100 thoughts on “Strategist shocked by ‘racist and hateful’ comments

  1. Shame on the democrats for encouraging illegal immigrants to cross the border, killing this man and child. Shame on the democrats for not helping the republicans in Congress and the President to do something about the crisis at the border. Shame on CNN to exploit the deaths of these two victims to paint the situation they directly caused as the fault of those who want border laws enforced and don’t want illegal immigrants to be in the country and don’t want their tax dollars to pay a cent towards illegals living in this country, beyond deporting their asses back to where they came from. Let’s hear a round of applause for those brave workers that stopped making beds for children to make it a point to resist bad conditions at the border………. by directly making conditions for those poor children worse. I guess the children would rather sleep on the floor than in a bed. Fuck those beds… they’d rather grab some floor after trekking through hundreds and thousands of miles. What happens when you have wide open borders and you don’t enforce policy??? What you’re looking at right now. Eat a dick

  2. The older kids should hire lawyers and sue government for human rights and child abuse/neglect and kidnap and imprisonment 🤬🍊🍼🤡💩🖕

  3. Anyone who thinks they can predict a child will be a criminal just by looking at him is an idiot, well said Begala

  4. Don't worry guys I'm sure ALL the anti- choicers who want to regulate women's bodies because they care about life will be coming to help these migrant children, unless they're full of shit.

  5. Trump ..there's a crisis at the border.
    Dems and MSM..trumps crazy there's no…wait a second we can use this crisis to gain hatred towards the current administration and then pretend we care for election season

  6. Then just stop holding them!!!! Send them to their relatives that are living here throughout the United States!!! Problem solved! Oh wait, then Drumpf and the GOP won't be inflicting pain and suffering on immigrant children. What was I thinking???😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  7. What the Trump presidency has shown me is that no matter how they try to dress it up, at the heart of it all, when it comes to pushing for policy, the facade of ethics, empathy and responsibility falls away from Republicans and they reveal their true selves: salivating dogs singlemindedly baying for one piece of legistlation while people suffer in deplorable conditions and children die. And how do they "justify" all this? By making them out to be the other, by demonizing them and trying to make their humanity as minimal as they can get. Republicans like to say that people are Democrats when they are young but as they mature they become Republican. Not only is that untrue as there are older Democrats too, but after observing the lengths they will go too in the last 12 years, I would have to say becoming a Republican has to be associated with losing your empathy and/or humanity.,.

    This is a human rights disaster. I hope somebody goes down for it, preferrably Trump.

  8. I have never known anyone more racist than a demokkkrat.
    How have Demokkkrats been able to enslave an entire race, then demonize the Republican's that freed them, and gain control back over them by way of legislative powet?

  9. So moronic comments about toddlers walking out of detention centres are 'sub-optimal' what planet are these Republican apologists on?


  11. Democrats never stopped being the racists, they just expanded it to black and brown, and redesigned the white racism as people who think blacks are retarded and can't do anything without smarter people helping them.

  12. They are children …so sad … rich white men got blood on their hands the men that run this country…. as long as your children eat every night I have a roof over their head and don't have to live in violence… Karma and their children are heroin addicts

  13. The bad bad bad part is after any leader with a tiny shred of decency walks away they will be left with ones who will be willing to carry out literally any order ANY ACT OF CRUELTY to their corrupt master Donald Trump. It will get worse before it gets better. These people are monsters. We are next.

  14. This was an opportunity for racist to change their heart, God always provide a test and guess what, they failed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell will be very hot for them

  15. He used their ethnicities as the gauge. But he is the epitomy and the epithet of the republican doctorine. And I hope the democrats do not fall for this, "touch on crime" bullshit. They fell for this shit in tge 80's and black people suffered.

  16. There's a reason that Donald hasn't put people in permanent positions. Dictators don't like others in positions of authority. That's the reason. Period.

  17. Well….racism often comes into play when people in charge do not know what the hell they are doing and lying about what is actually going on or happening. Trump is not a good president. Can we please get a real president?

  18. They have never gave a damn about other people kids look how they did the Indian and the black people kids and family

  19. I'm actually watching "Schindler's List " on my tablet right now and that racist bastard sounds like a nazi dog !

  20. Trump: 4 billion will build a wall across the southern border. This will ensure that people come in legally , it’s important that they’re documented so we know who resides in our country.

    Democrats: 4 billion is too much for a wall that will ensure we have an understanding of who lives here. It’s immoral and racist!! We can’t even afford it!!

    Also Democrats : We’re going to use 4 billion in tax payers money to provide services for illegals that a lot of our own don’t have access to. We’re going to build them housing districts, feed them, give them free medical aid and a path to education.
    Also, the starving homeless veterans weren’t as brave as these people so we’ll just let them die. They’re probably racist anyway.

  21. Hold on white man!! Maybe what you see in the eyes of those teenage kids, is anger, hurt, disgust for you and your kind! Maybe what you see is how if given the chance, he'd choke the life out you right in front of jesus! You and your kind did the same to SLAVES, you've destroyed their lives and families and because you're white their supposed to shut up and love you for it huh? Smh go in that cage if you want to, he'll sho you what it is you're seeing in his eyes

  22. What you should be seeing in those kids eyes is pure hatred for you and white people! These kids will never trust nor like white people! Look what yall doing to them dumb bitch, it's cause and effect! You kick a dog in the ribs he'll never come around human kind again

  23. I am so deeply ashamed of America right now. But I have faith in us too, that we will right this wrong. We will fight against injustice, and we will hold Donald Trump accountable and those cowards who are the most loyal to him.

  24. Typical heartless Republlicunt saying that a 5 or 6 year old without adult supervision and care is free to leave when ever they want….douchebag shit stick and a punching bag if I ever run into him.

  25. Wasn't it the Democrats who said President Trump was just manufacturing a crisis on the border? Funny now, how the Democrats are changing their mind and admitting there really is a crisis on the border… but you can't have a humanitarian crisis without an immigration crisis… they both go together, but the Democrats will never admit that they were wrong.

  26. How are the Democrats going to allow, Mark Gordon, that Racist have control, head of Customs and border protection. These kids need help assistance love support immunizations food clothing medicine!!! 😡🤬 Mark's comments show me that he is incapable of showing empathy love moral support to these families if his views are already racist!!! I cannot believe that the Democrats would allow this EVIL DEVIL, TRUMP DO THIS. 😔 WHY don't Democrats who care about these kids, get on the plane with sanitary items yourselves if you F**** care! i do not have access to the facility or i would do that myself. All these politicians have money to ship supplies so let's see how long it takes 4 Pelosi to ship the items together all these facilities!! Pelosi is doing her job but the other Democrats keep stalling. Why haven't, more of Trump's camp been fine daily! Smh. Democrats sleeping on trump. Don't let this devil win, again. They must fight back. No more talking…

  27. 4 Billion Dollars to immigrants really, but they don't want to give Black People anything for Reparations. So, how in the hell does that Work? ALL these Got Damn homeless people we have in America, who don't have no where to live and are NOT being help, BUT they can come up with Money for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who Break the laws to come into this Anerica. This S..t is F..k-up.

  28. Why do they keep coming here, let them stay home, help them build up their countries. Why do these people keep having babies if their lives are so messed up?

  29. what is the name of the fake news outlet pig-face anchor?
    he is extremely anti-white and anti-American.

  30. These ass backwards peckerwoods are terrorizing and torturing those kids because the cowards are in fear of becoming a minority.

  31. I recently heard that the Clint facility did not NEED resources, because they already HAD plenty. Which means that the deprivations of these children were entirely INTENTIONAL. They already HAD what was needed for humane treatment of these children, but preferred to let them sicken and die. After all, it was a HIDDEN detention facility. Who would ever know? I hope someone is looking closely at the more barren areas around Clint, where mass graves may already be dug.
    Whoever is running that facility – or whoever used to or will run it next – are criminals.They were instructed to neglect the children, and let nature take its course. Every single person involved in any way with that facility has participated in a crime against humanity. Treat them as such. Not just the higher-ups.
    So most of the kids were moved out – where? Then most of THOSE were brought right back. Had anything been done about the squalor at the facility BEFORE bringing them back? And where did the rest of them go?
    Has anyone yet been able to VIEW this facility, to learn what supplies they DID have for the kids?
    How many other hidden facilities are there in America? Have any of them imposed similar squalor on the children? Is Cling the ONLY one? Doubt it.

  32. "Free to leave at any time…" Sure. Why not? They're CHILDREN, n a country alien to them, with no one to help them eat, but they CAN exert their right to leave. It doesn't get stupider than that. Even as an adult, free to leave, would have to think ahead to where his next meal will come from in a place he knows nothing about and has not one friend to help. Even in detention, no one is going to leap at a chance to leave unless they have a plan to get help. The prospect of starvation is VERY real, and even adults would usually prefer to stay, where they'll at least get SOME food.
    The evil of people running America today is boundless.

  33. (6:41) “It looks like Nancy Pelosi is doing her job as speaker.” Ehh I’m so done with this guy…paid puppet of Nancy Pelosi.

  34. Timing and momentum are everything and Nancy Pelosi blew it months ago. I was crucified when I spoke up against her appointment to once again be Speaker. The two who were fired (Brazelle and Wasserman- Schultz) were ONLY following Pelosi’s orders, but yet she was appointed by 2 votes. Now we MUST IMPEACH-  INDICT – and IMPRISON – Since the USA now has their own Hitler in #45 not one politician, who had the power to stop this (Im talking to you Nancy Pelosi) should be surprised and not take responsibility , for the mass graves filled with children, they will find when this is all over. Isn't that what happened with the German version of Hitler in World War II. The ONLY difference is the WWII atrocities were mostly done to adults. Ours will be far worse because they will be children and babies. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. #45 will stop at nothing and is using Hitlers playbook. Don't think for a second that this will not happen. It probably has already.  St. Philomena and St. Anthony protect the children

  35. Great now they're playing a shell game with the immigrant children. How can we allow this? These are children. At least let the humanitarians in to help care for the children. They need to be comforted and hugged. How much trauma do they need to endure before anything is done?

  36. Yes its racist. and prejudced trump is a trator to our country and zero compassion for children of any color.

  37. DemoKKKrats need only look into the mirror to see what a real racist looks like. As if your roots in slavery isn't enough, today you exploit illegal aliens and promote human trafficking while waving the banner of social justice. You fucking people are disgusting and I don't consider any of you to be Americans anymore. Fuck you all!

  38. Boycott american products, and avoid american owned stores, untill these children death camps are taking down.

  39. trumps coward, yellow belly, juicies must be getting in the american water supply. i don't see not one american with a gram of courage left.

  40. He gonna give it to one of his everliving DICTATING FRIENDS.OR HIM MAN. Donald Trump eyes couldn't stop glowing when he met with Putin! They were so happy to see each other.

  41. Crimes against humanity….we are already there! Disgusting!!!!! What are we this is no America! 😔😢

  42. The humanitarian crisis at the border, is being attacked by democrats, who have refused to do anything! Trump has begged for help… illegals are still permitted to enter, without being vetted… GIVE BATH SUPPLIES AND FOOD FOR OUR HOMELESS!! Congress is an embarrassment to the United States… Congress is inhumane… dems circling the drain! Especially after their stupid debates 🙄

  43. Tax the people responsible, the repuglican party. Trump and the RNC should be tarred, feathered and railroaded far into the Atlantic Ocean

  44. Democrats no longer have a political party…. they’ve destroyed themselves… democrats want money… and they’re losing their money and power… big time… no class … just shear heathons… gnaw on some greasy kfc, dems… with no napkins … then take an expensive trip… You All Made Fools of YOURSELVES DURING THE DEBATE… even other democrats were embarrassed by You idiots

  45. Idiot, idiot, idiot. Has his head full horse crap. Him, his boss and his supporters. Racists, dumbass.

  46. Pelosi & all her coligues put your illegals in your own houses spend your own money not American patriots money then will see if you like to do it TAKE CARE OF REAL AMERICANS

  47. So simple. Put a webcam in every detention facility…

    Both Parties are consumed with Political gamesmanship.

    The Dems use hyperbole, AOC votes against two bills…

    I still don’t understand what the Republicans are doing..

  48. All i see on here is abutcha pussy brown mexicans do not want to take responsibility for there own actions dragging you kids across a desert is your fault not the rest of the worlds .

  49. Good job black people…now all the complaining you did about trump and the migrants….all that money you wanted for college and healthcare goes to migrants…you cant get any dumber than that

  50. You can thank the Democrats for stalling on the funding and that the standards are a reflection of the Democrats not caring about these illegals.

  51. Let's take the money for illegal migrants and build a wall. This way we get "something" for our hard earned and paid for taxes.

  52. If he can look into the eyes of a child and see they will become a gang member then why doesn't he search his heart to find a way to change that child's mind?

  53. To all the comments below, i carry my water from the Bathroom for everything, washing dishes, water the dog, EVERYTHING……..
    Taking a Bath, i fill up a one gallon Bleach Jug and pour it over my head, don't tell me about these poor People, they have their own Country, go home and fight!
    I can and will be posting Video soon, all about my White Privilege!!!

  54. MS13 are a bunch of pussies. They had to bow down like everyone else. That’s why they added the 13. They were once known as MS Stoners. The 13 is for the letter M. But you keep getting sheared by your masters. It’s your fate. God wouldn’t have made you sheep if it wasn’t.

  55. Sorry this is off subject but Laura is absolutely gorgeous.. I believe that’s her name 🤷🏾‍♀️

  56. Trump supporters LOVE the fact that we are murdering children. Nothing else makes them happier.

  57. Everyone keep in mind that WE PAY $100 million PER DAY TO FUND THESE CONCENTRATION CAMPS. That's our money.

  58. Democrats hold up a bill to pay for the materials and positions needed to care for the children who are staying in facilities oddly built by the Obama administration but this gets dropped in Trump's lap. If I remember he was telling you and Congress this was happening. Good Lord you people are amazing. Then you post Republicans comments about another adult facility as of he was talking about children. Even when that was points out by one of your own presenters you continue to misrepresent it. No more CNN clips I guess. Only merit to your argument was new acting immigration chief comment. At least try to act like news. Fox news light.


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