in China is forcing anyone in the US to buy anything. Duh.

  34. How is China stealing intellectual property, when US companies give them the blueprints, schematics on how to build everything? They F*****m gave it to them, you morons!
    Think of this hypothetical dilemma, a modeling agency awards me with a romantic getaway vacation, along with two of the most beautiful woman in the world, and then telling me, "Oh by the way dont f**k them"!! Are you people stupid, or just play stupid for the TV?!

  35. So this is what it is like to watch America when they get out smart. They enter with China with extreme arrogant and thought they'd clean house was the reason that got you here . Stop the blame…

  36. Blah blah. Fake news.
    Trump will make China a state, and move Communists in USA there to live in the crumbling condos.

  37. Trump's voters are deplorable arrogant racist violent criminals idiots without education so they believe six times bankruptcy Trump's economic policies.

  38. Only Trump has the guts what deep inside many.US politicians have always wanted to do but are too afraid to let US give.Trump another 4 years…

  39. What America has been doing to China in this evil war is simply bullying. Every country can see that. The world is returning to the order of the forest – violence, robbery, bullying, and more to come.

  40. some Chinese interlopers in these comments sowing discontent. Something the Chinese themselves never tolerate from their citizens.

  41. Stop investing in war but in America's economy, heathcare and education. Blaming just waste time. No one force anyone to buy Chinese products. It is consumer choice….demand and supply.

  42. I thought the deficit was because the US buys more from them… I mean, best you can hope to do is out compete them. Tariffs slow things down.

  43. Dow closes up 270 25,898. day after G7. Great job Mr. President! Trade talks with China possible. MSNBC in recession trying to find a recession for Trump.Ratings still down I see.

  44. China get chinas goods and services while china gets little pieces of one day worthless paper called 'federal reserve notes' whos f'in whom?

    Why is this con man in office..cause the democrats have not even attemped to address the real issue/s of how trump got into power why would anyone think any of this foolishness will ever change? A electoral college that the people choose by 3 million one candidate and get the other ….and this is the second time while Dems run a rigged primary. Media does nothing. The Dems ran a person who was under a felony fbi investigation during the entire campaign…wtf…support hillary or not…how did anyone allows this? and not see it was a way to hand trump the presidency…and now the dems want to go backwards again and put the senile biden in as president.

  45. And now Trump says they want a deal. Wow! Who can take much more of this? It is truly exhausting and maybe that's what he wants so that we'll quit looking!

  46. Bring back our industrial economy! Do you know that if we had to fight a war with China or who ever who is going to build our tanks?

  47. Or maybe just let the US do business with itself and see where the money will come from since there are rich! More like rich of stealing from other nations

  48. Yeah… Trump’s got a real effective strategy. Insults and alienated ALL of his democratic allies and go stand alone cuz after all …. he’s got to make it about himself. His ego is bringing his whole country down.


  50. I remember Trump telling the Soy Bean farmers that he will be giving them the tariff income he earns from China. That shows his ignorance on international trade. Tariff on the Chinese products are paid by the US consumers and any subsidies paid to the farmers will be from the Taxpayers.

  51. China pays us, said Trump. All trumpist supporters jumps in extasy. America First! To make China great again! Trump, best agent of China.

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