Stunning Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2018

Stunning Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2018

Keeping up on trends takes work. Popular styles can seem to change overnight
— and who wants beauty-FOMO? But if you’re looking for the new styles for
2018, get those brushes ready! Here are the hottest trends you’ll be wearing
this year. “Ok! What is it munchkin.” Lipstick everywhere Lipstick isn’t just for lips anymore! Pops of gloss and color all over the face
were trending on the Spring 2018 runway. “Ok. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this” Makeup artist Gucci Westman described how
she tops eyeshadow with metallic lipstick, telling Fashionista, “We wanted to add a little bit of an edge
with the makeup. [This look] is kind of interesting because
it’s not wet… It’s like a satin type finish, which I like.” Dramatic eyeliner Get ready to go bold in 2018. Allure dubbed the year’s hottest eye trend
“Cleopatra liner,” which totally conjures the Egyptian queen herself, describing the
look as, “Supergraphic, superpointy, superdramatic,
and heavier along the bottom lashes.” “Am I to understand then, that you feel free
to do with me whatever you want, Whenever you want?” Bright colors Make 2018 pop with some color! Makeup artist Robert Sesnek told Elle, “Color will be big, expect to see colors from
orange to ocean blues.” “We must be over the rainbow” Pinterest confirms Sesnek’s prediction, reporting that searches for bright eyeshadow on the
site increased by 63 percent. “The first rule in applying eye makeup, is
you can never wear enough blue eyeshadow.” Personalized products Makeup is going totally individual. With the rising “bespoke” trend, companies
provide customers with options that are tailored perfectly to them. Nina Leykind, co-founder of customized mascara
brand, Eyeko, told Harper’s Bazaar, “One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to
mascara because we all have different lashes, eye shapes, and desired styles.” “I’ve gotta do something about the way I look.” Surprisingly, you might even save money when
you buy bespoke products. Lynne Sanders, founder of Cosmetics à la
Carte also told Bazaar, “When we buy bespoke products, we also spend
less money accumulating products which don’t quite suit our skin, or buying an eye palette
and using only one shade.” “Makeup is the one opportunity we have to
make a better version of ourselves.” Weightless foundation This coming year, your skin finally gets a
breather! Harper’s Bazaar reports that weightless foundations
will be everywhere in 2018 — a welcome break from the caked-on trends of last year. “Hello!” And these formulations aren’t just light,
they’re also breathable for a stunningly natural look and feel. Glossy skin For your “new year, new you”, check out the
glossy looks that took over the runways for 2018. Makeup artist James Kaliardos told WWD that
glossy skin and eyes is “the next generation of highlight.” He says, “Just to be sort of shiny and add that extra
texture… it adds another element to the look. [And] it looks super cool.” Crystals Get ready for crystals to blow up your feed
in 2018. Kim Kardashian has already tapped into the
trend with her Crystal Gardenia fragrance bottles’ signature shape. She told ET, “Over a year ago all my friends would bring
me healing crystals like I love having them in my home, I love what they mean, and I actually
feel really calm.” HuffPost reports that New Age inspired products
are going to be one of 2018’s hottest trends — with crystal-infused products already
flying off the shelves. Red highlighter This bold highlighter is shaping up to be
an unexpected hit. Refinery29 pegs red highlighter (formerly
known as “blush”) as “the next big thing in 2018” — and for good reason. This flattering color works for every skin
tone. Makeup artist Karla Duarte told Refinery29
that this color is more forgiving that the unicorn palette of 2017, saying, “[It’s] more approachable and gives the most
beautiful healthy glow on the skin.” Ultra Violet Pantone has officially named Ultra Violet
as 2018’s color of the year — and this bright hue is gonna be cropping up all over the scene. According to Leatrice Eisman, executive director
of the Pantone Color Institute, this punched-up purple evokes all kinds of positive vibes
for the coming year. “An ultra violet from a psychological standpoint
is the color that best represents feeling what lies beyond where we are now.” Sounds like 2018’s about to pop with unmistakably
signature styles for every kind of beautiful! Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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100 thoughts on “Stunning Makeup Trends You’ll Be Trying In 2018

  1. I must be ahead of my time, I usually wear bright eyeshadow along with a purple look at least once a week and I cake my cheecks in blush like its 1985.

  2. I’ve been doing this tbh lipstick everywhere since eyeshadows never seemed to be pigmented enough for my skin and I was too broke for that expensive shiii but the custom mascara I’m excited about 🙀💜🙌🏾

  3. I sure hope colour is coming into trend. I cannot stand neutrals..nudes…neutrals..nudes…warm browns…show me some interesting colourful eye makeup looks dammit people.

  4. Me realizing a lot of them are already trends done in 2017 and some of them are from Asian countries trends for years.

  5. Trending doesn't mean follow every stupid thing! C'mon girls, be yourself. Fashion is for us, we aren't for fashion. Don't follow the celebrities who were nothing until you didn't make them something and now you are to follow them. Uhh!!!

  6. Im sorry but these trends are trashy, only teens can wear them and they can always have an excuse, but nobody else can

  7. Oh my goodness all these comments saying “It’s called blush” or some variant on that are quite annoying. They cleared stated in the video “Otherwise known as blush” They’re aware that it’s blush, I don’t care what it’s called.

  8. “Makeup is the one opportunity we have to make a better version of ourselves.”

    Umm no, there plenty of ways to change yourself on the inside that matter as well. In the end you’re going to be loved for your soul not your “red highlighter”

  9. Red highlighter, lol, we call that blush. They are running out of ideas. That is so 80’s. I think it was before they called it draping.

  10. ''Make-up is the only opportunity to make a better version of ourselves'' Bitch what? That's the dumbest thing I heard in a while.

  11. I highly doubt people would be able to leave the cakey foundation and heavy contouring. Fresh natural skin fits the models because they are already perfect. But ugly people need a ton of shit to transform their face. Many influencers wouldn't even look the same with natural skin. This is why this trend was so popular: people can transform without any effort to improve their skin care. They will have to find a way to tone down the contouring I guess.

  12. I think it's cool that before knowing any of this I have recently bought so many colorful eyeshadows, red blush, been wearing violet eyeshadow more often and so on… omg I'm from the future! xD

  13. Instead of following trends, why not find develop your ow style and stick to it? Eventually your "look" will be on trend and you'll be the trendsetter…

  14. Lemme correct you with blush it's perfect on every skin tone
    Na ah blush can't really fit with ultra dark ppl like duhhhhhh

  15. I think most of these are trending right now, I would throw in gold leaf around her eyes it's a beautiful look and classy works well with darker skin tones, crystal are awesome collected the all through my life be nice to utilize ground mica to create a natural shimmer in makeup. While we are at it personalization is everything and that's down to the hair cut I am seeing on the street far more cyberpunk tankgirl haircuts and it's fucking cool works with the whole hype beast Asiatic style and with high degree of personalization patches, badges, handmade accessories, debranded clothing pieces and the neon colour pops on shoes and accessories. Fashion this year is really pulling away from reproducing and tweaking trends of the past. I think a bit of a drugged out look is in without the heroin chic stick thin effect. Its not even spring yet and fashion is already getting pretty exciting on the street. Personalized bags, messaged bags, backpacks with retro texture and modern colouration is coming in. I saw a nice Tibetan fold over bag that was hot as fuck and the same woman had what she called a Frances bag which had alot of appeal to me it provided a large surface area for a unique print transfer, embroidery or even weird unique personalize customization. I also love the yoga pants and leggings cuts it's a nice way to personalize and show a little more flesh, hot look.

  16. None of these trends are new. Looks like 2018 is repackaging and renaming trends from previous years and selling it to the most gullible. Red highlighter…..WTF!!!!

  17. A lot of men love red lipstick and other things I hate a man's opinion it's so awful what a lot of men like I'm so not what a man s opinion is

  18. ‘Makeup is the ONE opportunity we have to make a better version of ourselves’. Congrats lady, your trophy for STUPIDEST FKN THING ever said, is in the mail. Jesus Christ on a crutch.. how about a million other less superficial things? I’m a makeup ADDICT, but that just blew my mind

  19. S0 what about those skins which got huge pores, blemishes?? Light-weight foundation won't help those skins 😕😕

  20. 'red highlighter', that's actually blush, really!?! Lol immediately what popped into my mind was the 'one legged pant' of the late 90s. Which was essentially just a skirt, renamed to convince men that it wasn't a skirt😂

  21. Oh my god! Lipstick was ALWAYS for everywhere ladies. Lipstick was often the only item of make up women had. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Makeup enhances one's natural beauty. We all have natural beauty, you just need to look closer and longer sometimes 😉

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