Taxi Hotel: Tourists sleep in converted cabs to avoid pricey hotels

Taxi Hotel: Tourists sleep in converted cabs to avoid pricey hotels

Travelling to New York City can be an expensive
business, but a new venture aims to cut the cost of
accommodation dramatically. For less than 40 dollars a night, budget travelers can enjoy million dollar
views of Manhattan… from the back of a taxi cab! Entrepreneur Jonathan Powley started offering
vans and New York taxi cabs as overnight rentals on the Airbnb website
in April. Each of the vehicles has been converted to
accommodate a large bed, a fan and not much else! else, “I think it’s just an adventure. No one has
ever done it before. It’s different. It’s safe. You have a view of beautiful Manhattan
right here. And it’s convenient. You are only one stop
from Grand Central Station. You are only three stops from Times Square,
less than 10 minutes. And I think the people that do it are just
the type that want to try something different. It’s really fun. It’s really comfortable. And not many people
can say that they purposely slept in a taxi.” The so-called “rolling rooms” have already
attracted plenty of attention from tourists seeking a central location without
the big city price tags. “I think it’s really exciting because first, the view is awesome and second, we don’t have that much money for a normal
hotel in Manhattan. So this is a really nice opportunity for us.” Guests may enjoy the views, but they’re reminded
that the rooms don’t have all the comforts of a Manhattan hotel. Powley says he’s made a list of all the local
restaurants in the area that allow guests to use the bathroom.

13 thoughts on “Taxi Hotel: Tourists sleep in converted cabs to avoid pricey hotels

  1. no point of visiting any crowded, expensive, dirty city which also populated with homeless peoples in the epicenter, if you live in one.

  2. Are those parking spots rented and ok'ed by the police? I lived in a car in an area with tons of open parking spots and it's very hard to find a place to park where you won't be harassed by the police. I can't imagine it's any better in a crowded city where parking is very limited. Why not go on a vacation somewhere nice where you can rent an actual hotel room with a bathroom for the same price? Even camping is better because you're always in walking distance of a bathroom and you're allowed to be in that camping spot.

  3. Oh, Really amazing to watch this surprising video. Its really help the people who have a little money to spend over night

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