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That Married Friend In Every Gang | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Shall we go to the movies this weekend?
– We always go to the movies! Instead, we’ll go to a pub and booze. What say?
– Why always go to the movies or to pubs? Let’s go on a long drive. What say, Ravi?
– You guys carry on. I’ve other plans. What plan do you got?
– I should get my son vaccinated. You got him vaccined last week.
– That was for Hepatitis A. This is for Hepatitis B. Is there Hepatitis from A to Z?
– Oh, no! If you spend all your time getting your son vaccinated,
when will you spend time with us? I’m placing the order for 2 Chicken Biryani
and 1 Manchuria. Anything else? Order a Coke for me.
– Do you want anything, Ravi? Guys, the salary got credited.
– Is it? Yeah, finally! The first thing I’ll do
is pay my landlord his due. I’ll buy a new phone this month.
– Yeah, you better. I’m saving for a trip to Bangkok.
Two more months of saving and I’ll be flying. What will you do with salary, Ravi?
– I’ve to buy a mixer grind, a chimney and also a vaccum cleaner.
– What? I don’t want my wife to do
all the hard labour. So, if I buy all these, it’ll be much easier for her.
Also, I’ll open a Kiddy Bank account for my son. Also, I’ve to pay the installments
for car loans and house loans and all. If I’m still left with some money..
– What then? I’ll buy my son a cycle. So, what’s up, Ravi?
– Take your hands off me! This is why I tell you to get married soon.
– Whatever! Anyways, let’s meet this saturday. We all can booze and have fun.
– You know what is this saturday? I know, it is Varalakshmi Vratam.
– Oh, so you know! So, we’re performing the Vratam at my place.
If you stop by, you can have the Prasad. Hey, get out of here! Get lost!
– Yeah, go away from here! – Sai, come sit here. Ravi, let’s atleast booze today.
– Since he is married, he won’t come with us. Let’s hurry up before the rush at the liquor stores set in.
– It’s been long, bro. Booze with us just this one time. Or instead, just keep us company.
– Alright, I’ll come. But I’ll leave in an hour and also, I won’t sip a drop.
– Alright, cool! Chilled beer turned warm and still Ravi isn’t here.
– Didn’t we all start at once? Where did he go? Here I am! This is great!
– What in the world is that? I saw a street hawker selling this.
So, I bought it for my son as he always keeps saying ‘Vo A Voy’.
– ‘Vo A Voy’? Is that Malayalam? ‘Vo A Voy’ means ‘I want a toy’.
– Oh, is it? That is deep. Fine. Put that ‘voy’ away and booze with us.
– Booze? You want me to booze? He meant keep us company while we booze.
– Alright. Ravi, you too want to booze, don’t you?
Don’t be shy. Have a drink! Of course, not!
– Before your marriage, you used to down 10 pints atleast! We were of the opinion
that you won’t get high how much ever you drink! Give it a thought.
We’ve an extra pint if you want. Stop thinking so much!
Here you go. Drink on. Are you sure?
Fine, I’ll book a cab to drop me home. What are we guys waiting for?
Let’s begin! Cheers! ‘He always gets phone calls at the wrong time!’
– Shit! It is my wife! Yes, dear? Oh, right!
Thanks for reminding! Guys, note this down for me! Hurry up, guys!
– Note it in your phone. – Yeah, alright. 2 bottles of Asafoetida..
– Asafoetida? Quarter kilo of mustard seeds?
Would a quarter kilo do? Alright. Diapers too? Alright! Are you noting them down?
– Like I’ve an option. Do you need anything else?
That’s it? Alright, then. Yes, I’m still on the line.
Macalvit? Alright! What did he just say?
– What is Macalvit? – How would I know? Alright, I’ll get them all.
Yes, I’ll be home soon. Why are you even here?
To buy teddy bears and Macalvits? You won’t get it! You’ll know my pain
only after you get married and start a family. Oh, cut out your crap!
– Bro, send me that list. – Definitely! Anyways, guys, I’ve to leave right away.
– You aren’t boozing. Atleast have some snacks! I can’t, bro. My wife will be waiting for me.
– Fine. Run along. Don’t forget to take the ‘voy’ with you.
– Oh, yeah! Thanks! – Get lost! I always wondered what the point
of a Bachelor’s party is. But now I know. After getting married
you can never live like a bachelor ever again. Bro, shall we booze this weekend?
My bad! I know you are now married! Mr Family Guy, we’re planning on ordering ice creams.
Ring up your wife and ask her if it is alright to have ice creams? If she says it is alright,
we’ll order an ice cream family pack. Let us know your decision, Mr Family Guy! Bro, booked the movie tickets?
– I’ll do it right away. 4 tickets, right? Why 4? Just book 3. Ravi will anyway go
and watch cartoon flicks every Sunday. Shall we watch The Lion King? Happy movies with your family! What shall I order?
– Since we aren’t married like this guy we always have to do with biryani.
– Alright! Order for me too. Why?
Didn’t your wife pack you lunch? If you don’t finish your lunch pack, she won’t like it.
– Nevermind. I’ll eat with you guys today! Mr Family Guy is showing mercy. Good for us.
– What shall I order for you? Cucumber Pickle,
Curry Leaves powder, Bachali Dal Tindoora Fry and not to forget
Snake Gourd with curd. You want us to order all these?
– I can order Biryani for myself like you guys. But can you order these home made dishes
which my wife makes for me? She exactly knows much salt I prefer
and how much sugar I like. She even packed my pills
along with this lunch pack. Sai, I remember you decorated
the podium at my wedding. You served dinner to all the guests at my wedding
and you clicked photos at my wedding and shared them! You guys personally oversaw my wedding
and now you complain I’m a married guy? We are complaining because you aren’t spending
time at all with us. We are missing you. So am I!
But I’m past being a bachelor. Since, I’m now a husband and a father,
you can’t expect me to hang out with you much. Boozing like a young boy no longer makes me happy.
Taking care of my wife and watching my son shout ‘Vov’
whenever I buy him a toy makes me happy. Ravi, did you get Tindoora Fry for lunch?
– Yes, I did. I told my wife that you like the fry she makes.
So, she made it again. By the way, what does ‘Vov’ mean?
– It means wow. How can I learn this language?
– You’ll learn when you start a family. Forget it.
I won’t even get married. So, what else?
– I’ve to leave soon. My in-laws are at home. Before leaving,
atleast ask the viewers to subscribe. Guys, I’m sure there is a married guy
in every gang of friends who just can’t spare time with us anymore.
Share this video with them too. Also, share this video with bachelor friends too
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