Suicide bomber kills 163 in Afghanistan, Greenland says no to Donald Trump, and more stories…

Suicide bomber kills 163 in Afghanistan, Greenland says no to Donald Trump,  and more stories…

[DAWN]: In Kabul,
Afghanistan this week, a suicide bomber attacked
a wedding party. Sixty-three people were killed and more than 180 people were injured, many of them were children. A local Islamic State affiliate
claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. It was the deadliest one
for this year so far. The Afghanistan government
vowed to crush the militants. The Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS and other militant groups
are fighting one another, making it very difficult
for Afghanistan to achieve peace. Afghanistan has been plagued with armed conflicts for many decades. After World War II until 1979, Afghanistan was a relatively
stable country ruled by a king. [ALESSIO]: The government of Denmark
rejected President Donald Trump’s offer to purchase Greenland
from Denmark. As a result, President Trump decided
to postpone his trip to Denmark. President Trump believes that Greenland would be strategically beneficial to the US and he claimed that Denmark was having financial difficulties to manage Greenland. It’s not the first time the US
expressed interest in Greenland. In 1946, President
Harry Truman expressed interest in buying Greenland. The US has an air
force base in Greenland. Greenland had been under
the Danish colonial rule for more than 200 years. In 1979, Greenland became
a semi-autonomous Danish territory. Around 55,000 people
currently live in Greenland. 80% of Greenland is covered with ice and it’s widely believed that there is a vast amount of untapped natural
resources under the ice. [DAWN]: An American mother and
her ex-Saudi husband are fighting for custody
of their daughter, Zaina, at an Islamic court in Saudi Arabia. The American mother, Bethany,
claimed that her ex-husband, Ghassan, was abusive
and was doing drugs. Ghassan claimed that she
was being too western and exposed herself in bikinis and yoga clothes with her hair uncovered on social media photos. For this reason, a Saudi judge decided to grant custody of their daughter, Zaina to her ex-husband’s mother. The judge felt that Bethany
was new to Islam and too western to take care of her daughter, and that Zaina must not be exposed to these customs and traditions. The couple got married in 2013 and were divorced in 2017. A warrant has been issued
to arrest Bethany for missing a child visitation from her ex- husband. She claimed she didn’t know about it. Bethany has been banned
to leave Saudi Arabia for ten years.
She has filed an appeal. [ALESSIO]: A Deaf Film Camp
for Deaf Youth in the US state of New York has attracted media attention. Forty Deaf youth participated at Camp Mark Seven for eight days to develop their filmmaking skills. It is the seventh year that this annual Deaf Film Camp event has been hosted. The Deaf youth are given an opportunity to explore and boost their filmmaking skills that involve in filming, special effects, set design,
and post-production. Deaf filmmaking experts
from different parts of the world mentored the participants. On the last night, parents,
relatives, and friends of the participants were invited to watch a showcase of films
made by the participants. [ALESSIO]: Many Deaf Australian senior citizens over 65 years are facing a dilemma. They cannot qualify
for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),
a government program if they did not apply before 65. NDIS provides funding to clients to cover costs of sign language interpreters, support services and products. Those who applied before
they turn 65 continue to get support from NDIS
but those who sign up for the first time
after 65 years old are denied NDIS funding because they
are too old to qualify! They would have no choice but to rely on their families and friends or pay for interpreters themselves. Advocacy groups for Deaf seniors claim they are being discriminated based on age. They are now petitioning the government to provide them with essential
support regardless of age, and assert their right to access
sign language interpreters. [DAWN]: A female eight-month
old sea animal, dugong, has died from shock and
from eating plastic. This animal was nicknamed “Marium”. It became a very popular animal in Thailand after social media pictures
showed marine experts and volunteers feeding
it with seagrass and milk. During an autopsy,
a large amount of plastic waste was found in its intestines. Dugongs live in warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa. Over 1 million seabirds and
100,000 sea mammals are killed by pollution every year. Every year, 6.4 million tonnes of plastic
are dumped into the ocean. What happened to “Marium” is a lesson for Thais and people all over the world not to dispose trash into the oceans. [ALESSIO]: Basil, a nine-year
old boy in Nigeria, has built more than thirty game applications! He used “Scratch 2”,
a free programming app to build video games on mobile. When he was four years old,
he used to grab phones from others to play games. Then when he was seven years old, his father noticed Basil was spending too much time playing games,
and became upset. He scolded his son for playing games, and that he should
start building them. To his surprise,
his son took it seriously and became an aspiring
“computer scientist”! Basil’s father began to realize his son’s potential, and enrolled him
in an international boot camp that gives young children access
to emerging technologies like robotics and virtual reality. [DAWN]: In a small Lithuanian village,
people rely on bees to help treat their health
issues such as back pain, joint pain, blood pressure,
and breathing difficulties. They would lie on beds over beehives, and feel the energy created
by bees flapping their wings. They claim that bees sense human pain, and draw it out of their bodies. A bee-therapy center
in Lithuania receives around 500 clients each year between
May and September. This bee-therapy is
a form of alternative medicine. Other examples of alternative
medicine include using herbs, honey, and Chinese needles
to treat infections. Thank you for watching WorldSign Week, visit H3WORLD.TV for more shows, all in International Sign. For story submissions, you can email them
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