The cause of World War One! Origins: Rap Battle | WW1 Uncut – BBC

The cause of World War One! Origins: Rap Battle | WW1 Uncut – BBC

– (CROWD CHEERING) (♪♪♪) (RAPPING) Yo, your fatty Franz Ferdinand
didn’t see Princip’s pistol Too busy guzzling
his 10th wiener schnitzel Popped a cap in his a**
for my Black Hand brothers

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  1. Austrian Empire was ready for war in 1913, the cause for WWI was not a murder of Franz Ferdinand, Austrians just used it because their intention was to get all balkan states under control, first was Slovenia, then Croatia and at the end Bosnia where live Serbs, that’s why Gavrilo Princip ( Serb) shot Ferdinand, because Serbs foughted and always will fight for the right of indenpendancy

  2. Honestly, people say WWI is supposed to be so "gray", but it sounds like Germany just came out of nowhere and decided to start invading countries. Sounds pretty much the same was WWII.

  3. i think, call me captain obvious if i deserve it, (i probably do, XD) Anywho…….. but i think Tsar Nicholas's lines; LAST TIME YOU KICKED OFF, I SWEAT REVOLUTION, THIS TIME MY SOLUTION IS YOUR DISSULTION, point to at one point in time Austro-Hungary tired to Revolt, and it took Nicholas COMPLETELY by Surprise, and he WASN'T about to make the same mistake twice, he would see it through that Austro-Hungary would be a thing of the past, and as we all know he succeed,

  4. Funny how George V betrayed his cousin the Tsar Nicholas II, by not accpeted him and his family in Great Britain during the Russian Civil War, to save them from the Bolcheviks.

  5. That last line is deep. I'm goin for a lie down now. A lie down is short, so he's sayin he's coming back. In real life ermany came back for revenge

  6. 1914:

    Germany: K boys we’re taking on 3/4 of the world who’s with me

    Bulgaria: K fine

    Austria: yeah, but can you do all the work, I have a headache.

    Ottoman Empire: coughs don’t worry Germany I…I’m with yo-ah fuk Arabs are rebelling again

    Germany: Ugh, this war is such a drag and for my allies….Bulgaria is the only one I trust now since Austria barely has an army anymore and the Ottomans…better not talk about them. I need a new ally, someone who can become an essential player in our victory. Ah! I’ve got the perfect country!
    Yo Mexico? Wanna join the war and takeover the US.

    Mexico: Hell No! I have my own problems!

    Britain(eavesdropping): I wonder what America will think of this eh?

  7. Where was America in this, we were a part of it too, and the second world war, dont neglect man. That's just rude 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍💪💪💪

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